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Instagram has a variety of attractive features, but sometimes its numerous announcements seem annoying. Follow us with the tutorial on disabling Instagram notifications. It is known as one of the most popular and widely used social networks. This media-centric social network, which has been the companion of many of us and those around us for many years, always provides good tools and facilities to its users. Any activity of ours and some activities of those around us on Instagram are always notified to us with announcements and notifications. Instagram notifications, in particular, include being tagged in a person’s post or story, liking and commenting on one of the followers of one of our posts, following requests, or sending messages directly. Of course, Instagram notifications can generally be divided into two categories: necessary and unnecessary. But some people do not want to receive notifications for any reason. But what to do to disable Instagram notifications?

Disable Instagram notifications; All possible methods!

Although Instagram notifications are an important and useful part of this service and notify you of receiving a message directly, receiving a follow request, or being tagged on a page, some Instagram notifications do not really seem to have a specific use and in many cases are noticeable. We do not have them. In general, by default, Instagram notifies you of several important events as follows:

Instagram announces the membership of a friend on a Facebook account in this social network and shows it to you under the heading a Facebook friend has recently joined Instagram and proposes him for a friend on Instagram. The first time one of your Instagram accounts posts a story on Instagram or adds it to their story, Instagram notifies you. In the cases mentioned above, of course, it is necessary to receive some notifications to work on Instagram. As a result, disabling these notifications is not a move we seek, except temporarily and in certain cases. But those announcements that are received or not, will not affect the process of our Instagram activity? Join us in the tutorial on disabling Instagram notifications. Sometimes you may not want to receive any messages or notifications from Instagram. In this case, you can temporarily disable all notifications as follows:

  • From the profile section hit the top 3 lines of the page
  • Then select Settings from the app drop-down menu
  • In the Instagram settings, select the Notification section
  • In the next step, you can enable or disable the ads related to each section individually
  • Or disable all notifications using the Pause All option
  • Disable Instagram notification: Hide a specific notification

It may be interesting to know that you can hide a specific notification from the Instagram notification bar. To do this, first, open Instagram. Then open the notifications section here to see the list of notifications. Find the notification you want to hide here. You may have to scroll down through your notifications to find the one you want to hide. Hold down the notification until the options for deleting the notification appears. By holding each announcement, you will be given several options with which you can block the account of the person who liked or commented. But by deleting the notification, you can remove it from the notification list.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in which many people around us have accounts. Every movement and activity of us and our friends on Instagram is notified to us through Instagram notifications. Regarding the level of Instagram notifications, it is only necessary to have notifications related to being tagged in the post of one of the followers (the person we follow), liking and commenting on one of the followers of one of our posts, That someone has asked to follow us or that someone is trying to get us to our direct (message page received and sent from each Instagram member). Instagram notifications can be divided into two main categories, one of which is essential notifications and the other is unnecessary notifications. In this post, we want to teach you how to disable unnecessary Instagram notifications. By default, Instagram notifies you of several important events, including the following:

  • Instagram announces the membership of a friend of your Facebook account in this social network and shows it to you under the heading “a Facebook friend has recently joined Instagram” and proposes him as a friend on Instagram.
  • The first time one of your Instagram accounts posts a story on Instagram or adds it to their story, Instagram notifies you.
  • Each time a number of Instagram features are integrated.
  • Reminders to check the app after a while.

In the following, we want to teach you how to disable the second batch of Instagram notifications. For this reason, we do not like to disable the first category of Instagram notifications, which are necessary for this program, and disabling this category of Instagram notifications does not make sense. To disable unnecessary Instagram notifications, you must follow the steps below.


Step 1: First, tap the app icon on the home screen of the phone to run the app.

Step 2: On the image that you see at the bottom right of the image to enter your Instagram account profile. If multiple accounts are set up on your Instagram, select the account profile you want by tapping the down arrow you see at the top left of the screen. If your Instagram app has multiple accounts and you have trouble choosing the account you want to edit, read the article “From zero to one hundred Instagram”.

Step 3: Tap the menu icon. You can see the menu icon as three vertical dots below each other in the upper right corner of your profile page.

Step 4: Swipe up the page to scroll down the menu and reach “Push Notifications”.

Step 5: Tap on “Push Notifications”.

Step 6: Scroll up the page to see a list and inventory of all available notifications.

Step 7: Tap Off to turn off all notifications you no longer want to be notified about.


Instagram settings give you the option to “receive notifications” only from those you follow. This option is especially useful when you like to spend your time only with people you know or are involved in spam. Instagram has tricks and policies to lure you in and get you to check out the app; in this way, if several of your friends (three people) have liked one of the Instagram posts, a notification will be sent to you with the theme “Check your Instagram”. This is one of the insidious ways of Instagram to keep you involved by the program and to date, no solution has been found to turn off this type of notification. If there is a program that you are overwhelmed by the successive notifications and you can not deactivate its notifications, you can write it in the comments section of this post to as soon as possible how to deactivate the notifications of this program in Add the mobile training section.


Frequently Asked Questions – Disable Instagram notifications

1- Is it possible to disable the notification of an Instagram account?

To stop displaying notifications on your phone, ask someone else to log in to Instagram with another phone. You can also disable the push Notification option for your phone. You can also disable the notification of only one account on Instagram and hear the notification of other accounts.


2- How can I stop receiving notifications from people’s Instagram posts?

On the Settings screen, scroll down to Notifications and tap Push Notifications. You will notice that this page is especially long and has a customization option for any type of Instagram activity. Scroll down to the Live Videos section. Select the “Off” option to disable notifications.


3- How can I permanently disable Instagram notifications?

Disabling Instagram notifications permanently is easy:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Go to the home screen and tap on the three vertical dots option