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As you know, you can send or receive messages on Instagram if you want. However, for some reason, everyone has the right to stay away from this feature. It was almost 6 years ago that on a beautiful January day, Instagram’s private messaging service was launched at Instagram headquarters. With this feature, we were finally able to send and receive private messages. However, there is a feature that people want to disable. It’s very simple, so let’s start with that. Sometimes we know for some reason that we need to read our Instagram direct message, but the sender of the message does not realize that we saw and read his message. In fact, the seen sign should not be shown to him. We are supposed to know what to do to read Instagram directly without signing up or read directly without understanding the other party?

Users can communicate with each other via Instagram Direct and send different messages and content to each other. This feature is closely related to the story in this program, and responding to the stories of various users on Instagram is also done by the direct section.

Read Instagram direct messages without being seen secretly with ghost mode

  • In this method, we first enter directly.
  1. Without opening the message that we want to open and not be seen by the sender, we put our phone in Airplane mode or the same flight mode and disconnect the Internet.
  • We enter directly. We read the message and exit Direct.
  • Log in to your account, log out of your Instagram account in the settings section and select the Log Out option.
  1. Now we take our phone out of flight mode and reconnect the phone to the Internet and log in to our account from the beginning. In this somewhat complicated way, we read the direct message, but the Seen sign is not sent to the sender of the message. This is called the state of the soul.

An easier trick to read a direct Instagram message without signing up

But the above method is a bit difficult and time-consuming because we have to disconnect from the Internet and log out of our Instagram account and then log in again. Instead, use the simpler method below to read direct Instagram messages without realizing that the sender of the message no longer needs to disconnect from the Internet and you do not need to log out of your account and log in again. In this method, we use the restrict account feature. Restrict is for when you want to restrict a user but do not want to block him or her. When you restart the user, it will not see your stories and highlights.

Disable the direct messages feature of the Instagram message

There may be a lot of annoying features on Instagram that you want to get rid of, and this is perfectly normal. In this case, you need to know how to disable a particular feature for a while, or even permanently. Are made.

How to disable Activity Status


One of the features of Instagram is that you can see when your friends and followers last used this app. But as a result, people can see when you’ve been active. This feature is known as “Instagram activity status” and everyone hates it. Instagram created both of these features to improve your communication with your friends and followers. Some users do not like them because it makes it harder to ignore others. If they see when you were online, they will guess what the flow is. They know you saw their private message but did not reply.

So how do we turn off this annoying feature?

  • Just go to your Instagram settings page
  • Scroll down and turn it off when you see “Show Activity Status”.

Now you have simply disabled the activity status. No one can see when your last activity was. That way, you can ignore others as much as you want. No one will know that you have been online and have notified their message notification. The problem is that you can no longer see the activity of others. However, your problem is still solved!

Can private messages on Instagram be disabled?


We know that this question has occupied the minds of many people because these days’ people are constantly receiving a lot of spam messages from bots. However, let’s be honest: there is no way you can get messages from people anymore. But you can still do something else and turn off the notification of your message. This way, you will never receive a notification for your messages again.

  1. To disable the Instagram private messaging feature, go to Options.
  2. Then go to Settings and find “Push Notifications”.
  3. Tap it to see Instagram Direct requests and Instagram Direct messages.

If you tap on both of them and turn them off, no one can ask you to send a message, and you can not send a request to anyone until you reactivate it. That’s all. From these pages, you can, if you want, re-enable these features. Also read: How to find the photo link of Instagram posts? More content in the blog section


In this article, we tried to find an answer to the question of how to disable private messaging and activity status (last visit). We remind you again that unfortunately, it is not possible to deactivate your messages section. However, you can turn off your message notifications forever.