Sometimes Instagram direct messages can be disappeared for no logical reason. Maybe the user you are chatting with has not disabled the account at all, you may not have an internet problem, and you may not have a problem with your phone at all.

Instagram DMs not working

Why my Instagram DMs disappeared?

Your Instagram chat disappeared but not blocked? Yes, it happens for a number of Instagram users. Though, there could be a number of reason for Instagram chat history gone.

Many Instagram users reported that their Instagram DMs not working, and they can’t receive or send any Instagram messages. The main reason why Instagram DMs not working is Instagram down status. So, you should wait for a couple of even hours or days.

If all of your direct messages (DMs) are gone, so it might be an Instagram bug or Instagram is down. If only one conversation or chat is gone, sender has blocked you, deactivated their account, or they unsent the message.

May be Instagram has disabled their account, or it is just a bug. Most of the messages you send on Instagram, even if they are deleted, remain on the platform’s servers for a long time.

You can even send a request for support to Instagram to ask them to return some of the missing messages to you. However, the answer may reach you too late, or the support may not allow you to do so at all.

Main reasons why Instagram DMs not working

If for any reason, your conversations or messages (even messages in the requested part) are deleted, you may have one of the following options:

  1. Instagram is down or is adding some new features
  2. That was a disappearing message (new Instagram feature)
  3. The sender has deleted it in the Direct Message section completely.
  4. The sender has blocked you.
  5. The sender has temporarily deactivated their account.
  6. The message requested by the other person has been moved to your Primary folder because you added them to your list of followers or confirmed messages.
  7. Instagram disabled their account

If your Instagram not showing old messages, it is better first to try to check the problems of the application, including the application cache, its update, and changes in the phone’s IP, and then follow the steps mentioned above to get a better result.

Why my Instagram chat deleted automatically (Check all of these reasons)

Think that you are chatting with an Instagram user and leave the chat for a while. Then when you reopen the app to see whether you have new messages from or not, you’ll find your messages disappeared.  This may happen to all Instagram users. But the question is why an Instagram direct message disappeared? Actually, this may have so many reasons that we will review in the following.

If you are asking yourself”why did my message request disappear?” there are very few answers for you:

  • Instagram is down
  • The other party has unsent their message
  • You have been blocked by the other party
  • The other party has deactivated his/her account
  • You have followed/accepted his/her dm message request and so it has moved to your primary folder

1. Instagram is down (if all messages disappeared)

You can check if Instagram is down through online tools such as . It shows clearly if Instagram not working at the moment. If you could see the down sign (a red chart) is upward, you should wait for couple of hours or days. Then it will be fixed automatically when everything is as usual.

instagram dms not working

2. You are blocked (if only one conversation disappeared)

The main reason why Instagram direct message disappeared is you are blocked by the person you were chatting with. However, this can be true if it happens for one conversation, not all of DMs on Instagram.

This Instagram’s feature helps users protect their privacy whenever they want. When a user blocks another one, Instagram prevents both sides from accessing messages and chats. Therefore, when you are blocked or even you have blocked a person, you cannot see the conversation in your direct messages inbox, which looks logical.

3. The message is unsent by them

If you noticed that one or some of the messages you have received (and not sent) has disappeared, there is a probability that the sender of the messages has unsent them.

This Instagram feature is really useful because you may have sent a DM by mistake. So you can easily delete it before seen. But you can use this feature differently. Imagine that you have sent some messages that you regret sending, and you don’t want to block that person or deactivate your account. Therefore, you can simply unsend your messages to keep your privacy. Moreover, it can be good to mention that you can unsend messages of all times, but there is no way to delete all of them at once.

So, if you notice that all the messages from a person have disappeared and your own messages are still there, and the other person has not blocked you, probably the messages have been unsent by the other user.

4. It is an Instagram disappearing message (new feature)

An amazing Instagram feature is disappearing messages. Disappearing messages are messages that include photos or videoes. As we can understand from its name, it disappears after a while. Actually, when these messages disappear, they are just expired and you can not open the image or video anymore. But remember that you can see that you have received one of them before.

5. Sender deactivated their account (or deleted)

Another reason for Instagram direct message disappeared is that the person that you have chatted with, has deactivated account permanently. When you delete your Instagram account, all the data will be stored in your account. But they will be deleted permanently for other users.

By deactivating, people cannot see your profile, follow or unfollow you, and sent messages to you. But, You can still see Instagram deleted accounts messages. You will not be able to see the profile name, but you can find the conversation with the “Instagrammer” id.

Therefore, if your friend has deactivated their account, you can access their messages but not with their id. So, this means that the messages have not been disappeared, and you can still see them.

If you want to delete your Instagram account permanently, follow this link.

Instagram delete account

6. Your Internet Connection is lost

Weak Internet connections have always been the reason behind unexplainable events.

You may have experienced times when you see a message notification, but there is nothing new on your chatbox.

You can solve this problem by refreshing your page or even changing your location.

If none of these two worked, try using a VPN, this is a common problem in some countries. We decided to update this article with some of the most common questions you guys were having.

Do DMs get deleted for me if I temporarily deactivate and then reactivate my account?

The answer is no, your DM messages won’t be deleted, although you cant have access to them unless you reactivate your account.

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In other words: Your DM’s are safe and will be back as soon as you reactivate your account.

Are Instagram messages deleted forever?

Believe it or not, Instagram keeps your data for a very long time,.this means that even if you delete your DM messages on Instagram, there is still hope to bring them back. You can retrieve Instagram messages in no longer than 48 hours.

Do direct messages disappear after disabling your Instagram account?

You may be wondering if deactivating your Instagram account and reactivating it will delete the direct messages I sent? The answer is no, messages stay the same, but your account is displayed to the person you sent the direct message to as “Instagrammer”. Direct messages will remain in place until you deactivate your account again.


In conclusion, if you find Instagram direct message disappeared, you can check the potential reasons to know what exactly happened. If you can see the conversation and just some of the DMs you have received are disappeared, the other recipient in the chat has deleted messages using the unsending feature.

On the other hand, if you cannot access the conversation and you can’t find the person by search, maybe you are blocked from following them. And finally, if you can see the conversation with “Instagrammer” id, the person you were chatting with has deactivated their account.