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Recently, Instagram has started actively disseminating innovations. And any updates on Instagram are usually accompanied by widespread bugs and network problems. “Sorry, an error occurred.” In this article, we have collected all the known solutions to solve the problem of logging in to your Instagram account by phone. Solve the problem of errors and error messages on Instagram. Instagram errors are one of the main issues that users of this social network and its application face problems due to encountering it. In this article, we are going to show you Instagram error messages and how to fix them. Instagram errors can be very annoying. Generally, error messages or errors reported by Instagram users are similar. In other words, it can be claimed that the most common Instagram errors include specific cases and a certain number. Today we are going to describe the most common error messages or Instagram errors and teach you how to fix or resolve these errors.

This error appears when the user enters their account details and password correctly on the Instagram application login page, and by selecting the login option with the Sorry theme error, we could not connect to our login server. Confirm you have a connection.


What causes the error?

The error is related to the failure of the Instagram application to communicate with its servers. If you encounter this error message while logging in to your Instagram account, it is likely that the you are not connected to the Internet or that there is a problem with its Internet service. In order to investigate and fix this problem, we recommend that you check your internet network and make sure it is serviced. Items such as time out, low internet speed, and disconnection can lead to this error. Note that if you use your mobile data and Internet SIM card, networks such as Edge or 3G are by no means suitable for using Instagram. On iOS, you may encounter the following error when logging in to your Instagram account: Sorry, we couldn’t connect to our login server. Please confirm your connection. Error translation: “Sorry, we can not connect to the login server, please confirm that you are connected to the Internet and try again in a few moments.”

Also keep in mind that some Android phone owners may have this problem, but will not receive any error messages. If you encounter this error while creating a new account or logging in to your account and you are sure that your phone is connected to the Internet, reset your Wi-Fi device. If your phone has mobile service (3G or EDGE), turn off your Wi-Fi and connect to the Internet through this mobile service. If this does not help you, go to your phone’s settings and make sure the date and time settings are enabled on auto-setting.

The first method:

[Note: The implementation of this tutorial has been tested on many accounts and has been successful]. First, temporarily deactivate your account. Wait for 3 to 4 hours, then use your Instagram account to log in using the Instagram app (emphasis added on the Instagram app itself, not the website). The job is done, most likely you will not encounter the above error again.

The second method:

If you have not been able to solve your problem using the above method, but you can still log in to your account by browsing the phone, the next (and perhaps final) option is to return the phone to the factory settings or Reset Factory.

What is the reason for Error: You can no longer follow people on Instagram?

In order to prevent spam, do not follow more than 7,500 users. If the number of followers of your Instagram account reaches 7500, then you will encounter the desired error and you will not be able to follow new users. Unfortunately, it is not possible to follow more than 7500 people by one user on Instagram. When the followers have reached 7500, try to talk to anonymous users from your list of followers so that you can add people you know to this list.

What should I do if my Instagram account is disabled or blocked?

If your Instagram account is deactivated or blocked, you will see a message stating that it is blocked or deactivated. This message will contain the word Disabled. The reason for deactivating  is related to violating the rules of this social network. Instagram is extremely sensitive about the aging of its rules and regulations. Accounts will not be able to recover. However, you can contact the Instagram support department via email and report the reason for the blocking of your account.

Unknown Instagram error solutions

The first thing you need to do is try to go to Instagram using Facebook. Obviously, this method is only suitable if you have already linked Facebook to Instagram. Connecting two networks is very useful for securing your account. And if you see the “Sorry, an error occurred” error, it will allow you to enter your details. Again, if you get a similar error, sign in with your Facebook linked profile.

 What if your Instagram and Facebook accounts are not connected?

If you have a “Sorry, an error occurred” problem, you can go to the web version on Instagram, but it will not allow you to link to Facebook. So, of course, you can flip through the tape, but it does not help you in any way. After logging in to your account using the Windows app, go to Settings and search for “Friends on Facebook”. We connect our Facebook profile, wait a minute, congratulations, the problem is almost solved. Then, via the phone in the Instagram app, press the button to log in with Facebook. We return to the web version on We log in, go to settings, and below we find the line “Temporarily block my account”. Press safely, do not worry, the profile does not disappear. Only with the help of logging in to the program, the account will recover from temporary blocking. That will be successful. There, enter the email address for which the account is registered and select “Send Email”.


Remove and reinstall the Instagram app.

Typically, any system upgrade is associated with network performance malfunctions. A message often appears stating that an error has occurred in the Instagram app.  Recently, there was a new problem logging into your account over your phone. This is not surprising, because, in the search for new software, developers may miss important points. However, with the right approach, the situation can be easily resolved. In this article, we focus on the problem – the message “Sorry, an error occurred”, which is resolved by logging in to

We will respond to those who are interested in what we should do when the inscription “Sorry, Instagram error” appears when entering the profile. This can happen both when linking your Instagram account to your Facebook page and for other reasons. This crash has nothing to do with the profile itself because by logging in from another device or computer, the customer sees that everything is working fine.

Try another smartphone

This method rarely helps but is always worth a try. Especially if there is such an opportunity. If you logged in to Instagram from the first phone and tried to log in from another device, the social network can set aside a completely predictable trick. How is it expressed? Somehow, Instagram may not believe you. However, there is no danger. You can not sign in from another device – consider other methods. Log in with Facebook. This solution to the problem is suitable for users who already have a FB link to Instagram. Therefore, they protected themselves against losing access to their personal account. If you see an error when logging in to Instagram, visit the web version of this service. Therefore, you can familiarize yourself with the news feed and be active in your work without any serious restrictions. The disadvantage of this solution is that the user is not able to link Facebook to the insta profile through the site. Of course, now talking about the importance of personal page security is meaningless. If there was an error in the Instagram app, it would not make much sense in this regard. To connect with your friends and colleagues on the social network, you can install the Instagram app for Windows 10. Voila, and Direct at your fingertips! Mac users do not have to rejoice – it does not work. This method almost always helps, although there are exceptions. Then “Instagram, sorry, there was an entry error” shows. That means you have to try something new.


Various system bugs can seem harmless. But what if having a personal account is at stake? All security measures must be taken to lose access to the profile. Link two social platforms – Facebook and Instagram. Otherwise, you have to test regularly by logging in. But who likes it? Recently, the Instagram app is updated frequently. Unfortunately, errors occur in newer versions. What should be done in case of an error on Instagram? Often, “Sorry, there was an error” problem on Instagram when trying to get a license. It does not depend on your specific account because when you try to log in to your profile through the desktop version of the social network, you will see that there is no problem.