TikTok, a Chinese franchise that has been gaining users from around the world at a rapid and fast speed and is actually getting more crowded by the minute.

Many sort of things are being done and broadcasted across the platform, such as educational, political or the most seen there, fun contents and to be said the last one absorbs more viewers than the others.

The people whom are creating the spoken methods are making a living or gaining massive amount of fortune from tiktok.

But, nothing is more terrifying than waking up one day and see your account has been suspended and worse yet, it is being banned from and you are now unable to have activity on the platform.

In this article, the reason and the solution this matter is explained.

Why do you get banned?

It is rather important to understand the source of the problem to prevent any further losses and prevent the same incident from happening ever again.

So to get started, this getting banned was not a thing to consider in the early days of the tiktok app.

It happened to start when the company was bound to pay the something around the 5.3 million dollars as a fee for settlement to the federal trade commission.

The payment was caused by the FTC to tiktok for the endangering and violating the children’s online privacy and protection.

So after that tiktok began to take matters in hand and more serious and they even started to place the hammer down by forcing some more ground rules.

The first act was banning any below 13 years old from the app, then the violating of the terms and more so updating the very terms of app so the rules got strict even more.

How do you get banned?

  1. The age

There are various reasons for this matter; for an instance of example at the very first second that you enter the app and right after agreeing with the terms and policy which no one actually reads them, the question about your age pops up that requires you to indicate the age of yours.

If the spoken about age is under 14, you cannot sign up as a user and will not be able to use the app.

Now the problem with that is many people under the spoken age will sign with a fake number about age and there is not a single way to actually confirm the given number, unless you want your users to provide a copy or image of their social number or birth certificate which is not going to happen.

  1. Posting offensive content

Another reason that is rather important (because of the solution that will be given in the following) is posting violent or offensive content which were mentioned in the signed policy and terms at the signing up sequence.

The company is actually clear on these grounds and has pointed them out specifically.

The terms fall in groups such as offensive contents towards special groups of people or companies;

  • Offensive content towards special people with different sexual identities or orientations
  • Offensive content towards major number of people in different religions
  • Offensive content towards major number of people in different political parties
  • Hate speech 
  • Spreading false information
  • Endangering individual lives
  • Spamming
  • Advertising dangerous groups or organizations
  • Spreading nudity or sexual content
  • Impersonating as famous people such as celebrities or public figures

And Etc.

Posting those kind of content will lead to getting banned from the tiktok server services.

Now there are multiple more reasons as well such as getting reported for several reasons by your viewers or someone having a problem with you so they use bots and programs to get you reported in vast numbers.

 Only 2 of those reasons are pointed out in this article so that they can be related to the following solutions.

How to fix the ban problem?

Now that we may know the nature and reason to our problem, we might proceed to resolve the issue.

In the following, certain ways will be listed and explained:

  1. Making an appeal on the user’s banned account

When you get banned, at first you get notified within your account and application so it is rather rational to make an attempt through the notification you have received.

For the first way, you will have to follow the given instructions:

  1. Lunch the tiktok app
  2. Login to your account
  3. Tap and go to your inbox section to see the notifications
  4. There you see a system notification regarding the banned account of yours
  5. Tap on appeal
  6. Request account recovery

In this method which happens to be the easiest of them all, you can appeal and wait for the response to get back you; although the amount of time to wait for it is not guaranteed to be short.

  1. Report the problem on the tiktok app

Some users may find it difficult to wait the time out or may want a more urgent way for fixing the ban problem, so for that group of people we suggest this method.

Please follow the given instructions as given below:

  1. Open up tiktok app 
  2. Login to your account and wait for it to load the system error of being banned
  3. Tap on the profile section which is in shape of a person
  4. In the presented page, at the right top corner, hit and select the 3 lines or hamburger shape in order to open setting
  5. In the presented menu, tap on the privacy and security
  6. In the support section, the very first option will be report a problem, tap on it
  7. On the provided page, on the right top corner you can see writing board shaped icon, tap on it
  8. A page will be presented that has a “your feedback” at the middle. As instructed by the page itself, tap on the right top corner to compose and submit your feedback
  9. In the provided page you can see a slot for writing the feedback also known as text box, write your message there and send it.

Note: there are some formal and premade messages on the web regarding the exact same report, they are good to use but it is suggested that your message be written by your own touch of the problem.

Make sure to provide evidence in the given area for it on the report a problem page, the evidence can be screenshots or a video from the banned account.

It will take between 1 to 3 days to get a response, the time may vary for person to person but the result of it is absolutely certain.

  1. Send email to official tiktok email addresses

This method rather used by the individuals that may be terribly affected by their banned tiktok account and it will reduce the loss to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

This method will contain no guaranteed amount of time to get a response or even getting one at all, but most of the time the users will get a message as response or the get their account back again.

The email addresses are as followed:

These four email addresses are the formal and usual destinations for these kind of problems.

Also make sure to follow the given instructions as well in order to have a higher chance of getting a response;

  • Make sure to write an appropriate subject
  • The body of the message should be like the one you provided in the feedback page in the app
  • Explain the problem and situation with specific related details
  • Write reasons of yours regarding the lifting the restrictions and fixing the account
  • If possible, attach a proof file that was explained earlier in this article
  1. Use a vpn

Occasionally it has been seen to resolve the issue by using a vpn to alter your location.

The reason which is not officially addressed could be filtering in your region or country due to sanctions or restrictions.

 You can check it by visiting the official website of tiktok and checking the status over your region.

  1. Submit an appeal form on the tiktok website

This method is for the times that the app is not available to use or the problem is still indicating after getting a response or waiting it out. 

You can make an appeal form on their official website by following the given steps:

  1. Go to tiktok.com
  2. Go to share your feedback page
  3. In the contact information page, enter your email address
  4. Despite being optional, you can insert your username as well
  5. In the next slot you can choose the topic, set it on “account ban/ suspension”
  6. In the next one, select the option indicating” banned account( not age)”
  7. In the presented text box, describe the problem with details.

These were the legal ways; there are also not formal ways which conclude getting aid from programmers that have their own way to resolve this matter.

With few dollars and a good contact you can get your account back in a small amount of time.

Written by A.M.S 


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