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Fortunately, Instagram or any social network does not notify people if they are blocked. Imagine if you received a notification from a mobile phone that you were blocked by a friend, you would experience immense shock and sadness, but sometimes it is important for us to know if a friend or person has blocked us or what is the sign of being blocked on Instagram? What is the best way to find out? Well, we’re going to help you decipher this in 19 words. Before entering into the discussion and viewing the list of those who have blocked us on Instagram, it is better to clarify that we will not use any tools and applications, the reviews are manual and through Instagram itself. Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow you to see people who have blocked you or you have blocked them. Because Instagram is so strict about privacy, it does not allow its users to do so. However, using third-party applications can notify users who have blocked you.

In the Google Play Store, there is an application that allows users to view the people who have blocked them. The name of this app is “insta follow”. You can download this app for free. But if you want to be able to see people who have blocked you on Instagram, you have to pay a fee. If you do not want to pay this fee, you can find a free version of this program on the Internet. Once you have downloaded the app and opened it, go to the blockers menu and you will simply see the people who have blocked you on Instagram. In addition, people who have followed you or you do not follow them will also be displayed.

How to block a user on Instagram?

To block a person on Instagram, you must first log in to that person’s profile. You will then see the “Block User” option. When you tap this option, the user will be blocked. This operation is reversible, which means that whenever you want to unblock a person, all you have to do is log in to their profile and unblock them. One of the things that bother us the most on social media is being blocked by the user we follow. Especially if this user is someone we love, it will be much more annoying to be blocked. But sometimes we have to block people we don’t know. We often do this on Instagram.

The blocking feature works well and is an essential plugin. Sometimes, we want to be aware of the people who are blocking us. So, do you know the solution to this? We will teach you a solution to do this without the need to use a program. How to find out who blocked us on Instagram? First, let’s a simple and practical way to block a person. Explain: Just search for the profile of the person you want to block, tap the three-dot icon in the right corner of the screen, and then click “Block”. That’s it! The blocked user will no longer be able to text you, view the content you share, and send you a private message. To unblock the user, you must follow the same method. Go to the person’s profile, tap the three-dot icon and then unblock the user!

 Find profiles through a search


How do we know that we are blocked in this? The easiest way to find out if you have been blocked on Instagram and if someone has blocked you on Instagram is to look for your Instagram profile. Search for a person’s name using an Instagram search. Three things will happen:

  1. If the page is public if you can see its profile as well as its posts, you are not blocked. For private accounts, with the message “This account is private”, everything is fine.

2- If you see the profile and the number of shared posts, but it is not possible to display the posts, then know that you are blocked.

3- Also, if the profile does not appear in the search at all, or you have disabled or blocked your page.


Profile check

To answer the question, how do we know we are blocked in this? You can find out by checking the profile, seeing the profiles of those who blocked us in this way that when someone blocks you, Instagram does not remove the person’s old comments or tags from your profile. If their profile is not available through search, you should use these old comments to visit the person’s page. If the number of individual posts is displayed but you are not allowed to view them, you are still blocked.


Messages disappear

One of the signs of being blocked on Instagram and how to find out if we are blocked on Instagram is that when chats are blocked, they are hidden for both parties. So if you suspect someone has blocked you, open direct messages; if previous conversations still exist, you are not blocked. But if you do not see the chats, you may be blocked. But still, the person may have disabled the profile, so chats are no longer displayed. To confirm this, you should check out the usual Instagram groups. Check a group chat, if you could see the profile of the person in the group, but his profile is not visible in other places on Instagram, then you have been blocked by the person.

Finally, if you can see their profile in any way, follow them by tapping the Follow button. If you are blocked, you will not be able to follow the person. Hitting the Follow button will not work and you will see the same button again; but if they did not block you, tapping the Follow button will cause that person to follow.


6- Check through another phone number or account.

Lastly, the hassle-free way is to check through another account. If you have two Instagram accounts, open their profile from the second account, and if you only have one single profile, ask a close friend or family member to search for the profile. If the profile opens normally, it’s time to think about your bad behavior and behavior that caused someone to block you.

How do you know if someone has hidden or hidden you in an Instagram story?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to know this. All you can do is check with another account. This is only useful if the person has a public page, although it is possible the person may have friends feature for Instagram Stories.

Why are not notifications sent to us if we are blocked?

Fortunately, Instagram or any social network does not notify people if they are blocked. Imagine if you were blocked by a friend if you received a notification from a mobile phone, you would experience immense shock and sadness.

Does the person blocked on Instagram see the relevant person’s posts?

If you can see the posts of the person in question, you are not blocked.

How do we know if a private account has blocked us or not?

For private accounts, if you see the profile with the message “This account is private”, everything is fine and you are not blocked.

If we do not find the personal profile, are we blocked?

If the profile does not appear in the search at all, you have either disabled or blocked your page.