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Sometimes you get the error Couldn’t refresh feed on Instagram, but you do not know how to fix it. In this article, we will first show the reasons for this error, ways to improve it, and ways to prevent Couldn’t refresh feed in the future.

You may have done something by seeing the Couldn’t refresh feed error. For example, restart your phone, uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app, or clear the app cache, but none of the methods will fix the error.

In this case, even the Instagram support system is out of your reach. But the good news is that many people have already encountered the Couldn’t refresh feed error but have been able to fix it. But how do we do that?

Reason for sending error message Couldn’t refresh the feed on Instagram

The main reasons why Instagram shows a Couldn’t refresh feed error could be the use of third-party apps, not setting the device date, and a bug in your phone. Of course, sometimes, if the problem set to the breakdown of Instagram servers, you can check through the browser by entering the Instagram URL address and checking whether this web page is running or not.

Sometimes the Instagram app has a bug and deactivates your account. Action blocked system on Instagram is created for people whose number of likes, friend requests, or comments exceeds a specific time. So their page is limited, so that they can no longer do anything. Sometimes this item is mistakenly activated on your account, and your account becomes inaccessible. So don’t worry, the Couldn’t refresh feed error is likely to be for this reason. You have to wait a few hours for the problem to resolve itself automatically.

Use of bots to increase follower’s likes and comments on Instagram

Use a bot or third-party app to like, comment, or follow on Instagram will arise that error. The social network’s algorithms will quickly detect and block your account, so one of the main reasons for displaying the message Couldn’t refresh the feed, can block your account due to the use of such programs. If you feel you have used these programs in the last 24 hours, get out of the first and delete them all.

Instagram has enacted strict security rules since 2021 to protect its users’ bandwidth and data. Therefore, using third-party applications for any activity, including increasing followers, increasing likes, commenting on other pages, can cause your account to be blocked and display the message Couldn’t refresh the feed. For this reason, we recommend that you do not use this type of program as much as you can to avoid such a problem.

The date and time are wrong

Another reason for displaying the Couldn’t refresh feed error on Instagram could be the problem of not syncing your device’s date and time. So you have to go to your phone settings and set the date and time of the device. By activating the Automatic set, you can receive this option from your country’s time zone to set a more accurate time on the phone.

Instagram servers have problems

Most of the time, the error can be due to the failure of the central Instagram server. There are two ways to look at this.

  1. First, you can enter your Instagram address using the phone browser and see if you receive an error. If you make a mistake, it means that the Instagram server has a problem.
  2. The second method can be done through the Ping tool and write the Instagram address in the box. If the server has a problem, an error is displayed.

Sometimes the couldn’t refresh feed error is due to the slow internet or receiving a weak signal on your phone. To solve the problem, you can connect to the Cellular data Internet via Wi-Fi or vice versa. Using a VPN can probably solve this problem as well.

How to fix “Couldn’t refresh feed” on Instagram

If the method mentioned earlier does not solve the problem of the Couldn’t refresh feed error on Instagram, you can try other methods. There are several different ways, such as waiting for the problem to be fixed, clearing the Instagram app cache, and uninstalling and reinstalling it.

Wait for a while

Many users who have had the problem of Couldn’t refresh feed after leaving the phone for 24 hours and reusing it find that the issue is resolved automatically. So you can leave Instagram alone to solve the problem of Couldn’t refresh the feed.

Log in to Instagram with another device

You can also use another device to log in to your Instagram account. First, use another phone and log in with your Instagram account. If you can solve the problem, you suggest that you either clear the cache of the Instagram app on your phone or delete it and install it from scratch. Of course, clearing the cache is only active on Android phones, and you can not do this on iOS phones.

In this case, deleting the program is also recommended. By uninstalling the app and then going to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you can search for the Instagram name, reinstall it, and log in to your account to fix the Couldn’t refresh feed problem.

Prevent “Couldn’t refresh feed” on Instagram

If your problem persists and you do not want to receive the Couldn’t refresh feed error again in the future, there are ways to prevent it. Of course, if you encounter such a thing because of a bug, these are recommended. Otherwise, you have no choice but to wait if you received a Couldn’t refresh feed error due to Instagram server problems.

Remove third-party applications from your phone.

The first way we suggest is to delete and not use third-party applications. This way, the problems that used to exist for you on Instagram will no longer exist. Robot performance detection algorithms work very powerfully on Instagram. If your account robotically follows others and likes their posts, Instagram will quickly detect and block your account. You may even no longer be able to see your Feed page and encounter the Couldn’t refresh feed error. Therefore, you suggest deleting such applications from your phone. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. First, go to the menu section of your Instagram application.
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Then open Security
  4. From the Data and history section, click on the apps and website option, then click Activate and remove.

If you do not know what kind of application or robot you have installed for your Instagram, you can disable all applications by changing the Password on Instagram. For this purpose, follow the following method:

  1. First, log in to the Instagram application and go to your profile page.
  2. From the top right, click on the three-line icon and open the settings.
  3. From this section, open the Security option and click on the first section, Password
  4. You can enter the previous Password from here and choose a new password.

Constantly update the Instagram app

Many of the problems that arise for Instagram and its users are not updating the app to the latest version. This will cause more problems if a long time has passed. Almost every two weeks, Instagram offers a new update with bug fixes and glitches, so whether you are using Android or iOS phones, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to update the app to solve the problem. Do not eat.

Why does the Feed page not load on Instagram?

If your Instagram feed page does not load properly and the loading icon always remains at the top of the page, it is probably a problem with your internet or phone signal. To solve this problem, you can either change your internet connection to Wi-Fi or use a VPN to see if the issue is resolved. You can also fix the problem by forcing the app to close and then turning the phone off and on. However, these types of errors are still resolved over time.

Does Instagram display a Couldn’t refresh feed error message? In general, what are the ways to eliminate this error?

The Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error occurs on some networks or smartphones when a person wants to refresh the Instagram feed page and see its information.

But many do not know how to fix this error. In this article, we have tried to solve the problem of how Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed and show different ways to prevent it from happening.

Why Does Instagram Can’t Refresh Feed on My Android Device?

Of course, we must first find the problem. Why is the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error displayed? There are many reasons for this, some of which are as follows:

  1. One of the main reasons Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error is the heavy amount of data uploaded. If your WiFi network is bulky and you can not use it, you will have such errors.
  2. If you have not updated the Instagram application, you will probably have this problem.
  3. If you are using a Cellular data internet package, you may encounter an Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error due to the package’s expiration or restrictions on internet usage.
  4. If your device’s date and time are not set, you will see an Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error.
  5. If Instagram detects that you are using a tool or bot to collect likes, comments, and followers, you will probably see this error. Instagram has a series of general rules that if you try to break the rules, you will face various problems and mistakes.
  6. Sometimes, the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed problem was due to an error in the Instagram app data.
  7. Finally, the biggest and most serious problem with the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error is the inaccessibility of Instagram servers and the interruption of operations through the main server.

How To Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh feed?

So far, we have to investigate what caused the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error. From then on, you should look for ways to diagnose and fix the error. For example, how can you tell if the problem is due to a server error on Instagram?

Restarting system

The first and easiest way to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed is to restart your phone or device to see if the problem disappeared. Due to incomplete information from the server, you have to restart your device to fix the error to eliminate the cached data problem.

Delete application cache

The following way to fix the error is to clear the data cache in the Instagram application. This method can quickly solve the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed problem.

If you are constantly using Instagram, you may have a problem due to receiving incomplete information from the cache of the Instagram application, so you must clear the cache to be able to use this software.

Unloading and clearing the Instagram application cache on Android phones is done as follows:

  1. First, go to the settings section of your Android phone
  2. In this section, open the apps option and go to the Instagram section, and then Storage.
  3. In your Instagram storage settings, choose “Clear Cache” and then select “Clear Data.”
  4. On the page that opens, select the Clear cache option and open Clear data.
  5. Click the Force stop button again, and then go to the menu and open the Instagram app.

Internet connection issue

Internet connections can make access to the Instagram feed page accessible. If these connections are faulty, then you could get an Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error.

You must first check what network you are connected to. You can then solve the problem by changing the network type from WiFi to Cellular data or vice versa or using VPN applications.

Double hashtags

Some users have reported that one of the reasons Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error is that they use two hashtags in a row.

In some cases, Double hashtags caused the Instagram system to be coded and displayed a feed page error. So if you have ever done this, it is better to put it aside to solve the problem.

Update Instagram application

Also, another thing that causes a lot of errors on Instagram and feeds errors is that the Instagram application is not updated to the latest version. To solve the problem, you must first go to the Google Play Store and update the program by searching for the name of Instagram and touching the update button to solve the problem.

Logout and Login to Instagram

Another way you can quickly fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed is to log out and then log back into your Instagram account. This way, you can fix many login and homepage errors. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. First, click on your profile icon on the top right of your Instagram home page.
  2. Then click on the hamburger menu.
  3. From this section, find the settings icon, click on it, and select the Log Out option at the bottom.
  4. You will then be taken to the Instagram login page, and you can log in to Instagram again by entering your information.

Uninstall Instagram

Deleting and reinstalling the Instagram app can also help fix the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error. To do this, you can complete the following steps:

  1. First, hold your finger on the Instagram icon through the apps page
  2. Then click on the X option to uninstall the program
  3. Then go to Google Play Store again, search for Instagram and install it.
  4. After installing Instagram, you will be redirected to the login page to enter your username and password

Delete post and comments that makes your account reported

Sometimes, an Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error occurs when you create a specific post or comment that annoys other people and report you. So you can solve the problem by clearing this entity.

To delete a comment, enter the post and open the comments section. From this section, hold your finger on the comment and delete it when the icons are displayed.

To delete a post, you can also find out which post you have a problem within the notifications section and enter it by touching the post so that you can delete the post.

Use Instagram On Another Phone

If you did all the above steps but could not solve the problem, the last resort is to log in to your Instagram account through another system. In this case, if you can solve the problem, it is better to contact the Instagram support system or send them an email with a description of the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed with their account address. The answer will be sent to your email within 3 to 5 days.

You should consider the following methods to report this to support

  1. On the Instagram page, click on the profile icon at the top right.
  2. From this section, click on the hamburger menu at the top right again
  3. Then go to Settings, Help, and Report a problem.
  4. By opening Report a Problem, you can explain your problem that Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed and then send it to them.

Prevent Couldn’t Refresh Feed on Instagram Issue

There are also ways to avoid the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error. You can think of a series of measures and apply them to prevent technical errors on Instagram.

Don’t Change Date & Time of Device

First, do not change the date and time of your device in any way. If you do, be sure to quickly restore it to its original state so that it does not cause any problems for your application.

Third party apps

Avoid apps that behave like robots and help you get likes and followers. These programs will one day make your account completely inaccessible.

It is better not to use any like or follower programs and only try to attract followers by placing regular posts and stories.




Here are some things that could cause an Instagram error that couldn’t refresh the feed. You can also quickly solve this problem with the newer methods mentioned. If you have encountered such a problem, write us about your experiences in the comments section.


Instagram is also one of the other handmade apps in the world, so there are many errors in it. Of course, the Couldn’t refresh feed error on Instagram can be related to any of the things we mentioned in this article, so try to check all the cases step by step to see if your problem is solved and the feed is loaded correctly or No. Please send us your comments.