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Mechanical keyboards are the choice of all competitive gamers. Low response time and special keys make them a powerful weapon in multiplayer games. But any computer user who just enjoys typing can be in the market for these keyboards. The beautiful “click” sound that keyboards create has created fans all over the world. Keyboard size is a major issue for low DPI mouse users along with people who do not have enough desktop space. Most features are dedicated macro keys and a page number that take up a lot of space. To be honest, most users can not use macro keys due to their nature.

For those who travel with their equipment, compact keyboards have appeared. The options in the market are endless and choosing the right option for your needs can be problematic. The compact gaming keyboards are put together on the market to help you find the right keyboard.


Cooler Master SK621

Cooler Master manufactures a number of customizable mechanical keyboards on the market with switch and software options. The SK621 is one of the lightest mechanical compact keyboards, weighing just one pound. The keyboard has a 60% layout and features new Cherry MX Red keys with an activation point of another 0.8 mm.

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Thanks to integrated Bluetooth, it can also be used wirelessly. If you do not turn on the RGB lights, the keyboard can be left without charge for four to five months.

Razer Black widow Tournament Edition Chroma v2

Razer, a gaming surname, has a history of making innovative products. The original Black widow was and is a great keyboard overall. But it was was too big. The legendary keyboard racing version fixes everything by shrinking its size. Allows you to choose between three Razer switches that all have different excitation forces and an activation value versus a reset value.

Logitech Pro X game keyboard

Choosing the right switch when buying a keyboard can be difficult. You may not like your choice in the end and it may be too late for a new choice. Pro X switches can be changed manually depending on the type of switch. This practically increases the life of the keyboard. Logitech has three types of switches that can be used with Pro X: GX Blue Click switches, GX Red Linear switches and GX Brown Tactile switches.

Due to the keyless design, it can be easily carried and placed in any bag with its detachable cable. It has no macro keys, but the function keys on the top of the keyboard are fully customizable with G-HUB Logitech.

E-Element Z-88 RGB Mechanical Gaming Game Keyboard

Although it may seem that the price tag should be reduced to the size of the keyboard, if you buy from the original names of the industry, it can be quite the opposite. Budget options may be as superior as your reputable brands, but most are as long as they last, if not longer.

The E-Element Z offers a number of customization options in its price range. You can choose from five black, blue, gold, pink and white colors. E-Element Z also lets gamers choose the type of switches they want on their keyboard. The company also makes Razer switches for them, so they’re certainly no stranger to mechanical keyboard gaming. This keyless keyboard has 10 different light modes. While modes are miles away from RGB, you import more expensive models and they still look beautiful. The keyboard is mainly made of ABS and metal. There is a matte feel on the keyboard that you can feel when you swipe your finger around the bezel. The keyboard does not have dedicated media keys, but it can rarely be seen on small keyboards. You must use the FN key next to the function buttons as an alternative.

Red dragon K552 Mechanical Gaming game keyboard

Red dragon is known for offering quality products that are half the price of competitors. Because its products became as popular as the more expensive options on the market – if not better. Of course, for less money, you must first reduce some items. The K552 has a sturdy plastic body that is sturdy and has custom keys. In the case of this keyboard, the custom switches are equivalent to the Cherry MX Blue.

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On the plus side, the keyboard has a gold-plated USB connection and convenient keys. It is also anti-splash, so you can enjoy your meal in front of your computer without worry.

MACRO keys and media keys

While many of the keyboards have no macro or media keys, they are still found in many of today’s boards and should be understood when making the next purchase. Macro keys allow users to enter complex commands. Attach a key and allow MMO-type games to quickly enter spells and commands at the touch of a button.

Media keys are not really necessary for the game, but they are useful for everything. The media keys are almost exactly what they say on the box, controlling your media settings – volume, playback, pause, next and previous. They come in a variety of forms and add just a little variety to the keyboard.

Key revolver

Key return is a feature that not every gamer will need, however, for those who play games that require complex button or command using multiple keystrokes, key return can be an essential feature.

Key flip is a technology used in modern keyboards that allows the user to press the “x” value at the same time as recording everything on the computer. There are several types of key rotations, the best of which is NKRO – or the ability to press any key on the screen at the same time.