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Jason Nash is an American comedian, actor, and writer with a net worth more than $1 million in 2022. He was born in Boston; Massachusetts and he has created the web series of “Jason Nash is Married”.

He was born in May 23, 1973 and at the time of this writing he is 49 years old. His height is 180 cm, and he has two children.

He was an actor in “Jason Nash is Married”. A man under dept meets a criminal character, which leads to a real understanding of marriage.

Jason Nash House

A couple of years ago, Jason Nash bought a house in the hills of Studio City with a worth of 1.33 million, which was built in 1940. He renewed that home; it has mountain views. Inside, some 1,400 square feet of living space includes two bedrooms, three bathrooms, an updated kitchen and a family room.

Jason Nash and David Debrik

In 2016, he appeared in David Dobrik vlogs as a member of “The Vlog Squad”, and later on he started his own YouTube channel.

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