Why did my direct messages disappear on Instagram?

Fix Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) Not Working

The Instagram notification is one reason why the user checks the
stories, new posts, direct messages, follow-up requests, new followers,
etc. Therefore, failure to receive Instagram notifications can affect
the number of times an Instagram user checks the Instagram feed.

Instagram is releasing new update on Instagram DM, which can cause some troubles in Direct Message section. You should wait a couple of days, or try these tips to see if you can fix it.

  1. Update the Instagram app
  2. Switch the network on your phone
  3. Use another device
  4. Use Instagram desktop version to send messages
  5. Delete the Instagram app and install it again

Of all the problems that users have reported to Instagram, “Instagram DMs Not Working” is the most common these days for both iOS and Android users.

Instagram has developed a lot since it joined the world of Mark
Zuckerberg and Facebook. Further changes are under development, and we
are now used to using the app to send direct messages, that is, chat and
even make video calls.

Of course, likes, comments, and Direct Messages (DM) are notified on
the smartphone. Such notifications can appear silently on the screen if
you prefer. Still, it may happen that you do not receive any
notifications for direct messages even when they are not muted.

As with other problems related to Instagram and sharing with Facebook
or your company page of the blue social network, due to the absence of
notifications for DMs, it has a solution that you should be able to find
with one of the following procedures.

If Instagram direct messages (DMs) are not working, we will give you some tips to fix it. There may be various reasons for this.

One of the most common problems of Instagram is the direct message problem.

Users who are experiencing this issue complain about not sending messages to users and other members on the followers’ list.

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It originates from the Instagram server error or from the settings of
the mobile device you are using. Or you may have been blocked by the
user you want to send a message to.

In this article, we will examine all possible causes and try to find a solution.

Why Can’t I Send Direct Messages?

  • If you cannot use the message option on Instagram and cannot
    send messages, first check your internet connection. A connection error
    may cause it.
  • The second option is to check whether the person
    you want to send a message to disappeared from your followers’ list or
    not. Because some users only want messages from the people they follow
    to showing up, and they have adjusted their profile settings in this
  • If you don’t see these two options’ problems, the third
    option you need to check is the Instagram server status. Check for a
    general problem. If the problem is only due to you, you should try the
    following recommendations.
Instagram Direct Messages

How to Prevent the DM Problem on Instagram?

Do not always blame Instagram. Sometimes, even the settings of the mobile devices you use may prevent you from sending messages.

For example, you should clean cookies frequently. These cookies may have stopped you from using the applications correctly.

  • When you are having a DM problem on Instagram, close and restart the application.
  • Logout from your account and sign in again.
  • If it still does not recover, delete and reinstall the Instagram application.
  • If your device’s memory is full, it may not accept new data. This can lead to problems with sending and receiving threads.
  • As a last resort, try sending a message with your cellular connection instead of your WiFi connection.
Instagram Direct Messages

FAQs About Instagram Direct Messages

Do my DMs expire on Instagram?

When you send messages using DMs, they don’t disappear and remain visible in the conversation.

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Does Instagram send DMs via E-mail?

you can get or send your DMs via your E-mail. So when you receive a DM,
you’ll get it as an e-mail too, and you can simply respond from there.

Can I recover deleted DMs?

Sadly, there’s no provided method to recover deleted DMs. You can only ask them from the recipient, if they haven’t deleted too.

Advanced Solutions & Conclusion

Have you tried all the solution options we wrote above? Although Instagram Direct messages (DMs) still not working?

Well, we’ll give you a few more options.

If all this is not working, all you have to do is consult the Instagram technical support team:

  • Ask your friends if they have the same problem. So you understand that the problem is only your source.
  • If the person you send a message has blocked you, you cannot send a message to him.
  • If you cannot receive messages, make sure that the message settings are active in Instagram privacy settings.
  • Log in to your Instagram account from a different mobile device and try sending a message.

If you are trying to send an in-group message to a group, the group’s
permissions must be appropriate. Some groups do not allow users to send
messages to the group.

Instagram is the most used social media these days, and many people enjoy spending time on it. Happily, it has been adding new features every other month, but sometimes it makes its users sad by having some bugs. You can read Bugs and Fixes if you want to know how to fix other bugs too.

Many people and businesses are using Instagram for different reasons such as having fun, learning, advertising, marketing, etc. that they don’t expect to face any problem on it.

Unfortunately, Instagram users have noticed that their direct messages have disappeared lately, and they are looking for its reason and also looking for a way to fix it.

Why my Instagram direct messages disappeared?

There are several reasons which might cause a direct message to disappear. You may have experienced the moment that you wanted to check your old Instagram direct messages or when you were in the middle of a chat but suddenly the messages disappeared!

Here are some possible ways that cause Instagram direct messages to be disappeared:

· The person who you are chatting with may have blocked you

One of the reasons that cause direct messages disappear, is blocking. When someone blocks you on Instagram, all the conversation between you will disappear automatically. Also, if someone blocks you on Instagram, you can’t see their account in Search too.

· The person you are chatting with may have unsent the message

Sometimes it would happen that you are chatting with someone and they regret about sending the message, or they may have sent it wrong, so they can easily unsent their messages. You can do the same with someone that you are chatting with too.

· Something may get wrong with your Internet connection

Internet connection problem has always made some problems not only for Instagram users but also for all the social media users. Sometimes I see a message notification on top of cellphone, but when I tap on it, there is nothing to see! Then I have to refresh my Instagram direct message page to see the received messages.

· They might have deactivated their Instagram account

It is not surprising if an Instagram user decides to deactivate their account temporarily or permanently. So that’s another reason for disappearing Instagram direct messages. You won’t see someone’s profile and direct messages if they have deactivated their account.

· They are not in your following list

You would get a direct message from someone who is not following you, and you would get the notification and see the message on your notification bar, but when you check your direct message page, you won’t see the message! Then you should check your “message requests” to see the message. Now you have the choice to “accept” or “decline.”

Note: “accepting” doesn’t mean that you are following them or vice versa. If you tap on the “accept” option, it means that you have accepted to chat with them.

Any of the problem mentioned above is possible if you don’t see direct messages on Instagram. You should just check to know which of them has happened to you. If your direct messages have disappeared because of an internet connection problem or because of the person who is not in your follower list, you still have the chance to read the message, but if the sender has unsent the message or they have deactivated their account, unfortunately, there is no way to see the messages.

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