Sometimes happen that you want to keep some messages on iPhone, but you have privacy concerns too. However, Apple company has not still provided the option to archive messages, in order to hide them.

How to hide text messages on iPhone without deleting them?

So, you need to use other methods to hide messages and keep them somewhere else. Here are some possible ways

1. Store messages on iCloud

The best and fastest way is to use, which is a place to store your iPhone data directly from your device. You can first store your text on and then delete them from your iPhone.

Make sure you have turned on the Messages for iCloud on your iPhone.

  • Simply swipe down from top of your iPhone screen
  • Search for iCloud
  • Scroll down to find Messages
  • Switch it on
  • Open
  • You can see Messages right away on your dashboard

2. Hide messages alert on your iPhone

Before using any 3rd party apps or tools, it’s better you first hide alerts, and Messages app itself. It will give you some time to decide which apps to use, to hide the entire messages.

To Hide Messages on your iPhone without deleting them:

  1. Open your Messages
  2. Tap the message you want to hide
  3. Pull it slightly to the right
  4. Tap alert icon
  5. You should see the hidden alert on your messages

3. Hide the entire Message icon from search bar

This is a trick, if you don’t want someone else find your messages you can change the icon shape totally.

4. Send the Message app to a folder

If you hold your finger on the Messages app for 3 seconds, you can move them somewhere else. Move them toward another app. It will create a folder for you, this way you have hidden the entire Messages that only you know.

5. Change your Messages icon

You can also change the entire icon to something totally different. This will reduce the chance some one wants to find your Messages app.

6. Use Macbook

If you login with your apple ID on your Macbook, you can open the Messages there only.

7. Take screenshot and make it Hidden

You can easily take a screenshot from Messages (if there are not too many), and send them to the Hidden photos folder on your Photos.


Apple company did not provide a feature to archive Messages, like other apps (Messenger, Whatsapp). However, you can use other tricks yourself to hide them. This is more safe than using thirld party apps, in which you may loose all your data or even they steal it.

Author Elma