Imagine, you were visiting aprofile on a daily basis, and suddenly one day when you visit it, you will face “User not found” pop up. You will check the direct messages, but you can see it. What has happened?

Here I will tell you all the scenarios that might happened to user not found message on Instagram.

1. They have blocked you

Most common reason why you see user not found is that the person has blocked you. However, there are some other signs you should check before making sure that they blocked you. we have a separate blog to know if someone blocked you on Instagram.

2. They have deactivated their account

If you still could see a direct message with the name of “Instagramer” it means they have deactivated their account.

One main difference between getting blocked and deactivated account is that in the blocking case direct message will disappear. but if they deactivate their account, you still can see the direct message in most cases.

3. Instagram suspended their account

these days, Instagram suspend a number of accounts because of their suspicious activity. So, you can contact the person via other social network, to make sure if their account is suspended by Instagram.

4. they have permanently deleted their account

If someone request Instagram to delete their account, you no longer will be able to see their profile.

5. They change the username

If someone change their username on Instagram, and you go to their profile using direct messages, or caches stored in the search bar you will see user not found.