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This has happened to all of us. You were gossiping about your ex-boyfriend and accidentally hit his hand on a small heart on a beach photo in summer 2021. Or someone thought they had to double-tap the image to zoom in. Now, you will explore hiding random likes.

Delete the likes as soon as possible

There are two situations in which it is very difficult to delete your likes on Instagram in place. Some people have set up notifications on their mobile phones that will be notified when you like them. So we will deal with you in the continuation of this article because we may have a solution for it or at least lose less. Fortunately, many people have not enabled this feature. So let’s continue the scenario.

The user whose photo you like is browsing Instagram and encounters a small heart on their page. He will then go to the relevant department to see who it was. How long it takes for that little heart to appear depends on the Internet and mobile network, but in general, you will have about 10 seconds to delete the like and the other party will not notice. So now you know that speed is the most important thing, and pray that he has not seen it yet and that his cell phone is in his pocket.

Like one of his latest posts

To hide random likes, lIKE one of the user’s last posts, so even if they see that you liked them, they will see that you liked their last post, which is not unusual. In this case, they will only receive a notification for the second small heart.

Do not take responsibility

Would it bother you if he knew you liked him? This is a good time to refresh everything! Personalize your account Change your name, profile picture, and bio, and accept your new identity. Will he get hurt if he sees your likes? To make sure you do not see it, delete your account, break your phone, play its parts in different places, move to another country, and do not look behind you.

How to hide likes on Instagram

Hopefully, hiding random likes will never happen to you. Well, this is another series of interesting Synergy Media tutorials, if you are an influencer or you want to advertise your business, contact us.

View images without worrying about random likes

It must have happened to you that you accidentally liked the post on Instagram. On the other hand, you probably know that if your phone does not have Internet access, you will not be able to like the images. Even if you accidentally double-tap the images. When the phone is in use on the plane or does not have access to the Internet, a photo is not uploaded for you to like. This way you can control the process of liking posts. First, you have to log in to the Instagram feed to load the posts, then activate the usage mode on the phone plane and continue browsing the posts. When you reach the end of the post, just turn off airplane usage mode to allow more photos to be uploaded and then re-enable this mode. It may seem a bit time-consuming and cumbersome, but as we mentioned, if you happen to like a post, you can do it before sending the likes, this is it. Modify the process. To put your phone in airplane mode, swipe down and select the airplane icon in the menu that appears. You can also do this by going to the Settings section, selecting the Wi-Fi option, and activating the Airplane Mode section. To put Android devices in use on the plane, just drag the dropdown of Android notifications from the top to the bottom. In the menu that appears, enter the Settings section and activate the airplane Mode option.

Clear the history of the phrases you searched for on Instagram


If for any reason you want to delete the phrases you have already searched for on Instagram, go to your profile and select Options. In this step, at the bottom, select the Clear Search History option and select the phrase Yes, I’m sure to confirm the deletion of the search terms on Instagram.

Disable receiving notifications for posts

The process of disabling receiving notifications for new posts is also simple and follows the same steps we mentioned. But you should keep in mind that receiving Instagram notifications must be enabled in the phone settings. To activate receiving Instagram notifications on iPad and iPhone, enter the Settings section and then tap on the Notifications option, and finally the Instagram section. Select and then enable the Allow Notifications option. To enable receiving Instagram notifications on Android devices, enter the Settings menu and select the Apps section, then enter the Instagram option and activate the section related to displaying Instagram notifications.

See all the posts you liked

It may have happened to you that you want to review all the posts you liked on Instagram in one section. To do this, you must log in to your profile and select the Options option. This option is specified with the gear icon on the iPhone and iPad, and you will find it with the three-dot symbol on Android.

Once you have selected the Options option, tap on the Posts you’ve Liked option. In this step, you can easily unlink the posts you have liked. To do this, simply select the desired post and click on the heart symbol, which is red, to change it to white. It should be noted that the user whose post you re-uploaded after liking will not be notified.

Collect a collection of saved posts

In the second part, we mentioned how to view all the posts that you have liked on Instagram. It is interesting to know that Instagram allows you to save posts in the form of a selection of user favorite posts to better manage the posts. Log in to your profile and tap on the bookmark icon on the right.

Hide Instagram profile

Log in to your page by touching the manikin button. For your profile not to be included in the suggested list of other Instagram users, just uncheck the Similar Account Suggestions option at the bottom of the page.

Just hide your profile from other Instagram users. Hiding your profile is the best way to hide your Instagram followers. You should not worry about followers or profile, as well as your comments to be seen, and others can not access the content of your page. Instagram tries to show ads to users that match their tastes. And in this way, it offers people to increase their list of followers. This means that when you enter a specific ad from the company and see the list of people who have seen that ad and probably liked it, you may be interested. To talk to them about that product.


Hide the tagged photos

Hide the photos you tagged hide posts you tagged. to hide posts tagged by other users, you should follow these steps:


  • Click on dots at the right side of the page.
  • Select the Hide Photos option.
  • In this section, select the posts you want to delete from your profile and finally click on the Hide Photos option at the bottom of the page.
  • Finally, select the Hide from the Profile section.

If your account is private, only people who are on your followers list can read your posts. Who can like on your Instagram posts? As we said before, if your account is private, only people who are on your followers list will be able to view and post posts on them. On the other hand, if your account is public, any user will be able to view your posts, like and comment below them.