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In most cases, it is not difficult to figure out why your switch does not turn on. If your Nintendo Switch does not turn on, the battery may need a long charge and you will need to plug it in for an hour or more. If your switch stops abruptly, it may be frozen, which you can fix by quickly resetting it. By resetting the hardware on the Nintendo Switch, no saved data will be deleted.

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So your favorite Nintendo Switch will not turn on? Don’t worry, there are several reasons why your Nintendo Switch may not turn on, and most of them are not serious. Here’s how to quickly troubleshoot a Nintendo Switch that does not start.


How to repair a Nintendo Switch that does not turn on

Let it charge

In most cases, when a switch refuses to turn on, you can drain it to a battery. This is especially true if it has been a long time since its last charge – over time, it may have lost even its remaining charge.

Place it on your dock or plug in the charging cable directly and wait at least an hour for it to recharge. The switch will work soon and will be fully charged in about three hours.

Do a hard reset

If your switch does not respond even after a proper charging session, or if you can see dim light from a blank screen, it is time to force-shut down instead. Don’t worry, your saved data will not be lost.

To turn off the switch manually:

1. Hold the small circular power button at the top of the switch for 15 seconds.

2. Release it and wait a few more seconds.

3. Press the power button normally.

Problem: Perhaps the biggest problem with electronics in the 21st century is turning devices off.

The Nintendo Switch is no exception. When a software does not work properly or your device hangs and you have to reset your device, the button does not respond and the device does not turn off.

Solution: Whenever you feel the need to turn your switch off, first of all put it in portable mode. Remove the controllers and remove it from the housing. Then press the power button for twelve seconds to turn off the device. Nintendo then recommends that you remove the game cartridges or microSD cards before turning on the device and make sure the system firmware is up to date. Do not worry if the software switch does not come up quickly after turning the device on and off.

Even after a hard reset, you have to wait for problems, regrouping and other issues. The console itself may fail and you may have to return it to the company for repairs or return it altogether.


Problem: The Nintendo Switch battery only lasts for two and a half hours and then shuts down. This may not be a problem for you when you take the subway from work to home, but if you are in a car, plane, or other place for a long time, you should find a replacement for your battery or charge it.

While it makes sense to use the same portable battery that you use for your phone and tablet for the switch, you can see that this device does not work with a portable battery. The good news is that neither the switch nor the battery will be damaged. The bad news is that you have trouble charging your device where it is not possible.

Solution: USB-switch connection is not just for fast data transfer when connected to a TV. This port also allows you to use the 15.0 / 2.6A charger. This is a feature for which weaker battery packs are not designed.

In short, the options available to you for power banks and portable batteries with the right output to keep the switch on are very limited. There is a lot of debate about which battery packs can charge the switch. But everyone agrees that without a non-socket source, charging is very slow.

The Nintendo Switch has been switched off or frozen

The most common reason is that the switch does not turn off a discharged battery that can simply allow it to be lifted close enough to be able to return to normal. However, if your switch has been in the pool for a long time and still does not turn on, it may remain suspended on a black or frozen screen.

You can hard reset the Nintendo Switch by holding down the Power Button for 12 seconds. If the screen is dark, you may want to hold it for at least 20 seconds to make sure. Wait a few seconds after turning on the power button to turn on the switch, then press the on / off button again to turn it on again. (The last step is to forget that the switch is frozen with a dark screen. We hold down the reset button and then wait for life to forget that we just turned it off.)

The Nintendo Switch does not win

One of the problems people encounter with the switch is the inability to charge through a battery. The switch can handle more voltage than some battery packs, so using a battery pack may not charge your smartphone or tablet well enough. You also want to make sure you are using a USB-C to USB charger cable. Some battery packs can generate enough power, but without the right cable, the switch will not charge enough.

If you have trouble charging your Nintendo switch at home, make sure you charge it through an AC adapter, not with a USB cable connected to a computer. This may work for your smartphone, but it does not work for the switch. If you use an AC adapter and do not charge the switch, charge it using a different outlet from another room. If this does not work, try the hard reset described above to see if there is a problem with your console. If both fail, you may need a new AC adapter for the dock.