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Watching videos uploaded to Instagram is an integral part of our use of this popular app. However, some users have problems in this area, and after a few seconds, the video stops playing, or they may not be able to watch another movie. If you have encountered such a problem, stay with us until the end of the article. We will teach you how to fix the problem of playing and not opening the video on Instagram.


How to Fix Instagram Video Won’t Play?

Instagram will automatically play the videos you open for you and there should be no particular problem in this regard. But for some users of this program, video playback stops and a circle appears to reload the video, and touching it will not affect the replay, and you may have trouble showing other videos. We will review the methods that exist to solve this problem.


Reasons for not showing and problem playing video on Instagram

First, it is better to take a look at why the movie is not downloaded on Instagram. Instagram itself has announced the problem of non-distribution for various reasons, some phones such as older models such as Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3 and even newer models such as HTC 10, Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge, Galaxy S8, Note 8 can also be seen. But there are 5 main reasons for not posting a video on Instagram:


  • Poor internet connection, this problem is more common when using SIM card data and you need good internet.
  • Activation of saving-energy mode, if Power Saving is enabled on phones, the possibility of automatic playback on Instagram will be disabled and there may be problems in this regard.
  • Instagram is not updated, you are using older versions of the Instagram application or the original files of the application are damaged.
  • Deleting the video is deleted before the movie owner can watch it, and you can no longer see it.
  • Lack of memory, there must be enough space on your phone to play video.

If you can not upload the video, we suggest you read the article 16 ways to solve the problem of sending and not uploading videos and photos on Instagram.


How to solve the problem of not playing video on Instagram

First of all, we suggest that you restart your phone once. Your problem is likely to be solved simply and in a matter of minutes. Disable energy saving for the problem of not sharing the video on Instagram .You should also disable Power Saving Mode for the reasons why the movie was not downloaded on Instagram. On Android 6 and older, go to phone settings and select Battery. Now touch the Battery Saver. You need to turn off the Battery Saver button. If you are using Android 7 and newer, go to phone settings and tap Device Maintenance. Now select Battery and then Performance Mode. Touch High performance / Entertainment among the options shown. After doing this, close Instagram and open it again.

Check your internet. Try to change your location to get more signals. It is best to open a website with your browser to make sure your internet connection is secure. The stronger and faster your internet is, the better and smoother the videos will be.


Create enough free memory on the phone

As we mentioned due to the lack of video playback on Instagram, you need free memory to play the video. If your phone’s internal storage is full, you need to free up space. Also, if your video was deleted due to copyright law, what is the reading of Instagram copyright law? Resolving the copyright error on Instagram will be practical and useful for you.


Clear Instagram cache for the problem of stopping video on Instagram

Your Instagram cache may be bulky and you may have trouble using the app. At this time, if your problem is still not solved, it is better to clear the Instagram cache. This problem can also be done for iPhone users in Settings> General> iPhone Storage and selecting Instagram and touching the Offload App. By deleting Instagram cache and data, you can also solve the problem by entering your mobile settings, then entering the Instagram application in the Apps section. In this section, several options solve the problem by selecting clear cache and clear data. Note also that this will clear the Sign In information and Instagramand you will have to re-enter your account to log in to Instagram. Therefore, it is recommended to check the volume of program information and delete it if it takes up a lot of space.



Disable auto-play movie mode on Instagram

If you use the Wi-Fi internet, this method can not be done for you, but if you use SIM card data, open Instagram and go to Settings or Options. Then select Cellular Data Use and disable Useless Data. This will play the video automatically. The problem of stopping the video on your Instagram will probably be solved. Try to update your program. If this does not fix the problem, then completely uninstall the program and reinstall it after updating. First, remove the application completely from your phone. Then download and install the latest update provided. Reset phone network settings to fix video playback problems on Instagram. Since the problem of playing Instagram videos can be due to a problem in the network, it is better to reset the network settings. Note that this will delete your network information such as Wi-Fi settings, SIM card data, etc.  To do this on the iPhone, go to Settings, General, and then the Reset section. Now select Reset Network Settings and you must enter your password. In order to detect that your account has been blocked, an email will be sent to you from the program to block and not log in to the account, which can be resolved through the support section, in which case your account will be restarted and fixed video playback issue. There is another way that your public account can be blocked, you can not open movies and videos with Wi-Fi and phone Internet. In these cases, open and upload your videos using IP changer programs.


Reset phone network settings to fix video playback problem on Instagram

In Android, go to settings and Backup and reset. Touch Reset network and in the message shown, tap Reset. Of course, in phones with low Android, this option may not be available and you will only be able to factory reset.


Use the web version of Instagram

If you need a quick solution to watch a video or need another tool until the problem is resolved, we suggest using the web version of Instagram on your phone. All you have to do is go to the Instagram website and enter your password and password, log in to your account and watch the desired video. In the end, if you have a problem with your Instagram story, read the tutorial on 9 ways to solve the problem of your Instagram story: do not upload photos and videos, turn black, and so on.

Turning on the internet of other apps is the reason why videos or videos are not played on Instagram

If you work to play video on Instagram using a weak Internet or several networks are connected to one Internet, it is not possible to upload videos and videos in this situation. If you log in with your phone, try again by disconnecting other devices connected to the phone, and make sure your mobile data internet connection is not exhausted. By reviewing these options, you can play and watch Instagram videos or videos.

High time and volume of video on Instagram, the reason for not playing the video or video on Instagram

When uploading and playing movies and videos, if the time and volume of the video are high, the movie playback will be difficult. In this case, by downloading software to reduce the size and size of the video file and reduce its time to less than 60 seconds, you can solve the problem of not playing the video on Instagram.