Hulu is one of the best places to watch full quality high quality movies and TV shows on the web today. This super addictive site features full episodes of TV shows such as Nordic IPTV King showing both current and classic movies, full movies, original web content and clips just about everything you can think of.

All multimedia content here is of the highest quality, and many people use the service to continue with their favorite TV shows as a complement to their existing user subscription or as an independent source. If you’ve ever heard the word “cut the wire”, this is where it starts; Instead of paying to subscribe to expensive components with unseen content, more and more people decide to cancel their cable and pay Hulu instead. Not only is this service much cheaper, users can pick and choose exactly what they want to see.

A brief history of Hulu

Hulu was launched in 2007 as an invited service and returned to the public in 2008. The site offers media from a wide range of providers including NBC, ABC, FOX, PBS, Style and Oxygen. In 2010, Hulu introduced the first Hulu Plus, a shared service that enables users to watch more multimedia, including all network seasons, which usually air within 24 hours of their main show.

Hulu fans can also watch their TV at home via a simple HDMI connection or internet TV. In 2016, Hulu unveiled the “Plus” unveiling of Hulu with Live TV, a shared service designed to replace cable TV. Hulu Live TV includes more than 50 TV and radio channels, including five major broadcast networks – ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW, and many other options and add-ons. Hulu Standard Subscription offers a wide range of high quality media; anything from full videos to animated shorts. There are a number of ways you can use Hulu to find something to watch:

  1. Go straight to the movie section Hulu is well organized and puts all its movies in one place.
  2. Movie Search Page lets you filter content by alphabetical order, keywords, channel, sub-channel, studio, decade, family-friendly, and more. In other words, you will find a good range of advanced search options here.
  • Check out the most popular movies to see what other Hulu fans are after, or watch the most shows and movies (both offer RSS feeds, so you’ll never miss a thing Receipt).

What can I watch on Hulu?

Hulu works with major content producers such as Fox, Comedy Channel and various film studios to showcase your favorite episodes. For example, you can get the latest daily shows with John Stewart, Office, Nip / Tuck, 24, and of course, many full movies. Most TV shows have been updated to show on Hulu in 24 hours or less or their original airing time.

A number of ways you can filter what you want to see in Hulu.

  • Search by name or actor
  • Browse specific channels
  • Decide whether you want to watch only clips or full episodes or videos
  • Click on new or most popular links

How to continue with your favorite shows

Hulu provides an easy way for users to track their favorite shows. There is a subscription button on the home screen of each show (you must be a registered Hulu user to do this). You can show any part or clips of the show; you do this in your user queue, and then you can watch them in your spare time.

How to find your favorite movies

One of the most popular centers in Hulu is its movie section. All videos are in the right place, either at the top of the navigation bar or simply directed to Hulu has a wide range of movie genres from action and adventure to sports. In order to get a great picture of what they offer you in the way of movies, go directly to the movie review page, where all Hulu movies can be searched through several different filters: Alphabetical, Genre , Sub-genre, ranking, decade, screen, family friendly, with captions or with keyword. You will also want to check out Hulu’s Most Popular Movies, Most Recently Added, Documentaries and Movies from specific companies such as Lifetime Movies.


Hulu iPhone application

  • You can clear your Hulu watch history by title.
  • You can clear your Hulu watch history by deleting separate movies and shows or clearing your entire watch history.
  • To delete a show or movie, clear the history in the “Watch” section of Hulu.
  • To clear your entire Hulu watch history at once, you should visit the “Privacy and Settings” page.
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  • Finish playing your favorite programs on Hulu

You can clear your watch history in just a few easy steps.

Hulu lets you manually delete views from the “Keep Watching” section, or you can clear your entire history at once through your browser, although this cannot be undone. How to clear shows and movies from your Hulu browser history?

  1. Open Hulu in your favorite browser on your Mac or PC.
  2. Scroll down to “Keep Watching” part.
  3. Hover your mouse over the title you want to delete and then click on the “X” icon at the bottom of the window.
  4. This will open a pop-up to confirm the decision. You will be notified that when you do this, the clock progress will reset. Click the black “Okay” button.


How to clear Hulu watch history

Click “Cancel” If you change your mind.  How to clear shows and movies from your Hulu watch history on your mobile device:

  1. Open the Hulu app on Android or iPhone device.
  2. Clear to the right to get to the “Keep Watching” section.

The “Continue Watch” section should be two quick taps from the app landing screen.

  1. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the view you want to delete.
  2. Tap “Delete from watch history” to delete the item.

How to clear your Hulu watch history all at once

  1. Open Hulu and click on your profile name in the upper right corner of the Hulu home screen.
  2. Click on “Account”.
  3. If you are asked to enter your password, enter it.
  4. On your Account page, go to “Privacy and Settings” on the right.
  5. On the next page, in the “Activity Management” section, check the box next to “Watch History”.
  6. Click the black “Clear Selected” button at the bottom.
  7. This will open a pop-up that confirms your decision. Click “Clear” to complete the process