We all have been there, we all have been blocked. Whether it was a lovers quarrel, or you have offended someone, you may have been talking to a fake business owner and falsely after paying them or any transaction that contains goods for them you have been blocked and they have flee which means a fraud most of the time, but never less all of them mean the same and all of us have been there and experienced the same situation.

Why should someone block me?

In this time of modern technology that we can communicate to each other through some simple clicks or even commanding our phones to do so, there is no need to peruse the old ways.

Which means you do not have to go over and across the whole town in order to speak to your friend or to seal a contract or say hi to family of yours or spend some time with you parents, there is no need for all that, we stick to this new ways which have made our life easier?

But, and that is a big but, if somebody chooses to refuse contact with you for any good and solid reason or any reason at all, blocking the number of yours is one of the many solutions but actually among the most efficient ways possible.

How do I know that I am blocked?

There are several ways to know if you are blocked or not, in this article we go through the phone and popular messaging application such as WhatsApp and telegram and such alike.

Number being blocked

This type of blockade falls into 2 major categories, first we go through Android and next is iOS.


Android phones are known to be more user-friendly and more compatible devices. For a small error you have got tons off applications ready to install in the google play or services like that to tell you what is wrong with your phone or run a full-scale diagnose on your phone.

This goes like a same for being blocked, you can download to see if someone blocked you, when did they blocked, how did they blocked and some of them even offer hacking solutions to resolve this matter.

Pro tip: never use these apps, for that there are a lot of these soft wares that tap into your phone in the exact second that you install them.

-Call them!

The first and probably easiest way to figure if you are blocked is by calling the person. Now there are some various ways to tell in this case:

  • -some versions of android such as Samsung, you will hear one single beep and then you hear that the person is talking to someone else
  • -some versions will send you straight to the voice mail.
  • -some say the person is not taking any calls which simulates that the person has activated
  • “do not disturb” mode on their phone, which actually may be true.
  • -some versions will announce that the person does not have service.

All of above could be true, maybe, but to be sure we will issue other ways as well.

Send a text message

Usually if you have the report system available on your phone, in case of sending a text message you will get a notification regarding the report and status of the sent message saying it has been received or not.

In a normal scenario, you will get the notification which indicated the other person has or has not received your message, but if you are blocked you will not get one. This reveals that the person has blocked you (not for sure though, maybe you have technical issues).


In case of apple users, weather it is you that is using an IPhone or the other person, this problem is a bit nasty and on the other hand you have one or two more ways of finding it out.

Send an IMessage

IMessage is an exclusive platform for iOS users which offers the luxury experience of having an iPhone.

It is quite useful if you are contacting a person that has the same phone and it is even more useful to check if you are blocked or not.

When you are chatting through this app, you may notice that the color of your text bubble and messages is blue, that is the normal color that indicates everything is fine.

But, if the person you are contacting has decided to block your number, when using the app, you will notice that the spoken color has turned green form blue. This is a sign that tells you about the matter of being blocked.

Pro tip: to see if it is not a network problem does not matter if it is on your behalf or on the server behalf, you will see your phone trying to send the message over message app. If not you know that you are blocked.

Send them a SMS message

Usually when a message is sent through the message app, you will get a notification about the status of your message like” the message is delivered” .But when you are blocked you will get “message is not delivered” or you will not get any sort of notification at all.

Go ahead and try to send a message, this is a path worth taking.

Call their number

When you call someone, you will hear cycles of ringing or beeps if that is what you call it.

If you are blocked, you will be sent straight to the voice mail or will hear a half-ring and then be sent to voicemail. Calling them is a good way to know if you are blocked or not.

Mask your phone number

IPhone mobiles have a good capability of hiding your number when calling someone which is also known as masking the number. If you insist to contact the person, give above options a couple of shots. No result? Hide your number and then call them.

Simply you can hide it by dialing *67 before dialing the other person’s number. This way the person receiving your phone call will not see the phone number of yours. If this time you hear ringing or even better, the person answered, you know for sure that they have blocked you.

Make contact later or wait a couple of hours

Does not matter if you are an android or iPhone user, some time there are issues with the network, or maybe there are some with the other person’s phone, maybe they have switched it off or put it in “do not disturb “mode. Give it some time, perhaps you get a call regarding them missing your call.

Try calling them from another number

The ultimate way to find out if you are blocked or not, is to check if only one who is blocked is actually you. In order to do that, you have to call them or message them using another phone number, if answered, you can be sure that you are blocked.

Try other messaging apps

Sometimes, specially if it is a fight that broke out between you and your significant other and to be said, things happen.

Usually you will be blocked on other apps too in order to restrict connections with you.

Here we go through 2 apps which are most used by users:


If someone blocks your number on a social media platform such as telegram, there are some flags to be checked.

For telegram:

  1. Your messages will not get a confirmation of being received by getting to check ticks under.
  2. If they have opened the last seen status for you or even it says last seen recently, you will see the status as” last seen a long time ago”. This means you have been blocked.
  3. The profile picture of the person will be erased and will not be shown to you.

Note that all of the above would happen at a same time. If that is the case, it means you are blocked.


WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications across the countries. It is fast, reliable and cheap to use.

To see if someone has blocked you on this app, the following are the flags:

  1. The status shown to you of your messages that indicate being received or otherwise, will be only shown as sent by having a single check tick.
  2. Their profile picture will not be shown to you anymore. If you have a solid internet connection, you will notice the profile picture being removed mid chat and nothing will be replaced and then the default no-picture of WhatsApp will appear and replaces the photo.
  3. You will not be seeing the last seen status of them anymore. As you get blocked, you will not be notified when did they or didn’t visit their WhatsApp account.

At last, again, give it some time and try again later. This might just be an error, but if the problem still continues to be the same, you know for sure that you are blocked.


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