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Kids today are highly obsessed with Instagram. It is a well-known social media app used for instant messaging, sharing life experiences and feelings every day. The Internet is undoubtedly a blessing in terms of connecting to your friends and family and attaining education. But it has many disadvantages too, as it causes mobile addiction, wastage of time, invites cybercrimes and cyber dangers, etc.

Kids are jeopardized, as they have no idea how to use the internet correctly. Cybercrimes must be avoided, timely. And the easiest way to protect your kid or employee is to track or monitor them thoroughly. Parents who are busy working and earning should know that Instagram tracker apps can be helpful.

Remember that our younger generation is convicted by the internet, as they spend most of their time scrolling, surfing, liking, and commenting on social media networks. Instagram is the most widely used app, through which people communicate on voice and video calls. So, it is a primary source of getting an immediate check on what your friends and family are doing. But, like other social platforms, Instagram can also invite cyber actions into your kid’s life. So, the Best hidden spy apps for Android in 2021 ensure that the kids or workers are protected.

Four main purposes for using free hidden spy apps for Android in 2021:

  1. Protection of your children.
  2. Trace the online activities of teens.
  3. Observe a spouse.
  4. Track employees.

Instagram Tracker App:

Parents are concerned about their kids wasting time on cell phones, and they don’t have any way of tracking their accounts. An Instagram monitoring app can assist by allowing them to track their kids’ online activities remotely.

“An Instagram tracker app is used to control the Instagram activity of your child, spouse or employee anonymously.”

Functions include:

  • Remotely view and track Instagram conversations.
  • Access private Instagram messages of an invisible mode
  • See posts, including pictures and short clips on Instagram
  • Find lost smartphone through GPS location.

Though Instagram is a vast online platform that allows its users to share their life experiences or moods, in reality, approximately one-fourth of its users hide their identities and accounts.

Track Instagram Conversations of Your Teens or Workforce:

Tracking someone can protect them from online risks. Addictive self-destructive games and some weird challenges are being performed on Instagram. Around 15% of users are aging between 15-25 years. If your child or employees use mobile phones excessively, it is imperative to use an Instagram tracker app and spy on Instagram conversations.

How to Spy Instagram Conversations?

Spying Instagram conversations are not complicated anymore; you can easily track them through an Android monitoring app. So, an Instagram tracker app is the most suitable option to tackle this obstacle. Some apps that lie in this classification are TheWiSpy Android App, FamiSafe Monitoring App, FlexiSpy Spyware, mSpy Mobile Spy App, and CocoSpy Spyware.

The Topmost Instagram Tracker apps facilitate smooth & low pricing range, multi-tasking, quality work, or the best consumer range contrasted to others. Now you will find out the specs of the top Instagram tracker apps:

Option 1: TheWiSpy Android Spy App

TheWiSpy Android spy app is listed first among the most dedicated spy apps for Android; this is because it has unique features: it not only monitors your cell phone, text messages, phone calls, gallery, but it has social media monitoring as well. Its social media spying feature includes Instagram Spying, Whatsapp tracker, Facebook tracker, Snapchat monitoring, Gmail Spy, and Viber Spy.


App Monitoring

Preserve track of all the installed devices of the targeted device. You can discover commonly used apps and monitor the app reports.

Monitor Social Media:

It includes Whatsapp Spy, Snapchat Spy, Instagram Spy, Viber Spy, where you would have access to all the calls and messages obtained and sent using the apps. In extension, it tracks the history and activity reports of all platforms.

  • Instagram Spy:

It grants you access to all the calls and messages received and sent by using the app. Further, it allows you to spy on Instagram feeds, read Instagram messages, track Instagram multimedia and activity reports.

Surround Recordings

Privately listen to the surrounding voice recordings and enclose sounds and gossips.

Video Recordings

You can record videos of the surroundings and use front and back cameras. These characteristics help you find all the photos and videos obtained by the target device.

Monitor Browser History

Check the complete browsing history and the period of visited sites.

24/7 Instant Alerts

It informs you about every single update of the target device. As a result, cybersecurity can  be preserved through it.


  1. Monitor call logs history
  2. Track contacts of Phone
  3. Monitor Multimedia and text Messages
  4. Tracking locations
  5. Wifi networks
  6. Photo Capturing Tracker
  7. Memos Spy

How to “Install” TheWiSpy?

Spy Instagram conversations, are just three steps away


  • Come over to the website through your browser – www.thewispy.com.
  • Register for an account.
  • Add an email and password.
  • After login, go to the step up
  • Now you must gain physical access to the targeted device to install TheWiSpy App on it.


  • For TheWiSpy installation preparation, go to settings, then tap on “Lock screen and Security.” Allow-Unknown-Sources and select ‘OK.’
  • Tap Settings > Security > Google Play Protect”. Toggle off “Improve Harmful App Detection.”
  • Install TWS app & set up the required configurations.


  • Open the dashboard.
  • Go to ‘features menu”.
  • Select features required.
  • Start tracking by using your computer.


It offers three bundles for Android monitoring.


  • The one-month license > $19.99.


  • The one-month license > $ 29.99.


  • The one-month license > $49.99.


TheWiSpy is versatile with Android phones that are operating on Android 4.0.

Option 2: FlexiSpy Extreme – Hidden Spy App for Android

It’s the Second best spying app. It has some convincing spying features. The Flexispy app will allow you to read messages and listen and record calls through WhatsApp, Messenger, and other social apps. Although the app offers many useful features, many of them are only enabled if you have their most high-priced monthly plan.


  • Get call notifications
  • Listen to calls.
  • Trace calls.
  • Track social media activities
  • Record the surroundings.
  • Take photos on the target device.
  • Record videos.
  • SIM card location tracking.
  • Send SMS from the target device.


  • Lite – $29.95
  • Premium- $68
  • Extreme – $199


The spy software is cooperative with devices running on Android 8 and later.


We have gone through the prime methods to observe someone’s Instagram account and spy on Instagram messages. We will end the discussion by saying that a spy app for Android is the fittest option.

Out of all the apps I have stated in this article, I propose that TheWiSpy grants a notable equilibrium between the cost, specifications, and easy launching method.