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Being ‘busy’ on PlayStation Network could mean a few different things

Since you can now buy PlayStation games directly from the source, purchasing games for your PlayStation has never been easier. Games can be downloaded directly from the PlayStation Network, friends can play online, and content can be streamed. It’s the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Your PlayStation home screen may display a message saying the PlayStation Network is “busy” and to try again later if you’re unlucky. But what does that mean?

When the PlayStation Network is busy, what does that mean?

PlayStation users (and Xbox gamers, possibly), are now unable to use any of the online features available even though their games are already installed. Therefore, you’re unable to play online, keep up with your favorite games you can’t do anything that requires an internet connection.

PlayStation tends to remain silent about why this occurs. In the past, PlayStation has been quick to let fans know when things like maintenance will take place, so unless you see such a message from them, you can assume that the network being busy isn’t the plan.

Over 40,000 PlayStation users, as well as Steam store customers, were affected by a widespread internet outage on Thursday, July 22, 2021. It was not just video game fans who were affected – multiple bank websites, the New York Metro Transportation Authority, and even some 911 emergency systems were affected. As a result, PlayStation Network service was restored before too long – and if you see the “PlayStation Network is busy” sign, chances are you won’t have to wait too long.

You, the player, could be responsible for the network being down.

PlayStation isn’t responsible for everything that goes wrong with the Network. Many people believe that they get the busy signal when there are too many people attempting to use it at once. Too many people using the service at the same time can overwhelm the servers, which then crash and shut everyone out at once.

This may not be a good enough excuse for some. PlayStation has been pretty popular over the years, so it’s not like we don’t know that. They could provide enough bandwidth to manage the number of players if this is the cause of the network being busy. Preordering for the PS5 was a mess, and no one wants to do that again. PS5s have still not been available to those who want them since they launched in late 2020.

Having the PlayStation Network down isn’t common, so let’s keep that in mind. Even this last time it happened, the interruption only lasted about an hour. The fact that it took place during the middle of the week and not on a Friday afternoon or during the weekend probably didn’t make the incident as big of a deal as it may have been.

Sometimes, a downed network is more an issue with the player than with the network itself. As a gamer, you must ensure that your internet connection is secure and meets your needs. Consider if you are actively using any of the other devices in your home that are also using the same Wi-Fi. Using a network with a lot of devices on it can cause overcrowding, slowing down your connection as well.

The PlayStation website has a page that allows users to check the network’s status. This gives them information about what is currently working, scheduled maintenance, and more. The information is also available directly from the consoles in the Network tab under Settings.

Users should follow these steps to resolve the “PlayStation Network is currently busy” error:

The PlayStation Network service status can be checked.

  • Users can access the Network Service Status website to find out which services are experiencing problems. The PlayStation Store, PlayStation Now, and PlayStation Video are all part of the account management options.

Make sure your internet connection is working.

  • It’s time to check your internet connection if the Network Service Status website does not show any problems. Try checking any other devices connected to your internet connection.

Your system needs to be rebooted.

  • Neither the PS5 nor the PS4 need to be rebooted. Sometimes, doing so can solve many problems.

Give it a few hours.

  • Errors appear and disappear on the PlayStation. As a last resort, one could wait until the problem goes away. However, they are often resolved within an hour or two.

Please fix the “PlayStation Network is currently busy” error as soon as possible.