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Hulu is a popular video player, but like any other app, it is sensitive to “Error Code: p-dev320” when trying to stream something. This error may occur when trying to watch TV or movies or use From Hulu with live TV for a live broadcast of a live event. This error message will look like this:

“We have a problem playing this. It may be helpful if you turn off your device for a minute and try again. Hulu error code: P-DEV320”


Error code Hulu P-DEV320

There is error code P-TS207 or P-DEV322. Each of these errors can occur on any device running the Hulu application, including your web browser. These errors are usually caused connection problems, when the schedule is out of date or the Hulu service malfunctions.

Causes of Hulu P-DEV320 Error Code

This error occurs when there is a problem connecting the main Hulu servers to your web player or Hulu application. This can happen when there are problems connecting to your network, a problem at the end of Hulu, or using an older Hulu application. The error codes P-TS207 and P-DEV322 are similar but cause problems at the end. Hulu is what you need to get rid of them.


How to troubleshoot Hulu P-DEV320 error code

There are ways to fix this error code, but if you try them all and nothing works, most likely the problem is at the end of Hulu and not you. Although their customer support team can provide you with more details, when they find out, they will probably try to fix it.

Solution 1: Try using another device

If you have another device that can play Hulu, try it to see if it works there. If you received the error code on your computer, see if it works on your Xbox One.

You can also get the error code on your Nintendo Switch to see if it plays on your phone or tablet. If it works on another device, it is probably a problem with the first device and could be an outdated application or an internet connection problem.

Solution 2: Make sure Hulu is up to date

An older Hulu application could be responsible for the error code P-DEV320, and if this application only works on some of your devices, this is a possible scenario.

See this Hulu resource for app release notes. You can look at your platform to know which version to run.

If your device version has a lower number, you need to update it.

Solution 3: Clear Hulu cache data and memory

It is possible that you have corrupted information somewhere. Clearing Hulu data and cache may help.

Delete them as follows:

1)Clear Hulu data and cache on iOS:

2)Go to “Settings”.

3)Go to “General” to “Storage”.

4)Select “Hulu” and “Uninstall Hulu”.

5)Reinstall Hulu using the App Store.

6)Clear Hulu data and cache on Android:

7)Go to “Settings” instead of “Applications”.

8)Go to “View All Programs” and “Save & Cache”.

9)Select “Clear Storage” and “Clear Cache”.

10)Clear cache on Fire TV:

11)Go to “Settings” to go to “Applications”.

12)Select “Manage Installed Programs” and “Hulu”.

13)Click “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”.

If you are using the Hulu web player version, clear your browser data and memory to make sure you clear anything that might cause a Hulu player error.

Solution 4: Check if other streaming services are working

Try another streaming service like Prime or Netflix on the same device and it will show you the P-DEV320 error.

If this also does not work, it means that your device has a connection problem. You may need to update or restart your device or check your internet connection.

Try Hulu using a different connection, such as your mobile connection. If it works, it means that your main internet connection has a problem. With the device that received the error code, check the internet speed to see if it is good enough for playback. Yes, you can contact your ISP. Also check if Hulu is disconnected.


If none of the above work, the next step is to call Hulu (“error code: p-dev320”) to see if they can emphasize this and help you find out. The reason for its absence help.