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Recently, many Instagram users have protested the sudden deletion of their accounts without notice. All of these people are trying to restore their deleted or closed accounts, and some others will be careless without following up on their accounts. In this article, we are going to examine the reasons for deleting and how to restore deleted or closed Instagram accounts. When it comes to Instagram software, we usually think of the problems of logging in to Instagram. Because in our country, many mistakes usually occur in the field of Instagram account and users do not know the reasons for their occurrence. Considering that many users do not know the difference between deleting Instagram (deleting Instagram software) and deleting an Instagram account, we decided to examine the differences between the two in a separate article. If you encounter a violating our terms error in logging in to Instagram or even An Unknown network error has occurred in logging in to Instagram, you should know that either your account has been restricted and you have been fined for your Instagram account or you have a problem connecting to You have internet. Therefore, the errors in entering Instagram are not examined in this article, but the issues related to deleting Instagram are evaluated.

Deleting Instagram is completely different from deleting an account.


What does deleting Instagram mean? The question that many people have is what does deleting Instagram mean? Some people think that when they change their phone, or factory reset their phone, or even when they uninstall and reinstall their Instagram software, their Instagram account is deleted and is no longer available. This is a completely wrong idea because when you create an Instagram account, you are creating an account that you can connect to anytime, anywhere, using any phone or computer. So changing your mobile phone is not a reason to lose your Instagram account.

Even when you have trouble logging in to Instagram and receive certain errors, your Instagram account has not been deleted. Rather, you may have a poor internet connection or be fined by Instagram for violating the rules, which we have introduced you to in previous articles and ways to fix it.

Deleting Instagram has two meanings. One is that you can reinstall the software by uninstalling it. Second, you can delete your Instagram account permanently or temporarily. These two issues are completely different from each other, and we have fully described them in the articles on deleting an Instagram account.

Why did Instagram delete my Instagram page without prior notice?

There are many reasons to delete or deactivate Instagram accounts, for example, long-term inactivity of the account, sending a lot of reports or reports from an account, not violating the rules of Instagram, etc. can be the reasons for this. Unfortunately, some people will encounter the message Your account has been disabled or We’re sorry, something went wrong or username not found when logging in, which could be due to the sudden deletion or deactivation of the Instagram account. In most cases, no prior notice may have been sent to account holders. However, since July 2019, Instagram has changed its policies regarding the deletion and deactivation of user accounts, so that if it detects that someone has violated the terms, conditions, and rules of Instagram, it will warn it with a notification.

It should be noted that many deleted accounts may be the result of many years of efforts by people who suddenly find it lost and will cause inconvenience and dissatisfaction to these users. Many of the owners of these deleted accounts want to contact Instagram, but unfortunately, there will be no official telephone support to answer this, so it will be much more complicated for these people.

How to restore deleted or deactivated Instagram account?

On July 18, 2019, Instagram announced in a statement that if people did not violate Instagram policies and had problems deleting and deactivating their pages, they would be given a chance to reconsider. To do this, you must send your request with a description through the Instagram Help Center. After sending the description, Instagram may ask you for some information, such as some of your photos and even a photo, to which you must respond. Here we will introduce a way to present a problem on the page to Instagram, if you do not get results from this method, you should send a text to Instagram support to read the end of the article.

On Android:

Tap My login info isn’t working on your Instagram login page.

You need to enter the email or mobile number associated with your account, so in the first step, you need to enter the mobile number and tap Confirm.

Also, enter the email in the next step and tap Confirm.

Instagram will immediately send you a 6-digit code to retrieve to your mobile or email, which you must enter on the next page.


On iOS (iPhone):

  • Tap Forgot password on your Instagram login page.
  • This time, tap My login info isn’t working and follow the required instructions.
  • Make sure you enter your email address and mobile number correctly.

Once your report is sent, Instagram will review your request and send you the result via email, which you should follow up on other emails you receive. One way to verify is to send a photo of the account holder who has to write on a handwritten piece of paper that Instagram tells the user to take a good side and take a photo of it and send it to Instagram.

Another way to verify your account is to send the email address or mobile number of the person with whom you logged in, as well as the type of phone used at the time of registration (for example, iPad, Android, iPhone, etc.). Activating the account, a message will be sent as the following text:

  1. Your account has been reactivated, and you should be able to access it now. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any further questions, please visit the Help Center


You may also have previously logged in to an app with your account that you have to cancel access to (that access should be revoked on the Instagram website).