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Recently, some Instagram users have encountered the problem of their accounts being logged out or blocked for no reason. This problem of Instagram seems to be widespread and has annoyed many users. In recent days, some users have reported that Instagram has removed them from their account for no reason and they also face problems when logging in again.

Some of these accounts have received an error message stating that their account has been blocked or deleted, while apparently, they have not done anything against the rules of this application. Others have received confirmation messages that they are unable to do so. According to Instagram, these accounts have not been deleted, and the company is aware of users’ problems and is investigating to resolve the issue.

However, if you browse these profiles with another account, you will see the message Sorry, this page is not available, which is usually related to deleted or disabled accounts. Deactivated accounts do not appear to be similar; some are personal pages, some are for business and some may not even have a post! However, it seems that these users are having trouble activating their account and a confirmation SMS will not be sent to them.

So if you are facing this problem, at least for now, you can not do anything to activate your account and you have to wait for the problem to be solved by Instagram. When you encounter the problem of blocking Instagram, a message with the theme This Action was Blocked Instagram or you have been temporarily blocked. It looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast and it means that your account has been blocked. But the length of time it takes you to get out of the block depends on many factors.

Instagram blocks for a day (like following, commenting, etc.), but in some cases it can take more than 24 hours, or even 2 weeks or more. Also leads. People who have work pages on Instagram and do various things such as sales, consulting, services, etc., if their page or pages encounter this problem, they may not be able to do their job well. For example, if all their activities are blocked and they can not follow or like and post comments, they certainly can not do good marketing. So it is very important to solve this problem as soon as possible. So join us fully to investigate the problem of Instagram blocking and offer solutions to fix Instagram blocking.

Instagram block removal steps

When you encounter an Instagram block problem, it means that you are restricted to certain activities and can not perform the desired activity or activities for a certain period of time. For example, if you are restricted from following other pages, you will not be able to follow them for a certain period of time unless you do something to get Instagram off the block. I explain. When you are blocked, you will see an image like the one below. This image tells you that you are blocked for one or more activities.

1. Fix Instagram block with a problem report

One way to get out of the Instagram block is to report a problem. When you are blocked and want to do something, for example, if you are blocked to follow, when you want to follow someone, you will see a warning that you can see in the image below.


Here, Instagram tells you that you have been blocked, and in order to unblock, you can report a problem, that is, you can click on the option shown in the image (Tell Us) to report your problem to Instagram, and through this, you can solve your problem. This is one of the most basic ways to get out of the Instagram block that can get you out of block. But in the following, we will see better and more professional ways.

2. Solve the Instagram block problem using another internet

Another way you can get out of the Instagram block is to use another internet. For example, if you are currently using home internet, this time use mobile internet (data) to log in to your Instagram account. This is one of the ways to get out of the Instagram block, which is likely to get you out of the block. (Answers in some cases)

3. Submit Block Removal Request from Settings (Report a Problem)

In the Instagram settings section, you can enter the Report a Problem section by entering the settings of your Instagram account and registering your request there. For example, you can explain one or more short sentences to Instagram about a problem with your account. This can be very helpful in clearing your block. You can proceed from the following path:

  • First, click on the top three lines on the right;
  • Then click on Settings to enter;
  • Click Help in the settings section;
  • In the Help section, click Report a Problem and then click Report a Problem again to enter the section.

Here you have to type a text about your problem in English and click Submit to report your problem to Instagram. You can use the following sentence for the text you want to write in English. English text to fix Instagram block: «For some reason, my account has been blocked and of course I have tried to follow your rules. Please check this item ». Learning to get out of the Instagram block

4. Inactivity for several hours (24 or 48 hours)

When you are blocked by Instagram, it is better not to be active for a while, that is, do not do any activity in your account. For example, do not follow anyone, do not like a post, do not send a comment to anyone, and in general, do not do anything to maybe leave the Instagram block. Of course, do the things that come in the sections above and later, but do not do things like following, like, comment, and so on, because it will increase the duration of your block.

5. Learn how to get out of the Instagram block by removing the bot access

In the previous sections, I explained the use of the robot to you. When you encounter an Instagram block, if your page is connected to a bot, the first thing you should do is cut off the bot and everything else as soon as possible. Instagram algorithms have become extremely smart and robots should not be used under any circumstances, otherwise, you will be blocked and your blocking time may increase. So when you are blocked, cut off the robot as soon as possible. This can help you unblock.

6. Remove access to applications

If your page is connected to an Instagram app or app, it’s a good idea to cut off access to them as soon as possible. You can do this both through the browser and through the Instagram app.

  1. First, click on the top three lines on the right;
  2. Then click on Settings to enter;
  3. Then click on the Security option;
  4. Then tap Apps and Websites;

If a number was entered in the Active field, log in and disconnect the apps.

Instagram is sensitive to some links. One of these links is the Telegram link, which means that if you put a link to your Telegram account, channel, or group in your profile, it is possible that Instagram will block you or not allow you to do anything. For this career, you must first delete your telegram link, most likely deleting the telegram link will solve your problem. But if your problem still is not solved, report this issue to Instagram from the settings section and Report a Problem section. In my experience, several pages have encountered this problem, and typically, removing the Telegram and other social media links from their profiles fixes the problem, and if you have a problem, be sure to check it out. Of course, apart from the telegram.

8. Sign out on all devices

Another way to unblock Instagram, which in some cases is suggested, is to log out of the account on all devices. This means that if you have logged in to your Instagram on your laptop or computer, log out. If you have logged in to Instagram on other devices, sign out of your account on all devices. Then you only log in with your mobile phone and a fixed IP. Doing so will most likely fix your blockchain problem.

9. Change page password and log out and then log in (in-app and browser) [High Impact]

One of the newest ways to get out of the Instagram block, and it happens to have a big impact, is for you to change your account password, then log out of your account, and then sign in again. Doing so will most likely solve your blockchain problem. But let’s see how you can change the page password in Instagram app and browser. Of course, it is important to note that changing the password through the browser, in many cases, will remove the block.

  • First, change the password in the Instagram application:
  • First, click on the top three lines on the right;
  • Then click on Settings to enter;
  • Enter Security from Setting;
  • In the Security section, click on Password;

In the Password field, enter your current password in the Current Password field, select a new password in the New Password field, and finally enter your new password again in the New Password again field. This will change your password. (If you have trouble changing your page password, you can see the post on how to change and recover your Instagram password.). Change browser password:

  1. First, open the Instagram site through a browser;
  2. Enter your information and log in to your account;
  • Log in to your profile and then click on the settings (gear icon);
  1. Then click on Change Password and change your password in the next section.
  2. Change the page password to exit the Instagram block

10. Fix Instagram block by deleting some posts

Another thing to do is to check if you have published copyrighted posts on your page. If these posts are still on your page and you have not deleted them, it is best to remove those posts from your page as soon as possible, as doing so will likely delete your account.

11. Connect Instagram to Facebook account

Another great way to get out of the Instagram block is to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account. This is usually done to prove to Instagram that you are a real person and not a robot. This will often help unblock your page. Of course, apart from Facebook, Instagram can also be connected to other social networks. You can connect your Instagram to one of the social networks (preferably Facebook) from the following path.

  • First, click on the top three lines on the right;
  • Then click on Settings to enter;
  • Then enter the Account section;
  • Click on Linked Accounts here and connect your Instagram to one of the social networks. Of course, you must be already registered on the same social network to which you want to connect your account.
  • Connect the page to Facebook to fix the insta block

12. Change or complete bio and profile information

In some cases, it is said that if you change the bio information or complete it if your profile is incomplete, you are likely to leave the block. For example, if you did not select a photo for your profile, try to insert an image, or if your bio page is empty and you do not include anything in it, try to write information about your work. By doing this, Instagram realizes that you are real.

13. Register or change your email information and contact number

When you want to register on Instagram, you need to enter a contact number or email so that you can use it in case of need (such as forgetting your password). Of course, you can also add or change them from the Edit Profile section. Registering or changing your information, including email or contact number, can help unblock Instagram. If you have already registered only one of these two, for example, your email, try adding the contact number now and vice versa. Of course, if you have already registered both, you can now change one of them, for example, your email. Follow the path below to change or add an email or contact number.

  • Log in to your profile;
  • Click Edit Profile;
  • Click on Personal Information Settings;

In this section, you must enter your email in the E-mail Address field and in the Phone Number field. Of course, you can also enter your gender and date of birth in this section.

14. Change account type (from personal to business or vice versa)

Another way to exit the Instagram block is to change the type of account. So if you have a business account, change it to another type now and vice versa. This works in some cases and may block the problem. Note, however, that if your account is currently a business or creator, changing it may delete the Insights post information. However, you can do this from the following path.

  • First, click on the top three lines on the right;
  • Then click on Settings to enter;
  • Then click on the Account option;
  • At the bottom, you can click the Switch to (account type) option.
  • Change Instagram account to log out of Instagram ‌

15. Login with another phone or computer (too much impact)

One of the solutions that we recently tried to remove the block on Instagram and it was successful, is to log in to the account on another mobile phone. It is possible that Instagram has restricted your account only on this phone and you can not log in to your account or do many things. But with another mobile phone, it is possible that this limitation does not exist. It has been recommended to several people to remove the restrictions of Instagram, and in most cases, it works. I also told the reason. Instagram sometimes blocks the IP of a mobile phone, in which case the page is limited to the same mobile phone. But when you log in with another mobile or computer (another device), it is likely that your Instagram account will be blocked. So be sure to test this.

Types of Instagram blocks (in terms of duration)

Instagram has various blocks for abusive users. Some of these blocks take too long and some will go away after a few hours. In general, we can consider 3 modes for Instagram blocks.

First case: blocking the page with a specific date (dated)

In the Instagram history block, your account will be blocked, and in the block alert display, it will tell you that you will leave the block on a specific date. Note that in this case, there is no way out of the Instagram block and you have to wait until then. But note that one day after the date that Instagram shows you, you will leave the block. For example, if Instagram has set a date of 5-12-12 to remove your block, it means that you will leave the block on 6-12-2020. More importantly, due to our time difference to European countries, you will leave the Instagram block a few hours after the next day. For example, in the example above, if your block removal date is 5-12-2020, you will leave the block at approximately 10:00 AM on 12-12-2020. This is a topic that many friends confuse and we get a lot of questions about it.

Case 2: Block without expiration date (temporary)

In some cases, the block is temporary, and after 24 hours or less, the account is removed from the block when Instagram blocks an account. In this case, no date is specified, but usually the reason for the temporary blocks is due to a lot of activity (for example, follow-up) in a short period of time.

Case 3: Block without expiration date (from one day to more than 2 weeks)

The third type of block is such that, as in the above case, a date for fixing it is not specified, but after 24 hours the problem is not solved, ie it is not temporary. This type of block used to last up to 2 weeks, but now in some cases, it takes more than 2 weeks. It is very annoying for the violations of Instagram rules such as posting inappropriate content

How to fix “Confirm It’s you to Login” on Instagram?

Some users will encounter the following error message when logging in to Instagram:

First you have to check the I’m not a robot option. In these cases, Instagram usually shows you a few images and asks you to select images that contain a specific object (such as a bicycle, boat, traffic lights, etc.). After selecting the images and pressing the Verify button, you can go to the next step by pressing the Next button at the bottom of the page.

Now Instagram will ask you for your phone number or email address. By entering them and pressing the Send Confirmation button, a code will be sent to you that you must enter in the next step. If the code is not sent after a few minutes, tap Get a new Code. After receiving and entering the Submit code, press. If you follow all the steps correctly, you will be redirected to the login page and you will have access to your account.

If you do not see the image, there is probably a problem with filtering and sanctions. You should try to circumvent the embargo and change the IP. Note that it is better to disconnect the filter breaker or similar tools after going through the steps and fixing the problem.

What is the reason for deactivating the Instagram account?

There may be several reasons for deactivating your Instagram account. One of the reasons for using Instagram with a filter breaker is especially free. Free crackers change your IP address and location as you use them. In this way, Instagram assumes that several people from different countries have access to your account and deactivates it. Try to avoid using filter breakers, especially free ones, as much as possible.