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If you also have an iPhone, you have wondered how you can send a group text message. Today we want to answer this question.

There are many ways to do this and you do not need to be afraid at all, it is very simple. Just follow this article to the end to be able to do this.


Well, the first way, which is also the easiest way, is to send a group text message through the messages section. In this method, all you have to do is click on + and select the audience to whom you want to send the message, then write the text and select the send option. You can easily send group text messages to your friends and relatives.

More completed method; For older iPhones

If your iPhone is old (for example, version 7), you probably do not have what we have described and you can not select multiple contacts at once. To be able to send group text messages, you must first create a group.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create a group for older versions and to create a group, you must visit the website and log in to your account with the help of your Apple Id information.

Here you can create a group with the contacts you want and add the people you want so you can send them a group SMS in a short time.

You now have to connect your phone to the internet and for the price

 Go to Settings> iCloud. This option must be checked for you to sync the group you created with your phone and transfer it to it.

Now, if you go to your messages section, write down the text you want, add the group you created in the recipient section, and when you send this text message, this text message will reach everyone who is on the list of this group.

If you have an iPhone, then in addition to the SMS option, you can also use the iMessage il app to send messages.

With this program, you can send not only messages, your handwriting, special effects, stickers, and other items and make your message more beautiful to send to your friends.

 There are even a series of programs dedicated to this program through which you can create beautiful messages and send them to a group of friends.

In the iPhone system, you can also in the settings section of this option

Enable Group Messaging and save time by sending a text message to several people. Make sure you only reply to messages yourself. This option is not available in all areas.

Some people find this method time-consuming and look for a faster way.

You can install a series of applications on your phone to send group SMS faster on iPhone.

Here are some of them.

Send group SMS with Connect

By installing the Connect application, you can manage the sending of your group messages.

By having this application, you will also save time. You can create different groups so that you can easily send them a message or email in a short time when needed.

Creating these groups is also very simple and takes a little time for you. Instead, you always have these groups available so that you can easily communicate with the people in this group.

Another app you can use to help with this is Text 2 Group Pro.

Like the previous application, you can select a group of audiences and send them messages without wasting time.

To do this, just write the message text in the group you created and click the send button.

In addition to the applications we have introduced, other applications have been created for the convenience of your work in sending group text messages.

You know Whatsapp, BBM, and SIGNAL apps.

Those who are interested in working with these programs can create different groups and connect with their friends and acquaintances.

Among these three applications, the SIGNAL application is more popular among users.