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What is Facebook?

Facebook was one of the most popular social networks in the early 21st century. Although he still has fans, years ago his name was heard everywhere and he spread all over the world and attracted all the young people to him. Billions of people were members of Facebook at the time. Do you know when Facebook was invented and when ??

I guess your answer to this question is no. Facebook is a social network created in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg was not famous today, and everyone knew him as a young man who dropped out of Harvard University and wanted to make his dreams come true. From 2006 onwards, anyone over the age of 13 can register on this website. All you need to do is enter a valid email.

On Facebook, you can connect with your friends who have accounts in this program and send each other photos, videos, or messages. You can use this program for free all over the world.

In this social network such as Instagram, there is also the possibility of live video streaming. Many who entered the platform did not even know why they did it. This program has a general appeal that can be appealing to anyone. But people can make money from this platform, in addition to entertainment, and expand their business. It was arguably the best platform in its time, although it still has its popularity.

However, some believe that this popularity can not be completely coincidental and that the platform itself will become so popular.Facebook

Poke on Facebook

You may also be wondering what the Pokes option on Facebook means! If you chat in Yahoo Messenger, it will be easier for you to understand Pokes on Facebook. What would you do if your friend did not answer in Yahoo Messenger for a few minutes ?? There is an option called Buzz in Yahoo Messenger that if you click on it, a continuous beep will sound or the chat page will start shaking and your friend will notice that you are waiting for a response. This option, with the same application, is available on Facebook called Pokes.

According to Facebook, if you send Pokes to your friend, he will receive a warning on his page and will notice that you are waiting for your message to be answered. If you send Pokes to your friends, nothing special will happen, only he will see a hand icon on his page with a text written that Katherine, for example, gave you Pokes.

However, this is more of a fun aspect and people enjoy it and joke with their friends. Because you can easily text them when you work with someone. Be aware that only friends who are approved can send you Pokes. But how can you send Pokes to someone?

After logging in to your Facebook account, log in to a friend’s profile. As we said, you can only send Pokes to your friends.

Then at the top of that person’s profile, select the “…” option.

Select the Pokes option. Your friends can reply by poking you back.

There is a Pokes page where you can see all your Pokes in one place. This is a feature that Facebook has put for your convenience.

You can use the Poke option to poke your friends back. This is a way to answer their poke. Also, this is a convenient way to be able to poke several people, without having to go to their profiles one by one.

For poke applications, I mentioned drawing someone’s attention to our message to get a faster response. But in addition to being a way to attract attention, it can have other meanings as well. By doing this you can tell the people you think about. Of course, you should also pay attention to the relationship between you before poking someone.

Sometimes we have people on Facebook on our friend list who are not very close in real life. It is better not to poke these people because strange situations are created.

This can be annoying if done too much and regularly. So it is better than your jokes are enough. If you repeat this a lot, when you poke a friend, they will not take you seriously anymore.