As you may have heard, telegram now is one of the most used and populated social media and messaging applications across the world and continents.

The app has not been around for so long but has made it to the top of the downloaded list by offering services such as super channels, channels, groups and super groups, private messages, easy- to-work user interface, charming stickers and other significant traits of its own which no other platform has ever tried to introduce and put on market on this large scale.

The app needs no introduction and it could take hours of study to go through all of its traits.

But as you go deeper and deeper in the app, you notice that the possibility for taking on group chats instead of regular person to person chats and the options that the Telegram offers you for managing the group chat and its users, make a wave shock and you get excited to start you own groups.

The other traits that may come to consideration are channels. Channels are meant to be a reporter side of a business or individuals.

 They are usually used for businesses, to introduce services or products, to deliver news, sometimes they are used to spread happiness, other uses come of it.

But sometimes the contents of these channels or groups go against the community rules, such as sensitive content like photos or videos or text messages that should not be there for everyone to see. contents that appear racist or may pose to insult certain individual or organizations and in all meanings, things that should not be posted in a social platform are considered offensive to the platform’s policy and rules and also is punishable by certain actions from the Telegram company and network platform.

Why do you get banned or punished or restricted in Telegram?

It is far more important to notice the reason for punishment than searching for a way to resolve the understanding the purpose and reason of being restricted; you may prevent other problems and miss-understanding with the platform or the community.

 Maybe you have done or said something that you have never considered among sensitive or offensive or other type of contents in your entire life.

 Mostly telegram, which has happened many times, counts the type of data and content in the category of forbidden and punishable that relates to the following headlines: self-injury, pornography, false news, criminal and terrifying publics, threatening indivual and group of people and to be said major topic that include harming or endangering human beings.

 So if you have ever gotten banned or restricted, you may search for the cause to not do them again.

There are certain actions as well which do not be placed under those categories spoken but still lead to being banned like messaging 50 people or more in one day or spamming a message or content rapidly and in a minor amount of time.

 That still considers as spamming and will be noticed by mods and servers, you may ask why and how it works? That is a completely different thing to speak about but to be said.

 In summarizing manner, the mods will think of you as a bot trying to over-promote s thing or trying to damage and failing a server due to specific course of actions which will lead to punishment.

What happens when someone gets banned?

Well in the phase of being blocked, you may experience restrictions to do some of your daily doings such as you have done every other day; in that case restrictions will conclude the following:

  1. Un-ability to send message to public chats
  2. Un-ability to create groups and channels
  3. Un-ability to start conversations with any one new to your list of messages.

Messaging people is restricted!!

When you are banned, you shall experience that you cannot send messages to some people as same as you were doing in the past. This makes this matter to be spoken of in two different topics:

  1. People you already know and have spoken to before
  2. People you do not have any chats and messages before and are considered strangers to your telegram account

In the case of familiar people, telegram will recognize them as your ordinary contacts and you will face no restrictions while trying to contact them. You can send and receive messages just fine and regularly.

But to un-familiar people, which you had no chats and messages in common with; you will be experiencing the restrictions.

 You will not be able to message them at first and if you really need to communicate with someone you will have to ask them send a message to you first to open up a conversation and lift the restrictions for that specific person.

The reason for this matter is that telegram tries to prevent you from advertising to personal accounts and not designated groups or channels as they might find it annoying.

 The whole idea of asking other people to start the conversation first, is that make you understand where you have gone wrong.

 one of the reasons as told is being reported to use sensitive data or such, so this is made this way for a specific reason, to let the other people see if you are fit to have a conversation with or not.

Can’t make any other channels!!

Let us be honest and clear with our selves, so you got your channels blocked. Why though?

The answers are plain as day, you have posted something that some people have found it sensitive or offensive and have reported it multiple times, or, someone just did not like the idea where you own channels and platforms , so…. ,yes some efforts have been made and by one way or another you have gotten banned.

 To be honest that happens some time, because some people just cannot see other people go up and want you be drown by all means.

 But how do they do that? Well there are various ways which we cannot conclude in this article but to point them out in a quick manner, mostly they use bots to do this deed and it is rather an efficient way to be honest, so pick you rivals wisely.

Can’t make any groups and super groups!!

Well as a result of being banned, you cannot make any other groups too, that falls into 2 categories:

  1. You have done something to be banned from a specific group

This means that the owner or admins of a group chat have found you or your actions against their morals or you may have violated their terms of policy and now you are banned from participating in the chat.

 The restrictions can vary from just not being able to send messages or voice messages, photos or have a number of messages per day only, or ultimately being unable to enter the chat and you will not be able to join it permanently.

 You will see the following message as a notification for not being able to send messages: “Sorry, you are temporarily restricted from sending texts to public groups” this was the original message which is used in telegram app.

  • You owned a group and in that grouper actions were taking place which were violating the policy and terms of telegram

In this case you have had a group where you and other people were committing doings or posting contents that go against the policy and terms and somehow you have been spotted.

 Whether by devs and mod which requires a level of fame to be known that, or some people, again, wanted this group closed and now you face this problem. You cannot or will not be able to make a group during your banned time. After that you will be free as a bird to start again.

How to Remove Telegram restrictions

There are several ways in order to remove telegram restrictions, they are as followed:

  1. Use telegram official spam bot
  2. Contact the help desk at telegram
  3. Wait for it to pass

In the situation of being banned, first of all you should not be afraid because there nothing will be lost if this matter happened to you, you are only restricted from certain actions. All that was there will be still there!

First thing to do, is to login official telegram app if you are using a different version than the original app. Then you have to go to your saved messages and type in @spambot. Then after entering the bot and activating it, proceed as followed:

  1. Start the bot
  2. Select one of the provided options as you like. The best one maybe “this was a mistake”
  3. Chose “YES”
  4. Deny and choose “ no I’ll never do any of this”
  5. Now you are to write a message to telegram team regarding your problem as the bot suggests as well. The following is a valid and approved message which is commonly used for this matter:

Dear Telegram Support

My Telegram account has been spammed suddenly and I cannot send message to any contacts that I don’t have their number, if I am the chat starter

Kindly help to fix the issue and remove the spam report

Best Regards

Usually users that have the same problem use this message and the results stay the same and will be resolved.

Remember you can contact the help desk team whenever you feel like it and explain to them directly and without using any bots or sites. This method has answered less but has worked better and faster if by any chance you get replies fast and with luck the restrictions will be lifted.

Or you can always wait for the restricted time to pass and do nothing. Regarding the reason of the punishment, the time will differ from days and hours to weeks and months.

 It is seen that an account has been deactivated and banned permanently, which requires a very bad sort of actions to happen, and also you cannot never make a telegram account with that number and sim-card again.

Whatever the case, don’t panic when you face any problems specially restrictions in the app. As they are mostly done by the bots and the bots themselves are not without any wrong doings, these problems can be solved in matter of days and everything will be back to the normal status.