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One of the professional tools for checking the hardware compatibility of a PC is PCPartPicker. With this program, you can easily find out if the components of a desktop or laptop are fully compatible or not.

Of course, there is a question about this application. Can this program detect any hardware? How to diagnose capacity and memory problems from this application? Is RAM compatibility checked in this program?

once you work with PcPartPicker, you will find that it is a handy tool that you first name the hardware or automatically let the program check and then show you the problems. But how is this done?

Of course, if you are a computer startup professional, you will use this software. The reason for this use is also due to the very high sensitivity. Suppose you want to run a powerful system with the highest CPU and graphics card performance, so you need to know which hardware can work better together.

we are not going to question the excellent history of PCPartPicker developers. Still, there are several essential questions about this program that everyone should know the answer to make better use of the application. So take a look to get this issue.

How Reliable is the PCPartPicker Compatibility Checker?

PCPartPicker is undoubtedly one of the best and most trusted applications for checking the compatibility of components of a system.

But in reality, nothing is 100% certain, and you have to check all the parts manually after the necessary checks. However, even if you have PCPartPicker, you have to be a little self-reliant and take a general look at the compatibility of the components and the structural and architectural information of each.

If you are setting up a computer system for the first time, it is better to search on social networks or websites such as YouTube and Google to find out which components can be fully compatible with each other.

Also, some checks are not possible through the PCPartPicker application. For example, you can not check the amount of physical space to place parts through this program or even the amount of good RAM you need to know in advance.


Although very professional applications are provided to users to check the hardware of a system and troubleshoot it, to gain more experience, be sure to read the different hardware information or follow the experiences of others in the forums. Install a desktop or upgrade your laptop to find out more about yourself. Have you ever worked with PCPartPicker?