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They’re many reasons to your PS4 not turning on. Small issues like a power cable and hard software to systemic issues that make you buy another device. That’s why it’s important to start with the most memorable ways possible.

So let’s go and fix it


As we said, problems can be hardware, software, corrupt software ore frim water or power issues.

Most hardware tasks, such as broken power supplies and buttons, are best left to a specialist but, most of the hard work of such problems often happens a lot and is easily solved and it is very lucky that they will be fixed and will not cost much

Most of the things that cues the ps4 to not turn on are due to an incomplete system update that can cues file corruption or even hard drive failure

Electronic problems

Such as power cords and electrical strips or even electrical outlets are easily identifiable. carefully in these cases, you can find and solve the problem

  1. Interrupt power to the PS4

Unplug the power cord for 30 seconds and reconnect it

  • Power cycle your PS4

Turn off the power console bay holding down the power button even if the system is off after the light stops flashing, or about 30 seconds have passed remove the power cables and let your console is still unplugged.

Then plug the console back in and see if it will turn on.

  • Try a different power cable

If you have another cable, try it. maybe the current cable has a problem

The PS4 uses the IEC C7 standard power cable, which is the same as the XBOX ONE Ss cable. If you don’t have this cable, you can buy it from electronic stores

  • Try a different power strip

If you are using a power strip it’s maybe brock or damaged. Check if the power strip or electrical cord is not brocked or use another outlet

  • Clean your console

  remove dust inside the PS4, if there is dust that does not come out, take the console apart to clean it complete

warning: Opening the ps4 will cause your warranty to be lost. If you still have a valid warranty and you want to open your system to clean it, it is better to take it to a specialist.

  • Try inserting a game disk

If the system automatically inserts and turns on the disk, you should be able to use the ps4 normally if you cannot, there may be a problem with the hard disk You can fix it in safe mode

  • Try starting on safe mode

This mode allows the system to turn on with the minimal performance

Sometimes this mode is activated when the ps4 does not turn on normally

To start this mode, first, turn off the system and hold down the power button to hear the beep twice.

Then connect your controller to the console with a USB and press the PS4 button

Warning: If you can boot into safe mode, you probably have a software problem. Try updating your system software or perform a factory reset if nothing else works.

  • Remove your PS4 hard drive

If that doesn’t work, try starting your console normally and then in safe mode

If your hard drive has a problem, turn on your ps4 using the safe mode or normal method

You may be able to turn off the console and reinstall the hard drive, but you will probably need to replace it.

Warning: Hard disk removal may be guaranteed to Cancel your warranty Before doing this with Consult Sony repairmen

  • Check for signs of insect

 The consoles have a warm dark atmosphere and large cavities that insects love

If there are many insects in your area You will most likely find them in your system In this case, you need to open your console and clean it       

Warning: If you live in a place that is full of insects, they are probably on your console as well, because the console has a dark and warm place and holes on it.

  1. Make sure your power Butten is connected

     Did your system turn on after the split?

The power button has a metal contact inside it. Reinstall the console so that it no longer works.

Try to turn the cover over and check if the power button on the cover is not damaged.

Be careful when reinstalling

Important: If your console has never been detached, check it. Do not open the button. If you press the part that presses the button, you have made your job worse.

The PlayStation device is predictable, which means it can be repaired

Just remember that there is nothing to be afraid of, and keep calm and act on the solutions given, and remember that anger makes things worse.

Also, if you are not sure where the problem is, you can send an email to Sony Support to help you because they have a better understanding.

I hope this article has helped you

Happy gaming