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One of the unique features of Discord is that you can use bots on it. Each bot has its capabilities and features by which you can activate a series of processes. Although there are many bots on the Internet for Discord, where can we find the best one?

In this article, we will review one of the best discord bots called MEE6 with all its commands so that you can use it easily.

MEE6 Discord bot commands

Discord MEE6 bot commands are divided into three main sections.

  1. Moderation
  2. Leveling
  3. Music

Moderation commands list

We have prepared all the Moderation commands for the MEE6 Discord bot in a table for you. You can perform bot management through the following commands:

!banBans a user from the server.
!tempbanTemporarily bans a user from the server.
!clearDelete a channel’s messages.
!infractionsDisplays a user’s infractions.
!kickKicks a user from the server.
!muteServer-mutes a user.
!tempmuteTemporarily server-mutes a user.
!role-infoGet information about a particular role.
!server-infoGet information about the current server.
!slowmodeEnables or Disables slowmode in a channel.
!unbanUnbans a user from the server.
!unmuteUnmutes a user.
!user-infoGet information about a particular user.
!warnWarns a user.

MEE6 Leveling commands list

The following commands are for checking and managing the server and rewards and XP points awarded to each user based on the level. These commands can do complete management for the levels on the Discord.

In general, MEE6 grading commands should be enabled via the dashboard and grading settings from this section.


Music commands list

MEE6 music commands are also very diverse, and you can also manage music playback through the server. The controls are listed below.

!playStart playing from the queue.
!searchSearch for a song.
!recordRecord the current conversation on a voice channel.
!seekJump to a specific moment in the song.
!volumeChanges the volume of the song up to 200%.
!addAdd a song to the queue.
!queueList the songs in the queue.
!clear-queueRemove every song from the queue.
!skipSkip to the next song in the queue.
!vote-skip:Starts a vote to skip to the next song in the queue.
!joinMake the bot join your voice channel.
!leaveMake the bot leave your voice channel.
!stopStop the current song.
!start-quizStart a music quiz with your friends.
!stop-quizStops the current music quiz.
!stop-recordingStop the recording and get the link to the audio file.

How to build a custom command code in MEE6

To create custom commands on the MEE6 bot, a series of functions do this for you by default with just a few simple steps.

  1. First, go to the MEE6 website and enter its dashboard with your user information and click on the Custom Commands option on the main page.
  • MEE6 dashboard will show you three different command types that you can choose as the main category of your custom-built default command.
  • Text commands create a series based on receiving a text in a direct message or a public network.
  • Auto Role, this type of command allows users to get a role based on their capabilities and decision. However, these commands are for the paid version of the MEE6 bot and are not available in the free version.
  • Advanced uses for any advanced command can combine roles or send multiple messages to a direct message or public page. This feature is also provided for the paid version of the MEE6 bot.
  • Next, we select the Text Command option and enter the next step.
  • This section provides a page through which the desired commands can be created based on a series of input strings. We must first choose a name for our control at the top of the page.
  • Next, we need to add an action to this command to teach the bot how to react if they receive a specific text. By selecting the blue add action button, you can add different types of commands to this bot.
  • If you enable the Random option, you can randomly ask the bot to show different answers to the user. You can write these answers separately in each line so that the bot can select and display one of them.
  • Then we go to the command description section, accepted roles, and accepted channels. In this section, you can categorize users or pages in the MEE6 bot and enter their names in this list for each one that you do not want messages to be displayed.
  • Finally, we have the cooldown option, which provides a kind of rest interval for the bot to respond to users so that the server does not have problems in this regard and does not suffer from flooding attacks. You can also consider the commands as respond-only so that users can not reply to these replies.
  • You can click the blue Add button to add your command to the bot when everything is done.


Using the Discord MEE6 bot is very simple. If you have a channel in Discord and you want to reply to the direct messages automatically, you can use the commands of this bot. The method was straightforward, and you can quickly implement it by reading the article.