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PS5 standby mode, or PS5 rest mode, is the suspended state in which you can leave your PS5, but you can actually do quite a lot while your PS5 is sleeping. Standby mode is not the same as turning a PS5 completely off, and in this state it will draw some power in the background to do some administration, downloads, patches, and so on. By enabling PS5 standby mode, you can take the pain out of a lot of takes by allowing rest mode to take care of them while you’re away. If you know what you’re doing, for example, you’ll never have to worry about charging a pad.

What is Rest Mode on the PS5?

A PS5 power option called Rest Mode allows you to put your console in a low-power state. Your PS5 console is already set to this feature by default. If you leave where you left off, you can pick up from where you left off. For this reason, many gamers choose to use Rest Mode when they have to pause their games for 30 minutes or more.

Ensure that the power cord remains plugged in after you enable Rest Mode. If the power indicator on your PS5 is blinking when you disconnect the AC power cord, you may lose data. Additionally, this could cause game corruption or damage to the PS5‘s hardware.

It’s the Infamous Rest Mode Bug

After putting your PS5 into Rest Mode, you won’t be able to power on the console using your controller once the orange light disappears. Instead, you must press the Power button on the console.

There is a problem with the console beeping, but nothing happens. The device does not turn on, so you must use the power button or the controller to turn it on again. As soon as you do that, an alert will appear on the screen saying that the console needs to repair its storage.

The good news is that Sony has already pushed several updates to fix this issue. Be sure to keep your PS5 console updated so that you can enjoy the latest fixes and system improvements.

Is PS5 automatically put into rest mode?

On PS5 consoles, Rest Mode is enabled by default. The console will automatically go into rest mode. It is necessary to disable the Rest Mode option in order to prevent that from happening.

Set the time until your PS5 enters rest mode in Settings * System * Power Savings * Don’t Put In Rest Mode.

Do I need to turn off or enable Rest Mode on my PS5?

Occasionally, your console may brick in rest mode. The reason for this is unknown. There is still no clear indication if this is a software or hardware issue. According to reports from users, it’s best to stay away from Rest Mode. Instead, turn off your console or pause your games.

How does PS5 Rest Mode work?

From the very beginning, there have been many problems reported with Rest Mode.

Dual Sense inputs are not recognized by the console, save data is lost, and truly serious crashes require a system rebuild in Safe Mode. There are even concerns that some consoles are bricking because of Rest Mode. Therefore, this is no small problem.

The cause of the problem is also unknown. It has been speculated that it may have been related to specific games, in particular Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The link to plugging in an extended storage USB has been suggested by others. However, there was no definitive reason for the problem.

Sony, meanwhile, has been resolutely silent on this issue. Despite all the stories that come up on a quick Google search, they haven’t acknowledged that there is even an issue. There is no mention of Rest Mode in the patches either. Therefore, we cannot be certain that this has been addressed.

How safe is the PS5’s Rest Mode?

Theoretically. But it really depends on who you listen to. There were fewer glitches and crashes on one website earlier this year due to improved stability. However, fewer does not equal zero. Recently, some have reported:


The rest mode issue appears to be limited to a minority of consoles, and many players have used Rest Mode without any problems from launch day. If Sony doesn’t give us a definitive answer, we may be left wondering.

You are welcome to continue using Rest Mode if you’ve used it without any issues in the past. However, if you’ve been stung in the past, you might want to wait for an answer from Sony before trying again.

What is the duration of PS5 Rest Mode?

On PlayStation 5, there are three options for Rest Mode: Always, Three Hours, or Off. Generally, three hours should be sufficient for most users. Go to Settings > System > Power Saving > Rest Mode Features to enable Rest Mode.

Is it possible to leave my PS5 in Rest Mode overnight?

If you wish to download large files or install the latest games or software updates, you can leave your PS5 console in Rest Mode overnight. Charging your Dual Sense controller shouldn’t take more than three hours. Therefore, you don’t have to leave your console on Rest Mode overnight to charge your controller.

However, many users have reported various issues that may be related to Rest Mode. You can’t keep an eye on your PS5 console while you’re sleeping, so you shouldn’t leave it in Rest Mode overnight. 

So here are all the benefits of choosing PS5 Rest Mode over turning it off completely.

1. Make sure your controller is charged

Leaving your PS5 to sleep with the pad plugged in is one of the great benefits, since the PS5 will continue to supply power to your USB ports even when in rest mode. 

If you want the USB ports to remain powered, you can change this in:

Configuration > System > Power Saving > Features Available in Rest Mode

You can choose between ‘Always’, ‘Three Hours’, or ‘Off’. The 3 hours will be enough to keep your pad charged, but if you want to be sure your pad is always fully charged when you return, select Always. 

2. Keeping games updated behind the scenes

In modern gaming, there is always a patch to download before you can play anything. This has always irritated me. Like the PS4 before it, the PS5 is able to download and install game updates and other content while it is in its rest mode. Therefore, you should always be able to jump right into your games as soon as you turn your PS5 on since it has been beavering away in the background while you were away. Connecting to Wi-Fi 6 on a high-end device will also be helpful.

3. Cloud storage of saved files

In addition to cloud saves, PS5 standby mode offers another benefit to PlayStation Plus subscribers. When your PS5 is in rest mode, it diligently uploads any new save files to your PSN Cloud Storage (this works for both PS4 and PS5 games, by the way), so you’re protected even if something were to happen to your locally-stored save or – heaven forbid – your brand-new PS5. As another feature brought over from the PS4, it’s always nice to know that it’s there. 

4. Download and install games remotely

During setup, ensure that ‘Enable Turning On PS5 from Network’ is selected if you intend to always leave your PS5 console in rest mode. This setting can be found in the following menu:

Settings > System > Power Saving > Turning on PS5 from the network > Enable Turning on PS5 from the network

When you get a digital game code or purchase something from the PlayStation Store using the App, your PS5 will still download it right away while it is in rest mode. The PS5 will be ready to play once you are reunited with it, so you can start playing right away. 

5. Make sure your PS5 game is suspended

Rest mode on PS5 offers a lot of gaming housekeeping benefits, but there’s also a tangible benefit to keeping your console semi-asleep: keeping your game suspended. It may not have the Quick Resume functionality of the Xbox Series X, but the PS5 can keep your game in rest mode, allowing you to pick up right where you left off when you boot up from rest mode. 

6. Remotely play PlayStation 5 games

It is also possible to access your PS5 remotely, with the feature conveniently named PS5 Remote Play. 

Sony announced it will update PS4’s Remote Play feature. As well as being able to access your PS4 via a PC or mobile device, your PS4 can now access other consoles via Remote Play, right on your TV. This includes the ability to connect to your PS5 and stream a PS5 game straight to your PS4.

So go ahead and let the PS5 Remote Play feature give your PS4 some more life.

7. Reduce electricity use in the long run

Leaving your PS5 in standby mode will consume more power than turning it off completely, but it’s far more energy-efficient than the PS4.

I am also pleased to announce the next-generation PlayStation console will have an option to suspend gameplay with much lower power consumption than PS4 (estimated to be about 0.5 W),” explained Sony Entertainment CEO, Jim Ryan in a PlayStation Blog post at the end of 2019. If just one million users enabled this feature, 1,000 US homes would save the equivalent amount of electricity.”

It was reported in 2014 by the National Resources Defense Council that both Xbox One and PS4 consume a large amount of power in standby – 15.7 watts for the Xbox One and 8.5 watts for the PS4. 

It is certainly quite energy saving for the PS5 to draw 0.5W when the PS5 draws 8.5W.


PS5 owners have complained that putting the console into Rest Mode sometimes results in a variety of issues. It’s for this reason that many gamers avoid using it. Several PS5 updates have already been released that addressed many of the rest mode issues users were experiencing.