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When switching carriers, use this guide to swap your iPhone or iPad’s SIM card.

The SIM Card on your iPhone or iPad is what allows for cellular network access on the go. Sim cards – Subscriber Identity Modules – are tiny pieces of plastic that go into your device and allow it to connect to the network that has been configured for that device.

Your iPhone or iPad may occasionally need to be re-activated without the SIM card. In some cases, you may wish to change to a local SIM card in your iPhone when traveling internationally, or you may wish to temporarily switch to another carrier network in your iPhone. You can easily swap the SIM card in the iOS device by following this detailed guide on removing the SIM from an iPhone or iPad.

You must understand the tools that you need to remove the SIM card from an iPhone or iPad before you can learn how to take it out. Well, you do not need any tools other than a SIM ejector tool, so saying “tools” here is somewhat of a misnomer. Although Apple SIM ejector tools are included with every iPhone and iPad, any metal paper clip will do in case you don’t have access to one. You’ll just need to straighten up the end so that the tip points downward

Since we have the necessary tools to remove the SIM Card from an iPhone or iPad, let’s move on to finding the SIM tray. Depending on the model and generation of your iPhone or iPad, the SIM card tray may be located in a different location. SIM card tray is easy to find on iPhones and iPads – you just need to look for a thin cutout with one pinhole on the side of the device. As explained above, you insert the SIM ejector tool or metal paperclip into this hole.

How to Remove the SIM Card from an iPhone or iPad?

The SIM Card is located on the right side of every iPhone sold by Apple in the last few years. The SIM card tray, which sits next to the Sleep/Wake button on the right-hand side, is found when the iPhone is held with the screen facing you.

Apple has changed the location of the SIM card tray on the iPad based on the model and the space inside the iPad. Finding the SIM card tray on an iPad is a bit trickier compared to the iPhone. The SIM slot is typically located on the same side that holds the volume controls on most modern iPads.

So now that we know where the SIM tray is located on the iOS device, and we know what tools to use to eject the SIM card from it, let’s look at how to eject the SIM card from an iPhone or iPad.

One hand should hold either the Apple SIM ejector tool or the metal paperclip.

Despite the pressure applied to the tool, insert it slowly and carefully into the SIM card slot.

Apply gentle pressure to the pin, making sure that it is pushed straight inside rather than at an angle.

SIM card tray pops out of the slot by applying a little pressure.

Take out the SIM card tray using your fingers and carefully pull it out of the slot.

Steps for adding, removing, or switching out the SIM card in the SIM card tray.

In order to reinstall the SIM card tray into the iPhone or iPad, you do not need the SIM ejector tool. In order to insert the SIM card back into the SIM slot, simply place it on the SIM tray in the correct orientation and gently push it back into the slot.

Avoid applying too much pressure or force. Both when removing SIM cards from iPhones and iPads and when inserting SIM cards into iOS devices, gentle pressure is always needed.