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Instagram errors are one of the main issues that users of this social network and its application encounter by contacting them and asking for help from the mobile team. In this article, we are going to teach you how to fix the most common Instagram error messages or errors. Stay tuned with Mobile Help. Facebook ID Mara is a collection of unique numbers that are automatically assigned to each Facebook user to identify their profile in the Facebook ecosystem. This Facebook user number or Facebook ID is automatically created after registering for your Facebook account. Facebook ID is especially useful for deploying Facebook social plugins such as Facebook Chart API, fb: admins or collecting Facebook feeds or comments on your website. Using, you can quickly search for your Facebook ID or Facebook user number, provided you know the URL of the Facebook profile or Facebook page of that person or business.

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An introduction to Instagram errors

Instagram errors can be very annoying. Generally, error messages or errors reported by Instagram users are similar. In other words, it can be claimed that the most common Instagram errors include specific cases and a certain number. Previously, in an article entitled “Tutorial for solving common login or login problems with Instagram”, we discussed the common problems that Instagram users encounter while logging in to their account. Also, in the article “Overview of the most common Instagram problems and their solutions”, we reviewed the most common Instagram problems. Restart your phone network settings once. To fix the “Unknown network error occurred” error, restart your phone’s network settings once. This will reset the Internet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth settings. For this purpose:

v  First, go to Android Settings.

v  Go to Network & Internet.

v  Tap the three-dot option at the top of the screen.

v  From the menu that appears, select Network settings reset and reset the settings



Clear data and cache Instagram app

  1. a)Clearing cache and data is one way to resolve an unknown network error. To do this, go to phone settings (Settings) and then select the Apps section.
  2. b)Find Instagram from the list of apps and select it.
  3. c)Finally, select the Clear storage and Clear cache options.
  4. d)Reset date and time

In most cases, resetting the settings for the date and time will solve the problem of An Unknown Network Error that Has Occurred on Instagram. So go to Android settings and then Date & time. Then turn Automatic Date and Time on and off again. Reset date and time for An Unknown Network Error Has Occurred Instagram. To fix the unknown network error, update Instagram to the latest available version. One of the reasons for displaying an unknown error that occurred on Instagram is due to the old version of Instagram installed on your phone. If your Instagram version is old, update it via Google Play on Android or the iOS App Store. We have also included the latest version of this program for download in the “Download Instagram” article.Instagram

Instagram errors

But today we are going to describe the most common error messages or Instagram errors and teach you how to fix or resolve these errors. If you need more information about each of the sections and items described, you can call the mobile support experts for help through the available numbers and ask them for more detailed guidance. Stay tuned with Mobile Help and Tutorial to fix the most common Instagram errors. Problem connecting to Instagram server and failing to log in to account. In some cases, there have been reports of Instagram users failing to log in or log in to their accounts. This error appears when the user enters their account details and password correctly in the login page of the Instagram application and by selecting the “Log In” option with the error under the theme “Sorry, we could not connect to our login server. Please confirm you have an Internet connection and try again in a moment. But what is the reason for the error?

The error is related to the failure of the Instagram application to communicate with its servers. If you encounter this error message while logging in to your Instagram account, it is likely that the phone or tablet you are using is not connected to the Internet or that there is a problem with its Internet service. In order to investigate and fix this problem, we recommend that you check your internet network and make sure it is serviced. Items such as time out, low internet speed, and disconnection can lead to this error. Note that if you use your mobile data and Internet SIM card, networks such as Edge or 3G are not suitable for using Instagram at all.

What is the reason for Error: You can no longer follow people on Instagram?

In order to prevent spam, Instagram does not allow users to follow more than 7,500 users. If the number of followers of your Instagram account reaches 7500, then you will encounter the desired error and you will not be able to follow new users. Unfortunately, there is no solution to this problem and it is not possible to follow more than 7500 people by one user on Instagram. If your number of followers has reached 7500, try to refer to your list of followers and talk to anonymous users from your list of followers so that you can add people you know to this list.


What should I do if my Instagram account is disabled or blocked?

If your Instagram account is deactivated or blocked, when you log in to your account, you will see a message stating that it is blocked or deactivated. This message will contain the word Disabled. The reason for deactivating or blocking your Instagram account is related to violating the rules of this social network. Instagram is extremely sensitive about the aging of its rules and regulations and deactivates or blocks its rules without any warning. Accounts that are disabled by Instagram will not be able to recover. However, for more detailed information about the reason for the blocking of your account, you can contact the Instagram support department via email and report the reason for the blocking of your account.


When I try to download the Instagram app from the Google Play Store, I get the error Device is not Compatible! What is the reason for showing this error?

This error is one of the most common Instagram errors. This error is displayed while trying to download the Instagram app from the Google Play Store for Android devices. In some cases, it has been observed that even when the device is able to support the Instagram application in any way, this error is displayed and prevents users from downloading and installing the Instagram application. According to reports, Google is apparently trying to fix this problem. In some cases, it has been seen that by deleting or clearing the data or the same information of the Google Play Store, it is possible to download and install the Instagram application on phones or tablets with the above shape. In order to delete the Google Play Store data on your device, you must follow the path below:

  1. Go to the Settings section of your Android device.
  2. Select the Applications or Apps option.
  3. Go to the All tab.
  4. Now find the Google Play Store option in the list and select it.
  5. In the new page, touch the Clear Data option and delete or clear the Google Play Store data.

If you need more information about this issue and how to delete the Google Play Store data on your Android device, you can contact mobile experts for help and ask them for more detailed help.


Why can’t I delete a comment posted below my post?

In some cases, the user may attempt to delete a comment from his post and encounter an error message stating that he failed to delete that comment. This error message is also one of the most common Instagram errors. But what is the reason for displaying this error message? The reason for this problem is generally that the comment has already been removed from Instagram servers. This comment is displayed due to being stored in the cache of the Instagram application, but it is actually deleted from your post and the user does not see it. Resetting the Instagram application will solve the problem.

Why do I get an error when I try to post a comment or comment on Instagram?

If you encounter an error or error message while posting a comment on Instagram, we recommend that you update your Instagram app as a first step. If your Instagram app is updated and you still encounter an error while posting a comment, the reason for this is that it can be 4 different things:

  • If you post more than 5 mentions in a comment, you will encounter an error. To find out more about Instagram Mention, read the article “Everything you need to know about tagging and mentioning on Instagram”.
  • You can only add 30 hashtags to each comment. For more information on Instagram hashtags, read the article “What you need to know about places and hashtags on Instagram”.
  • You can not enter the same comment multiple times under one Instagram post.
  • Problems or disruptions to the Internet service connected to it can also lead to your   failure to submit a comment.


Going to the Photomap section (Photo Map) of Instagram, I encounter an error!

Instagram Photomap error is also one of the most common Instagram errors. Older versions of the Instagram app show this error or error message, but newer versions have fixed this error message. Therefore, if you encounter this error while using the Instagram application, be sure to update the Instagram application installed on your device. For more information on Instagram Photomap, read the article “What Instagram Photomap is and how to use it?” The Instagram app has trouble uploading images and sometimes couldn’t refresh feed error! This problem is usually related to the Internet and the ISP you are connected to. Time and August, disconnection and slowing down and slow internet service are some of the things that lead to slowing down the process of uploading Instagram images. However, in some cases, due to the congestion and problems of the main Instagram servers, errors such as Couldn’t Refresh Feed are also displayed.


As you can see, in this article we looked at the most common Instagram error messages. We also provided the solution to deal with these Instagram errors at your service, dear ones. If you need more information about each of the sections and items described, you can call the mobile support experts for help through the available numbers and ask them for more detailed guidance. Here are various reasons such as not sending the verification code to Instagram, Instagram bugs, being blocked by Instagram or being hacked. Instagram may receive these errors many times in different actions. For example, this happens when uploading a photo or video, or when I want to post a story, or even when I want to create a new account. Oh Instagram, and an error may occur when logging in with a new device. For example, a personal computer, or a new cell phone. The second reason may be the Instagram bug itself. So, try these to see if you can fix oops and error that occurred on Instagram. There may also be an authentication issue, and the account needs to be authenticated, but you can not give the verification code via SMS or email. So, you should try to log in to Instagram, it will send you a code and you will enter the code (usually a 6-digit code).