Whether you want to share your knowledge and ideas with the world or promote your products and services to a global audience, YouTube remains an ideal choice. Not only is it one of the most visited sites on the planet, but users also share YouTube videos across numerous other high-traffic platforms, making it one of the most shared mediums on the internet.

With over 2.3 billion active users, there are plenty of eyeballs for creators of all shapes and sizes. However, in the face of rising competition and saturation across a number of niches, creators are increasingly being compelled to showcase professionalism and up their production quality to stand out.

Fortunately, we live in the golden age of intuitive and simple-to-use video editing tools, with a wide range of presets, templates, and options that make the arduous curve of learning how to edit a video almost unwarranted. 

Even with the abundance of such solutions, it is still necessary to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. More clearly, you need to know what exactly adds the professional touch to videos and improves engagement rates among viewers.

In this article, we take a deep dive into a few inspiring ideas to take your videos to the next level. For example, choosing the right sound stage rental in Los Angeles, which is an important part of any film project, or a Youtube series, without any tedious learning curves or expensive software solutions.

Catchy Titles & Thumbnails

When it comes to views and engagement on YouTube, all that glitters is gold. Videos with catchy thumbnails and clickbaity titles often amass a lion’s share of the total views on the platform, resulting in higher rankings and visibility, which in turn further increases the virality and reach of the video.

Even small variations in a thumbnail often result in substantial improvements in CTRs, so it is recommended to test and track results across a wide range of options before settling with a style or variant that yields the best results.

Remember, your goal should not be about maximizing views, but targeting and reaching the right audience, while building a loyal community of followers. A title and thumbnail approach focused entirely on virality might yield the desired view count, but not necessarily the engagement, and conversion rates.

Production Quality

YouTube is no longer a platform for funny amateur videos. With 1,000s of professional content creators churning out content with the intent of maximizing value to viewers, users have since developed a low tolerance for low quality, amateurish production quality. 

Quality of video, editing, and camera work are known to have an enormous impact on the completion and abandonment rates of videos on YouTube. They also give rise to perceptions in the minds of viewers, regarding the creator, brand, products, or services behind the video in question. 

Rankings, recommendations, and overall positioning of content on YouTube are determined by extensive user behavioral analytics, with engagement, completion, and abandonment rates being key determinants. Delivering professional quality to viewers can help build lasting traction on the platform, something that is likely to aid all future uploads.

Crisp & Crystal Clear Audio

This might seem like a no-brainer, but the number of new videos that still feature substandard and low-quality audio is mind boggling. This is also an opportunity to help gain a significant leg-up against such content, by offering high-quality, crystal clear audio, that is almost music to the ears.

You might say that should have been a part of production quality, but given the significance of audio in making or breaking video traction on YouTube, it deserved a section of its own. 

While shaky, amateurish videos are off-putting, substandard audio can be outright annoying, leaving a long-term impact on your position on the platform. Given the numerous options and solutions available for enhancing audio quality, it is all the more essential to put in the required effort to ensure the audio project’s soundness and professionalism.

Intros & Outros

A key differentiator between professional channels and low-quality ones is the number of effort creators put into hooking viewers at the beginning and converting one-time viewers into loyal subscribers towards the end.

YouTube provides plenty of freedom to showcase your creativity and make the most of the intro and outro space. On an average one-third of viewers on YouTube abandon videos within the first 30 seconds, which makes it all the more crucial to capture their attention at the beginning, and leave them with a memorable experience towards the end.

Like most other aspects of YouTube content creation, there are plenty of templates, toolkits, and themes to help you set up intros and outros effortlessly. With countless designs and levels of customizability, you can have unique hooks for your videos without any design skills, or expensive design tools.

Your intro can have a basic introduction to your channel, and branding, followed by the video topic, and the outro can have call-to-actions, such as asking viewers to subscribe to your channel or follow you on Twitter or Instagram, and more.

Citations & References 

Nothing speaks more to authority and professionalism than placing accurate citations and references within videos to relevant sources. This not only builds your credibility but creates strong signals for both YouTube and Google algorithms to position your videos higher up the search results.

If you are crafting a video essay or a documentary, citations are a must to give credit to the original data sources and information. You can cite a particular research paper, blog post, book, and even another YouTube video, with the uploader’s name and link to the video, creating strong credibility for your own content.

A simple APA style citation should do the trick, with the uploader’s name, link to the source, date, and timestamp in the case of a YouTube video. Some professional YouTubers even cited particular comments on their own or others’ videos, which are often key sources of information, and as a result generate plenty of user engagement.


YouTube presents a tremendous opportunity for millions across the world to create content and share their ideas with the world. 

With the enormous reach given by the platform, creators need to put in the effort to earn the trust and loyalty of viewers. Implementing certain professional best practices mentioned above is a great way to get started.

The YouTube algorithm is wired to reward creators who strive to deliver value to their subscribers, so putting in the work, even if imperfect, in the beginning, is a great way to establish yourself, build credibility and gain traction on the platform.


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