Reddit app notification won’t go away

Ever since Reddit got official mobile apps on Android and iOS, the dependence on third-party Reddit apps has gone down. Since its 2016 debut, the Reddit app has received various updates that bring new features and improvements to the overall user experience.

A while ago, the app picked up the much-hyped support for dark mode, a feature that has been a major highlight of the ongoing Android 10 software rollout.

More recently, the Android version of the app also received a new update that bumped the software number to 3.40. With this new version, Redditors can now view Wiki pages from within the app and quickly insert links into posts using a shortcut.

How to fix Reddit app notification won’t go away

Recently many reddit users report that their notification wont go away.

“I tried opening the last couple of inbox messages, I had one in there that wasn’t highlighted, just opened them and found somebody replied but the reddit app had failed to highlight it in blue to let me know like it usually does, might solve your issue”

Here is the ways to fix:

  1. While in the inbox, tap the 3 dots in the top right and select ‘mark all items as read’.
  2. If the ‘mark all as reading’ option isn’t clearing it, try opening your inbox on the desktop site.
  3. Try pulling down to “refresh “. You may be able to read part of the removed comment that isn’t there anymore.
  4. Completely close the app it should show up.
  5. Just open up the most recent chat & go back. Should be gone.

The new update also addresses an issue in Reddit version 3.39 that is causing the keyboard to overlap the text area, but this is an issue that only people who write long sentences are likely to encounter.

Unfortunately, the update to Reddit v3.40 is still limited to those taking part in the beta program, which means many people are still dealing with the issues in v3.39.

Besides the aforementioned keyboard overlapping bug, those still on v3.39 of the Reddit app are now reporting yet another bug, this time to do with the notification system.

The notification bubble doesn’t disappear even though there are no unread notifications. Marking all as reading doesn’t work and upvote notifications are off. I had seen previous posts of this but none had a mod answer.

Apparently, the notification bubbles on the app icon won’t go away even when there is actually no unread notifications. This is turning out to be an annoying issue for many Redditors and it’s reportedly affecting some iOS users as well.

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