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Is it possible to use people’s phone numbers to find their location?

It may happen to you that you want to find the location of a relative or friend, or you want to find the location of the person who harassed you but you only have access to that person’s phone number, ‌ in this location What should you do? But is it possible to track people via mobile number? You may have been looking for a plan to access people’s location by phone number and be able to find out their exact location; you must have searched the internet about this before and you did not get any results; ‌ we should note that there is no program called finding the location of people with their mobile numbers! Access to the location of people is possible only if the person himself issues this permission and by turning on his mobile GPS, he gives you this permission.

So you should know that there is no plan and no way to access people’s location through their phone number. If you come across programs with such titles on the Internet and in cyberspace, do not install these applications and enter such sites, as there is a possibility of stealing your personal information.

How to track a number

But if you are one of those people who are worried about those around you and you want to know about their movement and their current and exact situation, do not miss the continuation of this article; in the following, we will introduce the best applications to access people’s location.

People location tracking applications

As mentioned earlier, there is no way to find the location of people by phone number, but there are methods and programs that allow access to their location with the permission of both users. If you want to install an application on your phone and use it to access the location of your friends or family members and know each other’s current location, do not miss this article.

Are you worried about your child or another family member coming and going? Do you want to control the movement of your elderly parents or do you feel threatened by the loss or theft of your loved ones? Peugeot software is a solution to these fears and worries! To access the location of the person in question, you must install the application on your phone and the person whose location you want to access. After installing and making the settings, you can access the exact location of the desired person via SMS whenever you want.


Automatic detection of addresses

  • Possibility of instant location by sending an SMS
  • Provide detailed reports of output and input locations
  • To use this program, both phones must install this program and activate it.


Glympse family location app

The Glympse app is designed to instantly find your location, allowing you to track people’s locations using GPS. It should be noted that by installing this application, you will be able to easily share your location with your friends or family members and let them know where you are. You can also find out the whereabouts of those people.

You do not need to register to use this program and you can log in and use it safely. It should also be noted that only those who have chosen your location when sharing can only be aware of your location. Another advantage of this application is that for more security, your information will be lost and will not be available after a while.


Glympse application capabilities

  • Usability of the application anywhere and anytime with Internet and GPS access
  • Share locations online and instantly
  • Ability to share locations with anyone
  • Easy to use and no registration required
  • This program, like the Picho program, must be installed on both mobile phones and will not be traceable with the mobile phone number.



Find My Friends app

Find My Friends software is a wonderful and powerful software to know the exact location of friends and acquaintances. With this Android application, you can form a group with your friends and acquaintances and be informed of each other’s location in the group and see the exact place and location of each person on the map. With this Android application, you can see the location of each person on the map. You can also receive a notification when your friend arrives at a specific place! Find My Friends Android application allows you to chat with your friends in any group and stay in touch with each other. By observing the location of each person at any time, you can understand the time of arrival of each person to any place, and if any person is lost, you can find her.


Life360 Family Locator location tracking application

This free app allows family members to track each other’s location live and instantly. There is a unique feature in this app that allows family members to be aware of a person entering a predefined situation such as home or school. It is possible to specify two separate positions for this. So when kids come home from school, the Life 360 ​​app automatically checks in and sends a notification to other family members’ smartphones.

  • Location tracking with Life360 Family Locator software
  • Familiarity with the location of Life360 Family Locator family members
  • Tracking the location of Life360 Family Locator family members

The app also has a complete history of the latest location, which is very useful for an overview of the latest activities performed by family members. There is a default feature called Help Alert in this app that is able to send your exact GPS coordinates to preset emails or text messages to defined numbers in case of emergency. You can also use this application to send messages between family members.


Emergency tracking in Life360 Family Locator

Although the app and its services are free, there is also a premium (professional) version that can be used for the whole family for $ 5 a month or $ 50 a year. This version has the ability to define an infinite number of predefined positions, the ability to track devices other than smartphones and the ability to protect stolen phones. It is also possible to use the features of this version on a trial basis for up to 30 days. You can download Life360 Family Locator app for Android and iPhone for free.


Google+ social networking service

This one may not be very popular, but Google’s social networking service called Google+ can also be useful for location sharing. The design of this application is reminiscent of the old Google Latitude application combined with Google Maps.


Tracking with google plus Android app

To share your location with others, send a request to your contact number using the Google+ app. Once that person agrees, you can see each other’s location with that app. It is worth mentioning that in order to see the situation of the person in question, it is not necessary for him to send you a request again. The Google+ app is free and available for Android and iPhone.


A way to locate people in the Telegram app for free

In this section, we present two methods for tracking the telegram of the desired person, both of which try to locate the telegram of the desired person through the person’s IP. Of course, you should keep in mind that tracking telegrams using IP is not very accurate and only gives the approximate position of the person. But it can also be very effective in finding people who lie about their situation. Although these methods are not accurate, they can still reveal many facts about the current situation of the people who are texting you.


Telegram locating using the CMD environment

In this telegram tracking method, all you have to do is run the telegram environment on your computer system. Do not open any other page and start chatting with the person whose position you want to find. After sending and receiving several messages, open the CMD environment without doing any extra work. How to open the Command prompt environment is shown in the image below.

Open cmd on windows

After opening the CMD environment, type netstat -n and press Enter. (Note that there is a space between -n and netstat in the above statement). After completing the above steps, a list of several IP addresses will be displayed for you, except for the address, which is related to your system, the rest of the IPs are related to the websites or those with whom you communicate. You have. Now enter these IP addresses one by one in Be sure to enter only the IP addresses of the site listed in the Foreign Address section.


Get ip address from cmd

After doing this step, a list of IP addresses that are currently connected to the Internet with the relevant address will be displayed to you, which you can use to get the approximate location of the desired ISP and track the telegram of the person Comment.

Tracking via isp

But in order to be able to track the telegram of the person in question, you must write down the Latitude and Longitude details in the information section provided to you and enter it on the NASA tracking site, which can be accessed through this link.

Tracking via ip on the site

After entering the requested information, you will be able to pinpoint the exact ISP of the person who is sending you the message. And because if the person in question has not used a VPN and proxy, his approximate position will be displayed.

Telegram tracking using the website

But there is a simpler and more accurate way that can get you to your goal much easier. In this method, there is no need for a CMD environment, and only through a website and a little help from the person, you can identify his limited position and succeed in tracking his telegram. The following steps are sufficient for this purpose.