Video games have created a significant impact on people’s lives! The hype, excitement, and challenges of the latest video games have taken the world by storm. People spend most of their leisure time playing video games, while some have an obsession with games. Game enthusiasts are always in search of the latest and enthralling video games and desperately wait for their launch.

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The latest video games are built on 3D and virtual environment that includes best augmented reality games features. Many of the top-trending video games such as Halo Infinite, Deathloop, Pokémon Go, Resident evil village, Metroid Dread, etc. have made the gamers go crazy because of their engaging game storyline.

Video game development can be created using cutting-edge tools and technology. Developers must come up with the out-of-the-box idea to make a unique and successful video game. However, implementing innovative features, graphics, characters, etc. in the video game can delight gamers and keep them hooked with your video game.

What are the fundamental principles of video game development?

Let’s explore what are the top fundamental principles of video game development.

Do proper & extensive research

The first and foremost step of video game development is to research your target audience as you’re creating games for them. Research what sort of game that is interested in such as a fighting game, funny game, adventures game, action play game, etc. Then research about the current games that are already developed. In this way, you can also take inspiration from the existing game and come with your own video game with new features. Research various categories of video games, and choose one out of the following that includes casual single-player games, multiplayer games, location-based games, or multipurpose games. This strategy helps in building up mobile games faster.

Create a unique game storyline

Once you have done the research part, it’s time to build a unique game idea with a compelling storyline. Start the process by identifying the purpose of the game and knowing what you want to achieve. Then come up with the storyline of the game that includes the main characters, features, stages, and levels of the video game. Create a flowchart of your game story by defining the directions, rules, paths, and certain actions that need to be taken by players to complete the game. The major advantage of creating a storyline is that it helps you sketch out your idea in a more organized way.

Design the structure of video game

The structure of the video game is the skeleton of the game which includes the user flow, layout, functionalities, game screen, pages, and so on. The structure or wireframing is the first stage of the video game development that is roughly sketched out on paper to get a visual representation of how the game will work. This sketch is shared with all team members, stakeholders, and managers to get an overview of the design structure. Once it gets approved, the development team must create prototypes of the video game to test out the game concept with end-users.

After the testing of prototypes, the game design team can then move to the designing phase where the user interface, graphics, and environment of the game are created. Game designing is one of the most important elements of video gaming that grabs the user’s attention and attracts a large target audience. Moreover, a game design document (GDD) can also be created which includes the important steps involved in the creation of game development.

Choose the development platform

Video games are developed on different platforms including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Mac, and much more. It’s essential to know for which platform you want to build your video game. Android is an open-source platform that allows you to create top-notch video games without any restriction. While iOS is one the most advance and secure platforms for creating mobile and gaming apps. It all depends on your budget, if you have a reasonable budget they go for a multi-platform as it can expand the reach of your game to a larger target audience.

Select the right game engine

There is a wide range of gaming engines and backend tools available for the development of a video game. It’s crucial to study the features and functionality of a platform to gain the maximum benefit of that technology. Following are the game engines for creating a video game.

  • Game Maker Studio
  • Unity 3D
  • CryEngine
  • BuildBox
  • Unreal Engine, 
  • Godot 
  • Amazon Lumberyard
  • SpriteKit 

Moreover, backend programming likes C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML5, Node.js, Python, etc. can be chosen to develop a video game.

 Coding and development

Now comes the main part of the video game development that is writing the actual code of the game.  Developers implement the features and functionalities of the game to make it robust and functional. It’s vital to create an error-free code to ensure the success of the game. Coding and database designing are the steps involved in this step. Once the code and database are finalized, then the developer can move towards the testing phase to test whether the developed code is working properly or not.

Testing the game

Testing of the video game is important to ensure that the game is executing properly in terms of performance, speed, functionality, and usability. The quality assurance team performs different types of game testing including functional testing, performance testing, compatibility testing, localization testing, and recovery testing, and so on. The main benefit of testing the video game is to detect errors, bugs, and broken codes in the game, permitting it to be fully functional. Testing ensures that an exceptional video game is delivered with an enhanced user experience.

Launching of the video game

After the QA phase, the video game is now ready to be launched to the market.This is the critical phase that defines whether your game is a success or a flop. Create an effective ad for your video game where users can learn more about your game and then download it from google or the app play store. This strategy proves to be very effective for the marketing purpose of your video game. It can also help in the reach, growth, and success of your video game.

Video game support and maintenance

Maintenance plays an important role in video games to keep them maintained, bug-free, error-free, and up to date with the latest gaming features and functionalities. It also helps in resolving technical issues and other problems occurred in your video game. It’s essential to maintain your mobile app to attract more visitors and customers. Some factors need to be considered in video gaming maintenance:

  • Scanning for viruses, bugs, and vulnerabilities occurring in the video game.
  • Repairs and fixes
  • Video game feature updates
  • Enhancing speed and performance of video game

Final words

Video gaming is developed to deliver a highly functional and innovative video game. The designing and development of a video game emerged in the mobile gaming industry a long time ago. Developers are escalating their horizons by bringing new innovative ideas and concepts to video games. The mobile game developer must follow the above-mentioned basic fundamental of video gaming that help in making the process quick and easy. These are not just the fundamental principles, but also the key to creating a fantastic and outstanding video game. Moreover, developers should utilize the right technology, framework, tools, and techniques to build a top-notch video game.


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