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How to diagnose and troubleshoot a Samsung TV connected to the Internet

When you connect your Samsung Smart TV to a Wi-Fi or wired network, a variety of features such as online streaming services, weather information and search will make life easier for you. Having trouble connecting to the network and not being able to use these features? In the following, we will examine how to check the network and solve its problems.


Check the network status

Check your network status when your smart TV has trouble connecting to the network. You can check your internet connection settings and see where the connection is not established. Note: This article covers Samsung Smart TVs (ie Internet TVs). TV images may differ slightly from different models and software on your TV.


Diagnosis and troubleshooting through network status

On the Network Status screen, you can see the connection status of the TV, Router and Internet. Blue dots mean connection and red dot X means no connection.

Case 1:

  • If the TV and router are not connected, you should check both the TV and the Router. Check the following:
  • Make sure all cables connected to the router are securely connected.
  • Restart the router. Unplug the power cord, wait 1 minute and reconnect.
  • Try connecting to the router with another device. If there is a connection, the problem is with the TV, and otherwise, the problem is with the Router.


Case 2:

If the Router is not connected to the Internet, the problem is with the Internet provider. In this case, you need to contact your ISP. When the TV is having trouble connecting to the Internet, in addition to checking the network status, there are other ways to fix the problem. We recommend the following methods:

  • If using a wireless connection, the distance between the modem or router and the TV should be a maximum of 15.2 meters and there should be no obstacles between them. If there is an obstacle or a distance of more than 15.2 meters, a wireless amplifier is required.
  • Check IP settings. You can see the settings in Settings> Network> Network> Settings> IP Settings.
  • Check for software. Software updates. You can see this in Settings> Support> Software update> Update Now.
  • Try automatic TV diagnostics and troubleshooting. You can see this in Settings> Support> Self Diagnosis.
  • If there is a connection problem, you need to reset the device to factory settings.
  • How to access network status Click to Expand
  • Reconnect to the Internet Click to Expand

Note: The screenshots and menu of the device are provided in English for example only. These items may also be available in your language.


Why Samsung TV does not connect to Wi-Fi?

Using all the features of lovely smart TVs depends on their internet connection. So no matter how much you have a smart TV with great features but you can not connect it to the Internet is of no use to you, but why not connect the TV to the Internet? Do not miss the rest of this article, because we are going to investigate the reason why Samsung TV does not connect to Wi-Fi. In addition, we want to teach you solutions so that you can use them to connect your Samsung Smart TV to Wi-Fi.


Samsung TV does not connect to Wi-Fi

Why does Samsung TV not connect to Wi-Fi?

Wrong Wi-Fi passwords, slow internet speeds, network confusion, MAC address limit, and DNS confusion are all reasons why Samsung TVs do not connect to Wi-Fi. In the following, with the help of Samsung TV dealers, we will teach you solutions to solve these problems and connect your Samsung TV to Wi-Fi.


Troubleshooting for not connecting your Samsung TV to Wi-Fi

Disable MAC address

One of the possibilities that can be considered as one of the reasons why the Samsung TV does not connect to Wi-Fi is the activation of the MAC address limit in the modem settings. To make sure the problem is with the MAC address limit, you must first go to your TV’s Wi-Fi settings and then enable the Hotspot option. If you can connect the Internet to the Internet by hotspoting the phone on the TV, the problem is not the MAC address, otherwise the problem is the MAC address limit. To solve this problem, you need to go to your modem settings and disable the MAC address or add the MAC address to the authorized list.


Network check

Most of the time, very simple problems such as entering the wrong Wi-Fi password will prevent the Samsung TV from connecting to Wi-Fi. So the first thing you need to do is make sure your Wi-Fi password is correct. Then check your internet connection and speed. To do this, you can also contact the company from which you receive the Internet. If the distance between your modem and your TV is more than 7 meters, we suggest that you reduce the distance between them so that the modem has a stronger antenna.


Update DNS settings

Another solution to the problem of not connecting your Samsung TV to Wi-Fi is to update the DNS settings. To access DNS settings, use the Menu button on your TV remote control and then go to Settings. Now on Network, select Network Settings. Click Start and select IP Settings. Set DNS Mode to Manual mode and click OK. Finally, enter 8888 and click OK again.


Update your Samsung TV

Finally, if none of the methods taught in this article can help you and fix the problem of Samsung TV’s Wi-Fi, it is better to update your Samsung TV. Updating your Samsung TV in most cases can fix the problem of your Samsung TV not connecting to Wi-Fi. Of course, you should know that updating your Samsung TV will not delete your TV channels or other information. To manually update your Samsung TV, you must first go to your TV support section to find the exact model. Then find and download the TV update file that fits the model. Transfer the downloaded file to your computer or laptop using the flash, then unzip it and insert the EXE file into your flash. Now reconnect the flash to the TV, go to the TV menu and select Software Upgrade in the Support section. From the menu that appears, select By Bus to start scanning your flash drive. Note that you should not turn off the TV or disconnect the flash from the TV while scanning the flash. The TV will restart automatically after the TV update is completed. You can now safely connect your TV to Wi-Fi

Using Wi-Fi Direct feature on Samsung TV

You can use Wi-Fi Direct to fix the problem of not connecting your Samsung TV. This feature on TVs allows you to connect two devices directly without a modem. This means, for example, connecting your mobile phone directly to the TV without a modem, etc.; Note that both TV and mobile must have Wi-Fi Direct to do this.


Samsung Authorized Dealer

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One of the most advanced technologies you see on TV today is the Wi-Fi option. You can easily connect your TV to the Internet. In this case, you can use its features. But there are also problems. Many users complain that the TV is not connected to the Internet. Usually two devices are involved in the occurrence of this problem. Either the problem is with the TV settings or the modem has a problem. Therefore, in this article, we try to fully investigate the reason why the TV is not connected to Wi-Fi.


Why is the TV not connected to the Internet?

Check modem or TV connections

The first and most important reason for this problem is the broken connections of the devices. The simplest reason for connecting a TV to Wi-Fi is the same problem with the connections. First check all modem and TV connections, cables, communication wires, and so on. In the second step, check the mode and speed connections. To solve the problem, it is better to keep the distance between the modem and the TV short. This will cause a strong antenna. To observe a principled distance, consider the distance less than 7 meters. If these cases are investigated and the problem is not resolved, it is better to contact a specialist.


Restart the TV and modem

The second step to solve this problem is to restart. This simple solution will fix the problem in many cases. In some cases, you may turn off the TV remotely. In this case, if the TV is turned off for more than 15 minutes, the network settings will be affected. As a result, the TV does not connect to Wi-Fi. To resolve this issue, turn on the TV. Let stand 5 minutes. Then unplug the TV and wait for 20 minutes. Turn it on again, enter the Wi-Fi password and fix the problem. Doing so will restart the TV.

If the problem persists, the modem must be restarted. To restart the modem, turn it off. Turn it on after 10 minutes and wait for the connection to be established. Basically, doing these things solves the problem.


TV MAC address problem

MAC address is the third reason why the TV does not connect to Wi-Fi. MAC address is an option enabled in your modem settings. Communication will not work well if enabled. Turn on the TV to check this. On the screen, look for Wi-Fi settings and log in. Turn on the hotspot option on your phone. If you could not connect to Wi-Fi with your phone’s Internet, you should check your MAC address. As a result, go to the modem settings. Disable MAC address. You can also add the MAC address of the TV to the authorized list.


Update the firmware

It is interesting to know that updating the firmware, in addition to fixing the problem of Wi-Fi not connecting to the TV, also helps in fixing other problems. Since you are having trouble not connecting to WiFi, you need to import the updated file via flash. Updating this section will fix your TV problem.


Update DNS settings

The next step you can take to fix the Wi-Fi problem is to check and adjust the DNS settings. You may ask yourself how?

To do this, first find the MENU button on the remote and press. In the opened page, find the SETTING option. Find the network option and select network setting. Click start and then select ip setting. In this section, you must select DNS mode. Select the manual mode and ok. Finally, enter 8888 and click ok. The problem is easily solved.


Disconnect the memory card

Another way to solve this problem is to remove the memory card from the TV. Most experts recommend removing all memory cards from TV software problems. If you encounter such a problem, it is better to remove the flash memory, memory card, external hard drive and.. This is for when you do not need them. Because the constant connection of these items to the TV causes problems.