How to make a GIF on iPhone - Wepicker

Whether you say GIF or JIF the format is now more popular than it’s ever been. People just love to share short, silent, looping clips on social media and text messages

It is fun of course you can make GIF one iPhone, but did you know you can turn your live photos, burst photos, and videos into GIFs without any special GIF-making app?


Let’s start with turning those live photos into GIFs.

Live photos capture a little bit of video before and after your still image, and you enable them by tapping the little circles at the top of the camera app


Open up your photos app and find the live photos you want to turn into the GIF

You can find all your live photos easily by going to albums, then scrolling down to the media types list.

With the live photo open, swipe up

You” see the option is live, but if you choose to loop or bonuses, you” turn it into GIF, then you just hit the share menu Butten in the lower left to post the GIF to Twitter or send it in a message or email or whatever

If you want to find it later, look in the animations section under media types

Turning your burst photos, that’s when you hold down the shutter button to take a whole bunch of photos fast and your videos into GIFs will require the SHORTCUT APP

It’s one of apple’s featured apps but it doesn’t come pre-installed, so grab it from the apple store

You should do this; you can do tons of cool things with it

Open the shortcut app

You want to find and add the convert burst to the GIF shortcut

Pick one, wait for the GIF generator, and hit done


You’ll be asked if you want to save it or share it

There’s a similar shortcut called video to GIF that will do nearly something for all the videos taken on your phone.

You have the option to trim it down first, which you’ll probably want to do it

One that shortcut, hit the share button before you hit done because it doesn’t prompt you to share or save.

If you want to do fancier editing or add text or sticker, you” probably want to webs like GIFHY

Giphy offers various effects that can be added to animated GIFs, such as stickers, captions, filters, etc. It must be your go-to option if you need more special effects for your desired GIF.

It is super easy to navigate tools and edit your GIFs. Just upload your animated GIF first, and start adding text with the “Caption tool”, or adding stickers and filters to your GIF. The only drawback is that you must sign up and log in to start editing.

Add Text to GIF with Online GIF Editor – FlexClip

There are various online GIF makers available for you to add text to GIFs, FlexClip is just one of them. You can use FlexClip to add funny captions or words and more stunning effects to an animated GIF in clicks.

FlexClip also allows you to turn your photos and clips into a funny GIF or stunning short video with special effects, like text animation, filters, emojis, and even watermarks, etc. Then export it as a GIF directly, and a custom GIF with animated text and more other effects is at your fingertips.

Add Text to GIF with Online GIF Editor –

EZGIF is an online-based GIF editing tool with amazing features for helping users create stunning GIFs. Its online GIF text editor allows you to add your text over an animated GIF in a different style of choice without losing the animation.

Upload a GIF or paste GIF URL to start adding text. And then, you can add text (subtitles/annotation) to the whole clip of the GIF. You could change the colors of fonts and adjust the position of the text by drag and drop. What’s more, it allows users to put text on either the whole or part of the GIF and also change the text on various frames or parts of the GIF.

Add Text to GIF with Online GIF Editor – GIFGIFS

GIFGIFS is also a great online GIF editor that allows users to add text to a GIF in a couple of seconds. All you need to do is just upload or paste the URL of the GIF, enter your text, choose font styles, then press the “ADD TEXT” button to perform the conversion.

Want to edit the text layer you created? Simply double-click on the text layer, and you can also move the text layers by drag and drop.