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Android has a unique feature to show that you have a new voicemail. But sometimes this feature does not work properly. In some cases, without receiving a new voicemail, you will get a message that you have voicemail, but when you open it, you will see that nothing new has arrived. On the other hand, sometimes, you can not even close the notification or cancel the notification. Although this problem may have happened to you, we will discuss how to get rid of it on this article.

Of course, you should note that this article has been tested on a raw Android version and may be different on other phones. Based on the Android version, this difference will probably occur, but the procedure is the same in any case. However, you should not worry because you will not have any problems with doing this tutorial on any different version of Android on your Phone.

Why Voicemail Notification Won’t Go Away

  1. You must first enter the phone settings. You can find this option through the status bar by touching the setting icon or through the drawer menu in Android.
  2. Then enter the Apps option by entering the settings section. From this section, you can see all the applications installed on the Phone. Of course, this may be the case in newer versions of Android, such as System apps, Manage apps, Dual app, and other options.
  • Find the phone icon in this section with Phone written on the front.
  • After opening it, select the Storage option


  • Now find an option called Clear data and touch it.
  • A warning icon will appear in this section, asking you to re-confirm whether you intend to clear the application data. Then touch OK.
  • The problem is solved. No more worries about Voicemail Notification Won’t go. From now on, annoying notifications that you could not delete or cancel will be gone.


Here’s how to  get rid of Voicemail Notification. On Android phones, you just need to find the settings related to Apps and then the Phone option and delete its data. The procedure is as simple as that.