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We explored the company’s new Google Home Mini entry point in our voice-assisted ecosystem. After some early users realized that recording the device was more than necessary, Google officially disabled its center touch point forever (looks like a minor disaster). Likewise, we reviewed this note. We added our original, which otherwise appears below unchanged. There are currently two generations of Google Home Mini. If you are not sure which one you have, turn the speaker on. If there is a wall screw groove, this is a second generation model. If there are no screw grooves at all, it is the first generation.


For second generation models

Next to your device, you should see the microphone on / off switch. First, turn it off. The LED lights above your speaker should be orange. Press and hold the center of the Nest Mini where lights are. You will hear a ringtone after the reset is complete. After about five seconds, your device will reset process. Hold for about 10 seconds. You should then hear a ringtone indicating that the reset process is complete.


For first generation models

For the first generation Mini, the reset button is located under the power cord at the bottom of your device. Press and hold the reset button for about 15 seconds to reset your device to factory defaults. Similar to the second generation reset, you will hear an alarm when the factory cleanup is complete.


Julian Chucato / Digital Trends

Note that a factory reset cannot be reset with Google Home. For both generations, the only way to reset is to press the buttons on the speaker. Completing a factory reset clears the device data and prepares the speaker for the new user.


Just need to restart?

If you want to restart your Home Mini instead of a complete factory reset, you can try a simple power cycle. Start by unplugging the device, unplugging it for about one minute and then plugging it in again. You can also use it by Settings> Device Settings and pressing the “More” button (three dots). Select Restart.


Sell ​​or trade in your Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini

Julian Chucato / Digital Trends

You can replace your Google Home Mini with another product in multiple stores. Target and Walmart cost about $ 4 for a well-functioning Google Home Mini. The advantage of selling or trading your device in these department stores is that it is a convenient and fast process. Note that if you sell it directly to the customer, you probably will not make as much money as possible. However, your particular situation may guarantee a quick trade deal instead of more money.


You can exchange your Home Mini with an interested buyer on many different websites like Swappa, eBay or LetGo. The standard Swappa rate is around $ 20, so if you want to sell it on Target or Walmart, you will definitely earn more than you earn. If you want to see that you get the most out of it, you have to invest some time and effort. Keep in mind that you may have to wait a long time for a customer to come and recommend your product. If you want to walk more miles, we believe you will get a better return on investment. You always have the option of turning your device into a tax deduction grant. Doing so will allow you to collect something for your goods during the tax period, even if you have delivered it at no cost.


Micro USB power plug.

How far can you go from Google home and still be good? That’s the question Google’s hardware team asked when creating the Google Home Mini, a device that reduces Google Home $ 129 by just $ 50. The result is a smaller, cheaper, and simpler device that still delivers all the smart Google Assistant of its bigger brother without a speaker system and capable of playing music with decent sound. If you’ve ever wondered if these audio items work in your home and need a testing device, Google hopes you can gamble on this small, inexpensive device.

Many of the features covered in the original Google original review still apply The mini home screen still has an incredible ghost mesh system, seamlessly creating a voice command network space vanguard like other Google homes and Android devices. Shout “OK Google” and Google hive mind will instantly introduce you to the nearest device and respond to you separately on that device. You still manage it through the Google Home app. It still has a bunch of voice commands. In this review, we mainly look at hardware, so let’s dive in!



The design of Google Home Mini is kind of cute. This small ring is 3.86 (98mm) and 1.65 inches (42mm) in diameter. The top is covered with a woven fabric, while the bottom half is plastic with a large rubber base. Someone seems to be stuck in a sock of a pastry. Because the Google Home Mini looks like a laundry piece or cushion, it is much easier to blend into the home environment than the white plastic stains that are the core of Google Home.


Beneath the stock fabric is a set of four lights that look exactly like the ones on the Google Home screen. This is a step up from the 11 Google Home lights, but hello, we’re trying to cut costs here. When Google Home is talking or listening to you, the lights come on and also show the volume (1 to 4) when you adjust the volume. These lights are RGB LEDs, but most are content to retain their default white color.


Google Mini touch points.

Its upper surface is sensitive to touch. Taping left and right (“front” is in front of the power cord) changes the volume. By using this center, the downloaded music will be paused or played now, and with a long press in the center, the listening mode will start as an option to say “OK Google”. This is currently disabled because at least one Google Home Mini with a defective touch level caused a large amount of it to be accidentally recorded.

On the back of the device, you will find the power cord with a physical “silent microphone” switch that you can move left and right. By turning the power switch to the right, you turn off the mini microphone, place a light orange layer under the switch, and turn the four lights orange. The physical switch is a weird option, because you can also mute Google Home by voice. This means you can use the sync switch with real silent mode.

Google’s hardware is ubiquitous when plugging in your devices. Google Wi-Fi, released last year, was surprised by the USB-C port for power only. Given Google’s pioneering work with USB-C in products such as the Chromebook Pixel 2 and the Pixel Relationship / Telephone line, it looks like Google intends to push this reversible plug-in standard into everything. The original Google Home was very different from the DC coaxial DC power jack, but since it was built almost at the same time as Google’s WiFi, you can assume that the USB-C revolution may not have done it just in time. A year later, the new Google Home Mini is in a weird half, using the school’s old micro-USB port for power. What this plugin does not matter is that you will probably not lose the Mini power cord and need to replace it. But this is an example of Google hardware that lacks uniformity.

At the bottom of the Mini, you can see the bright orange rubber foot with the “G” logo engraved on it. The foot is used to fasten the mini to anything you want to wrap, but it also has a small hidden button at the bottom. If you hold it, you can reset the Mini.


How to reset a Google Home Mini

The reset button is located on the flat bottom of the speaker, near the power cord connector. This is a very small circle.


How to reset Google Home Mini

To reset the first generation Google Home Mini, press and hold the reset button to hear a sound. Dave Johnson / Business Insider

To reset the speaker:

  1. Press and hold the reset button. After about 5 seconds, you will hear a warning saying “You are about to completely reset Google Home.”
  2. Hold the button for another 10 seconds to hear a sound.


You can now release the reset and restart and Google Nest Mini

  1. Turn off the microphone switch (which can be found next to the speaker). You will hear
  2. Google Assistant
  • To reset the second generation Nest Mini, first disconnect the microphone using the built-in switch. Christine de Looper / Business Insider
  1. Press and hold the center center of the speaker. After a few seconds, you will hear a warning that you want to reset the device completely. Hold your finger on the speaker.
  2. After 10 seconds, you will hear a sound. Release your finger and wait for the speaker to reset and restart.


How to reset your Google Mini if ​​the normal process did not work

If your speaker misbehaves, it may not respond to the normal reset process. If you can not reset the speaker, Google has a backup method for resetting the Google Mini.


One note: it is time consuming and tedious. But even if the initial method fails, it should work.


  • Unplug your Google Mini, wait 10 seconds, then reconnect it. Wait for all four LED lights above the speaker to light up.


  • Repeat the first step ten more times – unplug it, wait and reconnect it until the lights come on. Do this 11 times in a row.


  • 3The last time you reconnect the Mini, it should take a little longer to restart – it is reset and when it is. Turn on again, a factory reset will take place.