If you are a smartphone user, you may have heard the term “let me get your snap” or “snap me later” or even message me on snapchat.

Each of the said phrases mean one thing: let us communicate on the snapchat messenger.

Snap chat, an application that was one of the first in the market and even more so was one the first to offer in app face-shifting and story features.

From 12 years old kids who just are trying to mess around to the senior and elderly that are trying to make contact with their beloved ones and by the minimum knowledge about the app, enjoy using it.

This app also provides people with a unique user interface that has caused it to gain so many users which also made it a world-wide class platform for communication and business purposes.

Why should we use snapchat accounts and what are the account usage terms?

Snapchat has proved in many cases that is quite possible and handy to absorb, manage and even categorize friends or more so, customers and to be said many people and businesses do use it as a mean to their profit.

You can find customers, manage them and sell or spread info about your product or any aspect of your business regardless of it being a big one or a local one, all of these besides having your private life and communications with your friend and beloved ones.

Although, there are certain guidelines and restrictions about actions allowed taking place within the app and community which in the terms of not meeting them, you may face certain punishments from the snapchat company.

Is it possible to have 2 snapchat accounts?

To this specific question, we are allowed to say that are no quick and simple answers.

Well, anyone who uses snapchat or knows the people whom do use it has gathered that you may get short on using only one account.

As said, there are various ways and manners of using snapchat accounts depending on the nature of your needs.

To get right into it, the corporate allows you to have only two accounts: one for conducting business and one for your personal use, and that’s it, no more.

But, there are some people who are practicing more than one business and simply cannot manage their work through only one business account.

Or even so there are so many people that need more than one account to manage their affaires and sort different aspects of their life out.

Well, here is the good news; you actually can have more than just 2 accounts.

Does not matter if you mean business or personal usage, the following solutions meet the both ends and help you to overcome this problem.

But before going any further, here is a quick reminder of how to make a snapchat account for those whom are new to the application; please follow the given instructions.

How to make a snapchat account:

  1. Download the snapchat application that is suited to you operating system.
  2. Open up the app and wait for it to load up.
  3. There are two options for signing in and signing up, choose sign up to make a new account.
  4. Continue the path and in the given page, you will have to provide a first name and a 

Last name; make sure to use your own.

  1. At the bottom, hit the sign up and accept button. By pressing that button you will agree to their privacy policy.
  2. Move on to the next page and state you birth date. Make sure to be true to the information for that they will be necessary for logging in in the event of entering from another device.
  3. In the next page you should pick a username, which will be permanent and cannot be changed afterwards, so be careful with the one you go with.
  4. The most important part, is phone number or email address. In this step you must choose a phone number to sign up with or an email address. Make sure to provide with the accessible ones because in the next steps you must enter the given code so that it verifies your entry.
  5. This step requires a choice of passwords. You must choose a password containing at least 8 characters.
  6. This page requires a code that has been sent to your phone number or email address that you provided earlier.

How to make more than 2 accounts in snapchat

There are several ways to achieve this goal, you can use clone apps, clone programs within your own phone, third party apps and etc.

In the following we try to explain each of those ways.

  1. Dual app messenger

This feature was first introduced by android mega companies such as Samsung and Huawei.

This feature allows you to activate a duplicate of the app under the same license and policy but with different number or email address or anything that you have signed in with.

Remember this feature is a built in feature so the security rules of the original one goes to this duplicate as well.


 You can activate the dual messenger feature by going through given steps:

  1. Open up setting
  2. Find advanced features and click on it
  3. Find dual messenger and click on it
  4. In the given list of apps, choose snapchat( or any other app that you aim to make a duplicate of)
  5. Toggle the chosen app on
  6. Install the dual application for snapchat as it is required by the system

The dual application will contain a shape of a chain with an orange background 

One plus

  1. Open up setting
  2. Find utilities and click on it
  3. Go to parallel apps and follow the same path as Samsung from now on


  1. Open up setting
  2. Find dual apps and follow the same path as Samsung from now on


  1. Open up setting
  2. Go to the apps
  3. Find app twin and follow the same path as Samsung from now on

Tried to explain the route for 4 famous android phones, but the others should be as the same as above

Third party apps or cloning apps

Like the built in feature, this method provides you with the same strategy but the license of the original application will not be shared here, which means you have more space to room in and more options to consider and more freedom for taking actions as well.

In the following, there will be an attempt to introduce a few famous applications for this matter.

Super clone

One of the most installed and most loved apps among the parallel services is called super clone.

A solid choice for switching between different accounts of an app such as Instagram or snapchat for an instance.

You may find it possible to make an account differs from the one you already have even with and different phone number or email address.


Such as its name, dual apps will help you to introduce an alternative instance for an application you already have on your device.

As simple it poses, you can perform the dual messenger feature on the spoken devices without enabling them with a smooth user interface.

Parallel app 

This application is ranked first among the duo service which makes a lot more sense when you have a look into it.

Smooth user interface, simple commands and services, strong support and highly adoptable with most of the phones that do not support the duo services within them.

Also this app is mostly preferred by the users whom do not possess a very famous or known brand of smart phones because of the highly adoptable nature of this app.

Written by A.M.S


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