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Smartphone users sometimes face problems for no apparent reason. For example, not ringing the iPhone is one of these problems. In this case, your Apple phone will not ring when you receive a call. Obviously, when this happens again, imagine that your iPhone is broken and needs to be repaired. Of course, sometimes you may need specialized Apple phone repairs; but there are usually other reasons for this that can be easily addressed. In the following, we will examine the reasons why the iPhone did not ring. We also help you solve this problem so that you do not encounter any problems when calling. If you need more guidance in this regard, the iPhone’s mobile repair team will be at your service.


Reasons why iPhone does not ring

Automatic iPhone mute

One of the reasons the iPhone does not ring is that the device automatically mutes. This problem sometimes occurs during the game and the sound of the phone is cut off automatically. Actions such as turning the phone on and off, turning up the volume using the volume button, modifying the volume settings, and in some cases hardware repairs fix the problem. It is expected that after fixing the problem of iPhone auto-mute, Apple mobile phone will not be fixed.

Do Not Disturb activation

One of the factors that causes the iPhone to be muted during a call is the Do Not Disturb feature being enabled. Do not disturb the feature on the iPhone is easily activated by dragging the control center from the bottom of the screen to the top. Many users do not notice the activation of this feature and worry when their phone does not ring. This option is in the shape of the moon and activating it means that you do not want anyone to disturb you. In this case, only alarms or alarms that you have activated manually for a certain time will sound.

Low phone volume

Another reason that the iPhone does not ring, which users are usually unaware of, is the low volume of the phone. You may have been alert and pressed the volume key. In this case, the ringing sound will be reduced or cut off and your phone will not ring when called. So before doing anything, check the volume of the phone.

Ringer Switch enabled

Activating the Ringer Switch can also mute your Apple mobile phone. If this feature is enabled and vibration is disabled, the iPhone will not ring.

Airplane Mode is active

Sometimes the reason the iPhone does not ring is that Airplane Mode is active. When flight mode is activated, the SIM card will be unavailable and no calls will be made at all. To check this issue, you can use the iPhone Center Control or go to Setting.

Ringer / Silent button

Apple phones have a proprietary button known as the Ringer / Silent key. With this button, users can set the phone to silent mode very quickly and easily. When this button is activated, your phone uses very little vibration for notifications. It is possible to disable this vibration by going to Setting> Sounds and disabling Vibrate on Silent. In this case, you will face the problem of not ringing the iPhone. Therefore, we recommend that you check the settings in this section if your Apple phone does not ring. Also make sure you do not accidentally press the Ringer / Silent button.

Fixed the problem of Apple iPhone for not ringing

There are several methods that can be used to solve the problem of iPhone not ringing. Check the Mute key, check and turn off the Do Not Disturb option, modify the phone’s volume settings, turn off iPhone Bluetooth, clean speakers and speakers, force restart Apple Mobile, update the iOS operating system, reset the settings to factory mode And hardware repairs are the most important way to solve this problem. If the problem persists, it is best to seek the help of a mobile repair specialist at an authorized Apple dealer for specialized Apple iPhone repairs.

Set iPhone ringtone

A very effective way to solve the problem of iPhone not ringing is to set the device ringtone. To do this, go to the Settings menu and select the Sounds section. In the Vibrate section, you can enable or disable the vibrate and silent mode as needed. In this way, the problem is solved and you determine if the phone rings or when it is silent or vibrating.

Apple Mobile Dealer

Apple Mobile Dealership in Iran Hardware Center is a specialized department that works in the field of sales, repairs and after-sales service of this product. As you know, Apple phones have many fans in our country and its users always need some specialized services. The high number of users of this product prompted the management of the Apple dealership to dedicate a separate unit to its sale and repair.

The authorized iPhone dealer is at the service of the users of this product with all its specialized power and equipment in order to provide quality services and exempt these loved ones from visiting several service centers. The technical staff of the sales and repair units of this center are people who have gained years of experience in their field of work. This issue has also significantly improved the quality of Apple mobile dealership services.

It’s possible that your phone is “stuck” in a mode playing the ringtone, but it’s sending it to a device that isn’t connected, like a Bluetooth device that isn’t turned on.

Here are a few things to “wake up” your iPhone’s audio working properly:

  • Remove air pods again to coax the phone into recognizing there are no air pods plugged in.
  • Make sure you’re not connected to another audio device to display the Control Center. Then tap the Airplay icon in the music pane – it looks like a triangle with three circles – and choose the iPhone.
  • Enable and disable Airplane by airplane icon.