I did not realize how many zooms would become a part of my life when it first entered the scene many moons ago. For the past year and a half, I’ve been zooming all day, every day. To make my zooming experience a bit more enjoyable, I use funny zoom backgrounds. Granted, working from home and staying away from others to avoid getting sick isn’t fun, but what are you going to do? We were out here trying our best to make a bad situation a little better, and these funny backgrounds were definitely helping.

Emily and a Selfie in Paris

Put yourself in the shoes of Emily, the “queen of Instagram.” Just how did Emily become such a successful influencer with her mediocre Instagram skills?

Glow stick

Glow sticks are one of the best ways to make fun pictures, or even movies. For example you can mix it with any figure or dance. These are mostly are used in parties. You can visit sinoglow.com to see more about Glow stick, and all its design.

Skincare routine for a cat

The cat doesn’t seem to be as enthusiastic about getting a facial as I am at the moment. Maybe I should look as awake as possible by using one of those crystal face rollers!

Pen15: The Witchcraft Episode

I wish you a Happy New Year, Pompano! Happy New Year! If you’ve watched Pen15 Season Two’s “Vendy Wiccany” episode, you might recognize this scene…

A fake boardroom meeting

Is it difficult for you to meet with your coworkers physically? You can use this fake boardroom meeting background to recreate those vibes if you work from home.

The Great British Bake-Off

There is a hidden message hidden in the image from The Great British Bake-Off that fans of the show will enjoy having as their zoom background. 

You are watched over by Dolly

Dolly Parton is a queen after all, and she’d want to watch over her subjects like this. Anyone who has Dolly as their Zoom background will be in good hands.

Hannah Montana

I love these sweet niblets! Make this your background, watch Hannah Montana, and get this cute Hannah Montana t-shirt if you’re feeling nostalgic for old-school Miley Cyrus.

Mask of Mona Lisa

Now that Mona Lisa is wearing a mask, you might not be able to see her famous smile, but she’s definitely smiling underneath.

Goths at Bed Bath & Beyond

In this memorable scene from Portlandia, a couple of goth girls buy some home goods with a 20 percent off coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Zack and Cody’s Suite Life: Screaming Scene

It’s been a long time! This is a scene from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody starring young Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse, Ashley Tisdale, and Brenda Song. Have you grown up yet?

Catching a cat by surprise

You’re not alone if this cat’s hilarious expression reminds you of yourself when you’re trying to do yoga.

It’s all garbage

Either an image expressing your true feelings on zoom, or just a general snapshot of the year. After all, 2020 was a total dumpster fire!

Patrick from the SpongeBob Square pants series

The next time you want a funny Zoom background, use an image of Patrick if you haven’t been living under a rock since quarantine started. Patrick knows how it feels.

The Iconic Kimmy Schmidt Scene from Unbreakable

What does Kimmy Schmidt look like in her classic third-grade outfit? What does Titus Andromedon look like in his knockoff superhero costume? I have always liked this funny Zoom background, and I won’t change my mind.

The Modern Family Cam

You’re sure to chuckle a little at this classic-and ridiculous photo of Cam, even if they aren’t huge Modern Family fans (Ugh, can you believe it’s over?).

White Girls’ Dance Battle

What could be more appropriate than a funny Zoom background for your next virtual dance party?

The cafeteria at East High School

You know, for anyone who’s a Wildcat at heart. It’s a great option for lunch meetings.

Twitter post from Grimes explaining Baby Musk’s name

I’m still not sure what it means, but I’m fascinated. How do you feel about it? Find out in your Zoom call.

Congratulations on your diploma

This is especially true if your IRL graduation was canceled and you are Zooming with your college friends. ha!

Intro to That’s So Raven

You are Raven! Tell your Zoom call, “Yup, that’s me!” 

The sign that welcomes you to Schitt’s Creek

Additionally, it can be used to see if anyone else is watching the same show as you.

From Twilight: Edward and Bella

That’s why there’s a prequel. If you were #TeamJacob, you might want to change your background to Taylor Lautner.

The Message is Very Clear

Useful if you want to make a point during a business meeting.

Karaoke in the car

Consider yourself a guest on James Corden’s most popular segment! Spend time with Justin Bieber by standing in front of Corden! You can watch every single celeb sing-along from Carpool Karaoke on CBS All Access when you’re in the mood.

The Person with Whom You’re Zooming

Can you imagine how freaked out they would be to log on and see themselves? How meta.

Toilet paper stacked on top of one another

It’s you who has hoarded all the rolls! Zoom backgrounds like this are perfect for quarantine laughs, in my opinion.

Rave EDM

Even though it’s not Coachella, it’ll do.

Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Greater Wynnewood

Who hasn’t binge-watched Tiger King (and who hasn’t?), will understand what I’m saying. While you sip on your Carole Baskin-hating mug, you might want to use this.

Hannah Ann’s Letter to Peter

When you know, you know. And this is one of the most iconic funny background choices ever.

Baby Yoda

Although Baby Yoda is cuter and less funny, I’ve included it anyway, because it’s the perfect Zoom background for me.

A Scene from You on Netflix

As you shop for expensive groceries at an upscale store (and while zooming), you’re being watched, and you like it.

Thanksgiving Episode of Friends (With Turkey)

It’s always funny and a classic. Fans of Friends cannot go wrong with this Zoom background.

Parachuting Demi Lovato

The first thing she was a skyscraper. Now she’s a parachutist. That’s Demi for you.

Love Is Blind’s Jessica

This one makes me laugh nonstop. Wouldn’t it be great if they could quarantine in LIB pods?

Meme of a confused woman

Despite being a classic, this meme is still relevant today. We’re all in a state of confusion.

A woman yells at a cat

A classic meme that never goes out of style. If you use this background, try to keep your sanity. You’re being challenged.

 A fistfight between Kim and Kourtney

“My daughter is sleeping!” – Khloe.

They are the Cuomo Brothers

You cuomosexuals out there will enjoy this funny background.

A puppy dressed as Yoda

After all, don’t we all look like this when we work from home? Zoom Snapchat filters are the answer.

Disney’s At-Home Sing-Along Cast

The “We’re All in This Together” dance definitely got me up and moving. I wish Zoom would recreate its magic for me!

Taking a bite out of a mango

I screamed when Cardi B started cutting up a mango on Instagram live with those long nails. That was a quarantine moment! Get yourself a mango peeler, girl.


Feel free to wear a bathrobe if you really want to commit. But please don’t show too much skin!

Sharron in Too Netflix’s Hot to Handle

Put yourself in the show with some of the hottest people you’ve ever seen.

Jaws, the shark in the movie

Since I won’t be going to the beach this summer, I can finally watch Jaws without getting frightened.


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