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Ballad was first spoken orally in English culture. Later they wrote and kept a printed version of it. “The Ballad of Chevy Chase” has two versions. The oral version may have been the same, but there are two different written versions. In this article we want to mention a celebrity; He takes his name from “The Ballad of Chevy Chase”. Stay with us until the end of this article.

Which celebrity received their stage name from a medieval English ballad?

“The ballad inspired the childhood nickname and adult stage name of the American comedian and actor Chevy Chase (born Cornelius Chase, 1943).”

Chevy Chase was born in New York City. He was a famous comedian during his lifetime. He was best known for starring in Saturday Night Live, Fletch, National Lampoon’s Vacation, and Caddyshack. His grandmother had chosen the title “The Ballad of Chevy Chase” for him.

Last word

Ballads tell us the story of a hunting party on the Cheviot Hills. So the reason for naming this ballad is because of the hill that exists in the stories.

The first version of this ballad was probably written in the 1430s. Exact information is not available, but it is good to know that Chevy Chase, in addition to acting, also gained a lot of fame because of its name!