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The Instagram application provides a series of updates to its users every year. But in 2021, it introduced a new update that was accompanied by the addition of many features that are often used for business pages. But with this update, Insta has set new rules for working with this social network and has defined new restrictions in the field of marketing and advertising through it, as well as the management of followers, which we will address in this article. The new Instagram includes the following, which is explained in this article. In addition, ways to overcome some of these limitations that are possible will be explained to you.

With the release of Instagram in 2021, the company that produces this software, which is now run by Facebook, introduced new rules based on the amount of user activity, the number of likes, followers, as well as comments, and new restrictions for using One of the most important restrictions and changes that were made in this version, which was also detrimental to Iranian users, was the insight section of business pages. In general, in the insight section of Instagram, you can view various statistics related to one or a set of your posts and stories in 1-day, 7-day, and 18-month time intervals, as well as all the time along with its various other capabilities. But now and in the new Instagram update, this section has been disabled for Iranian users who are under sanctions, so many Iranian users are dissatisfied with this update.


the important rules that are discussed on Instagram are as follows.


Users should not post advertising comments in other users’ comments

Instagram users should not publish other people’s posts in their name

Copyright law must be observed by users

None of the users have the right to publish immoral comments, posts, and stories, nor do they have the right to publish threatening posts.

Published posts should not promote suicide and the like

You should know that violating any of the above is a violation of Instagram rules. Of course, these may cause your account to be blocked for a week or permanently. Also, based on personal experience and observation, it is believed that Instagram is preventing many cases of abuse by ordinary business users. Therefore, it is felt that the following items on Instagram include publication restrictions. During the new Insta rules in 2021, you may not be able to access some animated gifts and find them in this application.


Of course, in this new update in the stories section, the animated gifs that you have previously used in your stories will be offered to you and will also be available without the use of sanctions breakers. In general, in the Instagram update, strict laws have been created against the countries under sanctions, so that restrict work with this software for Iranian users.

Restrictions on posting on Instagram

You should know that the ceiling of posting on Instagram is completely unlimited. However, if you are constantly posting promotional posts or the content of your post is offensive, your account will likely be blocked or you will not be able to leave it for a certain period. If you have this issue, you can delete some of the posts that you think are the reason for closing your account to remove the restriction on posting on Instagram.



Limits of followers and followers on Instagram per day

Instagram users can only follow 10 people in one hour. Of course, this number is about 200 people to follow in one day. You should also know that if you follow more than 10 people in one hour, for example, you can not follow another person for 24 hours.


Limits on likes on Instagram

The limit of likes on Instagram in its new rules is that you can not like more than 300 posts per hour. Also, the number of your daily likes is about 700 people. If this rule is broken, you can not like another person for up to 24 hours


Hashtag restrictions on Instagram

You can not use more than 30 hashtags in one post. If you use more than 30 hashtags in your Instagram post, your post will eventually be published but no hashtags will be displayed. You should also know that inserting 4 to 6 hashtags in the post is enough.


How to remove the Instagram restriction

You see, in general, there is practically no way to circumvent the new restrictions of Instagram, unless you wait, it may be released in newer versions. Even this software has other strict rules for those who have multiple accounts. It is recommended that you follow these rules so that your account is not blocked. From a personal point of view, these rules are largely intended for bots and spammers. However, if users express themselves a little and do not use these robots, we can probably expect some of these rules to be lifted.


These are the rules for not blocking

Note that the rules of observing the above items as well as the following items are to prevent your Instagram account from being blocked.

  • Complete your account information so that Instagram does not look at you as a robot. In this case, you can leave for more than a day.
  • Do not post incessantly on Instagram, because Instagram usually blocks those who leave incessantly in the medium term.
  • Stop liking and commenting incessantly on other people’s posts and stories, as your account may be blocked.
  • Stop following and unfollowing all the time.
  • Under the new Instagram rules, the use of follower bots, or the use of bots that like or comment on ads, will usually block your account.
  • Do not over-advertise posts and do not leave advertising comments in any way.
  • Also, do not register other posts of Instagram users in your name on your page.


It should be noted that leaving English comments does not unblock the person and he has to wait at least one day to a week. What caught us in the new Instagram update was that Instagram focused on advertising pages and it is better to use this software to advertise and attract customers a little better so as not to get caught up in the strict rules of Instagram and its restrictions.


Limit the number of widow characters of different users of Instagram the  network

Bio is the main part of every person’s account that should be written creatively. People who use Instagram pages for their business should include professional text related to their business topic in the bio section of their account. They can also use hashtags related to their account, which has a great impact on finding the person by other users of this network. As an Instagram user, you are only allowed to use 150 characters on your page widow.


Restriction of users of the Instagram network

As an Instagram user, you can follow 70 other users of this network in a period of 24 hours. If you exceed this limit, your account will be blocked by Instagram for following or unfollowing.

If the user of the Instagram network exceeds any of the mentioned restrictions and does not comply with these limits, it is as if he has violated the rules of Instagram. In other words, these restrictions are Instagram rules that must be observed

The latest restrictions and rules on Instagram

In addition to the above, Instagram has also taken into account advertising restrictions such as weight loss ads and cosmetic surgeries and is always trying to create a physically and mentally healthy environment for its users, and even ads that cause harm to Users will be deleted. If you are an active user or an active follower of the Instagram app, you may encounter a lot of ads during the day and you will be frustrated to see them, you no longer need to worry because the new Instagram policies have made this possible for you. Receive fewer ads for weight loss posts, according to the new rules, ads, and posts related to weight loss drugs will be displayed only to users who are not under 18 years old.

The app has announced that users will see pages and posts that are appropriate for their age, so Instagram has added an option that will allow you to report posts that do not follow the rules to Check and block or delete if necessary.


Violation of Instagram rules

To investigate the requests and complaints of users, a team has been considered that will block or delete the reported pages according to the requests, so Instagram also gives time for users who have been blocked to defend themselves. And be able to restore its blocked or deleted deletion and provide sufficient reasons for the publication of infringing cases or violations of the law. Sometimes violating some Instagram rules will block a person’s account for a day to a week, in which case the person will not be allowed to do any activity, for example:

If the person’s account information is not complete, Instagram will look at his account as a robot and block or block this account. As a result, a person’s account information must be complete and even have a profile picture and bio so as not to be blocked or blocked by Instagram. If a person publishes a post on Instagram in a row, it will be blocked by this network. Instagram identifies accounts that constantly publish posts as spam and blocks these accounts immediately.

In some cases, uninterrupted liking of various photos and videos on this network will cause the account to be blocked. Also, in some cases, following too many other users on the Instagram network causes the account to be blocked because the person’s account is identified by Instagram as a robot and his activity is known as spam activity. Mentioning several people who are not on the list of a person’s followers will cause him to be blocked by Instagram. Also, mentioning a large number of people in the comments of Instagram posts will block his account. In some cases, repeating the comments too much will cause the person to be blocked. Also, in some cases, if a person uses a lot of waves in his comments and publishes comments that have waves without interruption, his account will be blocked or blocked by Instagram.

In some cases, the use of bots that like other posts on behalf of the individual account, other Instagram users follow or comment on various Instagram posts, cause the individual account to be blocked by Instagram. Although Instagram bots will eventually increase the number of followers for a person’s account, if they are used too much, the person’s account will be blocked.

In some cases, if a person posts advertising comments on other users’ Instagram posts, his account will be blocked by Instagram, and if he does too much, his account will be blocked.