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The Incident Action Plan must be done following its principles. This plan determines what response to emergencies and non-emergencies will be shown. If the plan is made correctly, a good strategy can be planned at the beginning and during the events. By now, you have probably guessed which part of this plan is the most important. Join us in this article to tell you the most important part of the Incident Action Plan.

The incident action plan is prepared by general staff from which section?

“The Incident Action Plan is prepared by General Staff from Planning section.”

Planning in terms of time determines how fast the strategy is done. It also makes the accuracy of the operation surprisingly high. More specifically, the planning and process may include the following:

Start planning and forecasting events

Recognize serious danger and detect it in a timely manner

The first response to the incident occurred

This cycle continues in coordination with other components of the operation, such as operations management, to get the best results from the plan.

Last Word

Planning is important in every part of life and its importance is a good result that we get in different situations. In planning an Incident Action Plan, 5 steps are very important. These steps include: analyzing the current situation, determining the strategy and goals of the plan, developing the plan, preparing the plan to inform staff, implementing the plan, and evaluating the outcome.

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