TikTok is one of the most popular short video apps that soon went viral among people, especially teenagers and the youth . Viewers enjoy spending hours of day on this app. Stay up to trends in this app is really difficult, particularly for the new TikTokers who have joined recently. However, this could be very simple for popular persons who have many fans and followers on other apps such as Instagram or Twitter. They can easily advertise or link their TikTok page on other social networks, and make more TikTok followers.

TikTok made it possible to create a second account without installing a third application. In the next paragraphs, we teach how to make a second account on TikTok.

Note: It is ok to have two or more accounts. You can use one of them for your business and one of them for the personal, fun stuff , dancing or whatever.

How many accounts can you have on TikTok?

TikTok’s multiple account limit is 3. You can have 3 accounts on the same device . The limit used to be 5 accounts  , but it’s not anymore.

You can only use one email or phone number for each account! Two accounts can’t share the same phone number or email address, so you cannot use them in multiple profiles.
You should create a new email to make another accounts on TikTok .Or either you can use your phone number instead, if you have created your first TikTok account with email.

How to make a second account on TikTok with one email?

Here is the step by step guide to make a second TikTok account. 

  1. Go to your TikTok app
  2. Press the”Profile” section. 
  3. Then you can see your ID name on top of the screen, press it.
  4. Then tap add account.
  5. You can make your second TikTok account using your phone number or your email. There are other ways too (like using your Facebook or google).
  6. Add your birthday date .
  7. Then add your phone number or email .
  8. Create a password. (Your password must have 8 to 20 characters and letters,numbers,and special characters ).
  9. Drag to the right/left to fill the puzzle. (to make sure you are not a robot)
  10. The last step is that you should create a username . You can change it later too, so don’t take it hard.

Well, you just created your second account on TikTok.

Make another account on TikTok

How to make a third account on TikTok?

Making a third account is similar to making the second account . 

  • You should go to the “profile” section
  • Tap the drop-down
  • Select “Add account” 
  • Then choose “sign up”which is written in red color
  • Other steps are similar to making the second account.

How to switch accounts on TikTok without logging out?

Well,actually when you log in more than one account on TikTok , you can switch your account without logging out.that is really easy,you can do it with only 3 steps.

1.Go to profile section
2.Top off the screen you can see your ID , tap.
3.Then you can see the accounts that you logged in before and you can switch between them.

Is it bad to have more than one TikTok account ?

Well as you know,you can have up to 3 TikTok accounts on one device. Also you can have more than 3 accounts if you have more devices for example 3 accounts on your phone , 3 accounts on your pc , all in all you can have as many accounts as you want on your devices with different emails or phone numbers . but it is not a good idea to have multiple accounts on this app.

If you need more than one account like one for your business and one for fun and stuff , it is a good idea but if you think with more TikTok account you can get more views , in fact you are wrong, having more than one account on TikTok is actually against the TikTok app rules.so if you have multiple accounts on TikTok , they will notice it and TikTok will block you without any doubt.


If it is not necessary for you to have multiple accounts on TikTok, don’t make more TikTok accounts, and stop thinking about it because they are watching you and they know exactly what you’re doing. All in all, it’s not a good idea to have multiple personal accounts on TikTok, unless you use some of them for your business.