Pluto TV is a popular video streaming service that offers a combination of live TV and on-demand content, all of which are free. While Pluto offers a huge amount of content, no search features are available in any of its programs.

Pluto is designed to look and work like a traditional channel guide for cable TV or satellite systems, and relies entirely on browsing to find the programs you want to watch. As the service grows in popularity, it looks like a real search tool will eventually be developed for Pluto TV.

The world of broadcasting is changing rapidly as most people are now choosing wire cutting options so that they can have more variety in their viewing options. And while services like Netflix. Hulu, SlingTV and DirecTV are now in the domain and they are all paid. So if you want to access a free streaming service with a unique model, you definitely want to know how to watch PlutoTV.

But you will not be able to access all services outside of the United States unless you use a trusted VPN list from our list of VPNs listed to take advantage of the geographical restrictions on the site. So here is our guide on how to watch Pluto TV from outside the US including checking about its service, the channels it offers, the VPN ban on the site, reviewing apps, bypassing geographical restrictions on access to channels More and more by!

Why does Pluto TV keep changing channels?

With the introduction of unconventional LiveTV options, a comprehensive library of movies and TV shows, and even online radio and music streaming, as well as for free, PlutoTV is fast becoming one of the most important streaming sites on the Internet.However, this service may also be the most annoying thing on the Internet right now, namely geographical restrictions.

PlutoTV offers two different versions of its services, one for US residents and one for international viewers. However, the international version of this service has absolutely nothing to do with you. It contains very few channels and most of them are just plain and simple just to fill in the numbers.


How to Search Live TV on Pluto TV

Platform you use to watch Pluto TV does not matter – the web, your mobile device or your smart TV – the interface is essentially the same. The only difference is that you control it with the mouse, finger or remote control. As mentioned, there is no way to search the program directly on Pluto TV. However, you can browse.

Start by limiting your choice to the genre or category you are interested in. On the web and smart TVs, you’ll find a list of categories on the left side of the screen, and it includes dozens of options such as movies, comedy and sports. On your phone or tablet, the categories move left and right above the channels.


How to search on Pluto TV 1

  1. Select the category you want to watch, such as comedy, and then scroll through the channels to see what you want to watch.
  2. After selecting a category, scroll through the channels in the category.
  3. Select the show you want to watch. Note that you can only watch a program that is playing – you have to wait to see each program listed on the right as if you were watching live TV (which is basically what you are doing).


How to search for requested programs on Pluto TV

  1. Go to the requested mode by selecting “On Demand” at the top of the screen (or on your phone or tablet at the bottom).
  2. Select the category you want to search for – You can find the categories on the left side of the screen on the web and smart TV or at the top of your phone. Scroll through the available options on demand and select the movie you want to watch.

How to search on Pluto TV 2

Browse a category to find a requested video, and then scroll through the results.


Is Pluto TV free to use?

Since Pluto TV is free, you have to pay a decent amount of advertising to help pay for the platform. Even if this app has a lot of content for your consumption, there is no way to search the channels to find what you want. Instead, you should use cool tricks to easily find the type of content you want to watch. They are here.


Pluto TV category

Whether you are in the requested section or watching live TV, there are category sections to help narrow down your search. Without the traditional search feature, this is one of the easiest ways to find what you are looking for. The requested category is very useful because it deals with much more detail than live categories. You will see sections such as Throwback of the 90s, Animal Planet, Cars, Classic Rock and more. On the desktop, categories are listed on the left, but are somewhat covered by video. On mobile, there is a button in the middle of your page that expands the categories. Live categorization feature is limited because it categorizes channels as opposed to actual content.

How to watch free live TV on Android TV

Clicking on the category in the live area, the menu or a selection of options will not appear. Instead, Pluto TV puts you at the beginning of a group of channels that match the categories you have selected. Gathers channels that are similar in content type and puts them together for easier viewing.

List of Pluto TV channels

Another easy way to find what you are looking for when using a Pluto TV is to use the channel list. This list gives you the number of each channel and the channel associated with that number. Pluto constantly adds channels to check any changes. The channel list does not tell you which program is playing when, but it will be easier to find the type of content you like.

Watch list icon for Pluto TV

You need to be creative, as Pluto TV does not allow you to search for your content by entering a title or channel name. With the watchlist feature, you can find your favorite shows or movies without having to browse the entire platform.

Whenever you watch Pluto TV and watch a show or movie you like, add it to your watch list. This will create a library of plays that you have already shown interest in and put them together in one place. You can return to your selected content library when you browse for something to see next. Use this feature consistently and you will not need a traditional search bar because all your favorite content will be right in front of you.

Google Show Search

The last method you can use is to simply do a Google search for your desired display and see if the Pluto TV is listed under the viewing options.

Pluto broadcasts live TV, so it is possible that even if the show you are looking for has been broadcast on Pluto in the past, it may not be broadcast at that particular time. You should also browse the channels or categories to see if your selection is live.

Find exactly what you want on Pluto TV

You can not search for the title of the show you want to watch on Pluto TV. Instead, you should use the categorization menu or channel list to see what content is available. Did you decide that Pluto is not for you? If you want to avoid spending money on streaming services, there are other platforms that you can use to watch live TV for free.

TV is moving on the internet at an incredible speed, because people can usually find what they want to watch online much easier than what is done on live TV.

This is the reason for the popularity of streaming TV services in recent years. People can watch whatever they want for less than what they pay for cable TV. You must pay a monthly subscription to watch content on services such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and HBO Now.

On the other hand, there are also completely free online TV services. Pluto TV is one of the most popular. In this article, we will take a closer look at this service, find out what devices it supports and how you can navigate through Pluto TV channels.

This means that you can not search for a particular show, but you can search through the same TV channels in several ways. Before explaining, let’s take a brief look at supported devices. It should be noted that Pluto TV works on many devices.

Works on all current iOS and Android devices, several Android TV models, fourth generation Apple TV, Chrome Web app, Google Chromescast, Roku, Roku TV and most Amazon devices. These include Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Kindle and Kindle Fire. Please note that while all Android, Google, and iOS devices are supported, not all Roku devices are supported. Only those that support Firmware 7 or higher, while not supported by Firmware 7. You can download the Roku channel here.

You can download the app for Windows and Mac and its version for Android here. You can download the Chrome Web App version here, and you can find a list of channels at this link. If you want to watch Pluto TV directly through your browser, all you have to do is visit this link. You do not even need to register.

Search through channels

If you want to access Pluto TV from your computer or watch Pluto TV on the web, open the channel guide and click on a channel. Other ways to change channels in the web version include scrolling with the mouse and using the arrow keys on the keyboard. If you are using a mobile device, touch the channel you want to watch. You will be taken to full screen mode. To change the channel, you need to access the channel options, which you can open by simply touching the screen.

Devices like Apple TV and Roku have their own remote control with which you can change the channel.

If you are logged in, you need to pick up your phone and search for MyPluto, find the activation option, and finally enter the activation code. If you are not logged in or do not even have an account, you can always go to the activation page and follow the instructions. 

Pluto TV offers content without requesting personal information or payment information. Simply download the app and start watching. Pluto had an account with basic information such as your email and name, but a few of its features were removed. Register your email, but there is no advantage right now. However, Pluto is planning for future changes, which could allow personalization such as customization and so on.