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For a long time, many people have been looking for the method and trick of “opening private Instagram accounts” without following. In other words, thousands of people are looking for a solution every day that can easily see the photos of each Instagram user; Even if the user’s profile is Private. What is a private Instagram account or Privet Page?

If you are one of the users who are interested in Instagram, you probably know that Instagram allows you to change your personal account to Public and Private Modes. Public mode means that all Instagram member users can view your posts and follow or follow your page without your approval. But when your page is changed to private mode, only your followers can see the content of your Instagram page. In this case, you also have the right to approve or reject the requests of people who want to follow you. But if you have a business account on this platform, you can only return your page to private mode if you change the status of your business account to personal or private.

Making your Instagram profile public or private depends on your purpose in using that page and how serious your privacy is. If you do not want anonymous users to see your posts, it is best to keep your account private. In such cases, only users who submit a follow-up request to you and you approve that request can access your personal page and posts. This is the main feature of Instagram’s private profiles, and this feature distinguishes private pages from public ones. However, it is possible to change the account status to public mode and vice versa whenever you want. Just go to the privacy settings in your Instagram app and change the status of your account to public and private to see how this feature works.

How to view private Instagram accounts

Now the question that arises is how to access private Instagram accounts with such strong privacy? The good news is that viewing a private Instagram profile where the user knows you personally is not a complicated problem, and most people will allow you to see their posts, even if you only know them briefly.

Legal way (to view private profiles)

The best and most legal way to view private profiles on Instagram is to follow the users whose pages you want to see. If these people know you or think that communication with you is safe for them, they can accept your request to follow you, in which case, after accepting your request, you will be able to see the posts of these people. This is the only legal way to view private accounts. Of course, whether people will allow you to access their profile depends on how important privacy is to them. To follow a person on Instagram, first search for their real name in the platform search bar. Once you find the user, tap Follow to send the follow-up request. In this case, the user you want will receive a notification and depending on your relationship with him may approve or reject your request. If the user clicks on the “Approve” option, then you will be able to see his / her account.

The question for many people is how to view private Instagram accounts without using an ethical method. If you do not want to follow a user, or if you have tried this method before and it did not work and you still want to see the posts of the user, there are other ways to have full or limited access to his account. Of course, we must mention that these methods are not legitimate and ethical, and we do not recommend them. If you continue to use these methods, do so at your own risk.

Create a fake Instagram account

Create an account with a fake ID and then send a follow-up request to the user. Of course, the success of this method still depends on the user approving your request. It is also unlikely to succeed with this method because many users know that this trick is an attempt to view private Instagram accounts.

Google search

Many Instagram users have public accounts before changing their account status to private. Google indexes public Instagram posts, which means that it is possible to view some of the user’s posts when his account is public. To do this, just search for the Instagram username of the person you want on Google, you may see some posts of the users you want.

See private accounts on Instagram

If you want to see the romance of your ex-boyfriend or just find out the identity of a person through Instagram, viewing private account photos is not an easy task. You may be embarrassed to hit the follow button, but your options are limited when the person in front of you is private. There are few ways to view other people’s private accounts. Many of them are not guaranteed, in fact, those who have private profiles aim to control those who view their profiles.

Request to follow

We know full well that this is not the answer you have been waiting for, however, unless you are blocked on Instagram or that person does not explicitly allow you to follow him or her. It’s worth the effort. Simply rotate the bullet and press the follow button. In private Instagram accounts, users are allowed to decide who to accept and who not to accept. Go to their page and click the follow button and then wait for your request to be accepted or rejected. Unfortunately, if your request is rejected, you will not be notified and only if your request is accepted, Instagram will notify you.

If you log in to that profile again, if your request is denied, you will see the option to follow, and if there is no response to your request yet, you will see the option to send the request.

Is there a way to see private Instagram accounts?

Private Instagram accounts are really private. Instagram is very serious about protecting users’ security, so it leaves no way for them to break these rules. However, there are some programs that can be used to access private accounts.

Apps to see private accounts on Instagram

These programs show you people’s private accounts. It’s not entirely clear how these programs do this, so we’ll try some of them. According to our searches, many of these websites have been closed due to security issues. My browser does not even allow me to open most pages, this is a sign that you probably should not endanger your security on these websites. Others will refer you to seemingly shady links that require you to provide too much personal information, or fill out a poll that looks like you might download a virus. Again, we do not recommend risking your cyber security to try to see the character of Instagram, it may not even work.

See other people’s private Instagram account with Private Instagram Viewer

The authors of the site for viewing private profiles have claimed that they have tried to view their private photos without following people’s profiles, but have not found a solution to it, and explicitly state that there is no real method or tool so far. Which will allow you to view Private’s Instagram profile photos. So they went their own way and created a free tool called Private Instagram Viewer, which you can see in the photo below. In this tool, you just need to enter the profile name of the person you want and press the Access Now button. To view private Instagram profiles using this tool, you do not need to download the file and you can only view the profiles through the browser.

Of course, these are just the claims of this site. We tried this tool. After you enter the profile name, you will be required to download applications to continue, and through this, they will achieve their material goals. Instagram Viewer is another application developed by a team of five to view the personal content of an Instagram profile. The creators of this program claim that by using this free software, you can view private or blocked profiles within a minute. The claimed features of this software include tracking activities, viewing photos, videos, sharing, comments, and more. Well, now it’s time to look at the claims of these software developers. In the box you see in the picture above, we entered our desired Instagram ID and selected the CLICK USERNAME button. As you can see in the image below, the number of followers and the number of followers are done and the full name is displayed for us. To continue, select the green confirm button. As shown in the image below, three options are displayed for you to continue. Photos, download photos, and view profiles. We select the option to view the photo.

The following is a message that we can only download some information on our server due to the anti-boot protection of Instagram. To continue viewing the photos, you must complete the Instagram Human Verification step. Once verified, our server will resume for download