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You can delete your own messages on Discord.

On the Internet, things have a way of sticking around, and sometimes that isn’t a good thing.

Discord does allow you to delete a message quickly and easily – but like any online platform, it is always possible that someone might have taken a screenshot before you could delete it. 

There are also no methods in place to bulk-delete your messages from a server or channel. Messages must be deleted one by one. You should take a little time to consider your words before hitting send in order to make sure you don’t say anything you will regret.

Taking that into consideration, here’s how to quickly delete Discord messages (one by one):

How do I delete Discord messages from my computer? 

1. Click the three dots in the upper-right corner of the message after opening your Discord account.

2. Click “Delete Message.”

3. Click “Delete” again in the pop-up to confirm your decision.

How do I delete Discord messages from my mobile device? 

1. Log into Discord, if necessary.

2. Locate the message that you want to delete.

3. Tap the message long enough to read it.

4. Click the “Delete” button.

5. Tap “Delete” once more to confirm your decision.

On Discord, you can still see deleted messages.

The option to see edited messages is available along with deleted messages.

You’ll learn how to see deleted messages on Discord in four easy steps in this guide.

What to do if a Discord message is deleted

It is necessary to download BetterDiscord and MessageLoggerV2 in order to view deleted messages on Discord.

MessageLoggerV2 should be added to the plugins folder and enabled.

You can view deleted Discord messages by opening the log after you’ve enabled MessageLoggerV2.

Using the right-click menu, select “Open Logs” and you can view the server’s logs.

In addition to the “Deleted” tab, there are four other tabs.

You’ll be able to see deleted messages on Discord in the “Deleted” tab.

Additionally, you’ll be able to see the date and time when the message was deleted.

In addition to clearing the log, you can also click on the “Clear log” button.

Deleted messages can be viewed on Discord by following these steps:

1. Download BetterDiscord

 To begin, download BetterDiscord.

Through plugins and themes, BetterDiscord expands the functionality of Discord.

By visiting BetterDiscord’s website, you can download plugins and themes.

Start by visiting the BetterDiscord website here:

You can download BetterDiscord by clicking on “Download” once you’re on the site.

Following your click on “Download”, you will need to decide what to do.

You have the option of doing 3 things: installing BetterDiscord, repairing BetterDiscord, and uninstalling BetterDiscord.

Since you are interested in downloading BetterDiscord, choose “Install BetterDiscord.”.

To proceed to the next step, click on “Next”.

Once you have clicked on “Next”, you will need to select your Discord version.

Discord“, “Discord PTB”, and “Discord Canary” are the 3 Discord versions.

Select “Discord” if you are using the standard Discord.

After clicking “Install”, BetterDiscord will be installed.

BetterDiscord will automatically open Discord once it has been installed.

The BetterDiscord pop-up will display the current version of BetterDiscord on Discord.

Your download of BetterDiscord has been successful.

You can close the pop-up by clicking the “x” icon.

2. Get MessageLoggerV2

The download link for MessageLoggerV2 is

After you download BetterDiscord, you must download MessageLoggerV2.

MessageLoggerV2 enables you to view deleted messages in Discord.

Additionally, you will be able to see edited messages.

Visit this link to learn more: rV2.plugin.js.

You can then download MessageLoggerV2 by clicking the “Download” icon.

Your computer may display a warning that the file could damage it.

You can keep the file by clicking “Keep”. But don’t worry, it’s safe.

3. Install MessageLoggerV2 in the plugins folder and enable it

MessageLoggerV2 must be added to Discord after it has been downloaded.

Start by opening Discord on your desktop.

You can then access your user settings by clicking the gear icon.

You will see a number of options on the left sidebar, including “My Account”, “User Profile”, and “Privacy & Safety”.

Go to the “BetterDiscord” page and scroll down.

Click on the “Plugins” link under the “BetterDiscord” header.

By clicking this, you will open the plugin library.

You can open the plugin folder by clicking on “Open Plugins Folder” in the plugin library.

Once you’ve saved MessageLoggerV2 in a folder, open it.

MessageLoggerV2 can then be added to Discord by dragging and dropping it in the plugins folder. 

It is necessary to enable Message LoggerV2 after adding it to the plugins folder.

MessageLoggerV2 should be enabled by clicking the switch next to it.

There will be a “Missing Libraries” pop-up after you’ve enabled MessageLoggerV2.

If the missing library is not downloaded, you can download it by clicking “Download Now”.

You will see a lot of other pop-ups that you will have to close.

Possibly there will also be another “Missing Libraries” window.

You can cancel any other “Missing Libraries” popup by clicking “Cancel”.

Last but not least, you need to enable XenoLib and ZeresPluginLibrary.

4. Open the server’s log file by right-clicking 

You will be able to see deleted and edited messages after you enable MessageLoggerV2, XenoLib, and ZeresPluginLibrary.

In order to view deleted messages in Discord, first navigate to the server where you want them to appear.

Click on the name of the server and right-click.

Several options will appear in the navigation menu.

Click on “Message Logger” in the navigation menu.

You will be taken to another navigation menu.

The server’s logs can be viewed by clicking “Open Logs”.

When you click “Open Logs”, the server’s log will open.

There are four tabs in the log, including “Deleted”, “Edited”, “Purged”, and “Ghost Pings”.

You’ll be able to see deleted messages on the server under the “Deleted” tab.

On the “Edited” tab, you can see all the messages that have been edited.

Therefore, if you want to see deleted messages, be sure to click the “Deleted” tab.

A list of deleted messages can be found under the “Deleted” tab.

It also displays the time and date when the message was deleted.

It will take someone deleting their message before you can see it since this is your first time using MessageLoggerV2.

You’ll probably see a lot of deleted messages in a day if you’re part of a huge Discord server.

Clearing the log can be done by clicking on “Clear log”.

You have successfully learned how to view deleted messages on Discord!

Discord allows you to view deleted messages?

By downloading BetterDiscord and the MessageLoggerV2 plugin, you can view deleted messages on Discord.

MessageLoggerV2 on Discord allows you to view deleted messages and edited messages.

You must, however, use the plugin at your own risk since it is against Discord’s terms of service.

Having said that, you will not be banned from Discord.


Discord’s terms of service prohibit use of MessageLoggerV2, so you must use it at your own risk.

Additionally, you can view edited messages as well as deleted messages.

Discord servers with fewer members tend to have fewer deleted and edited messages.

Unless someone deletes or edits their message, you will not be able to see them.