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Twitch is a popular streaming platform that we have often written about. Twitch has developed its vocabulary, which is favored by regular users. So you don’t need to spend much time on the platform before hearing someone mention Bits. How do Bits work on Twitch? What is the purpose of bits, and how can you use them?

We compared Twitch to YouTube in our Guide to Twitch, but with live videos. While it has a niche audience of online gamers, its popularity has grown since COVID was introduced, and by February 2021, it had an average of 2.9 million concurrent viewers. The service had also attracted 9.6 million streamers at the time. This represents a substantial increase over the previous year. The number of concurrent viewers and active streamers was only 1.4 million in February 2020.

What are Twitch Bits?

A bit is an animated cheering emote that you send in chat. Supporting your favorite streamers and broadcasters is one of the best ways to show your appreciation.

Visitors can purchase Twitch Bits, a virtual currency/good that can be used in-stream, easily, and online, which is an easy way to express themselves and support their favorite streamers. Watching live streams will allow users to ‘donate’ their Cheer Bits that have accumulated over time, either through purchasing or watching free ads online. A wide variety of badges (obtained by continuing to donate Bits) are available for the streamer as well as for the viewer.

This allows viewers and streamers to see just how generous and supportive a particular user profile is.

Streamers benefit from Bit donation support by uploading more current and better quality content. The Twitch Bit currency lets you donate using funky graphics and emoji to help support upcoming streamers.

Currently, Twitch Bits are available only to Twitch Partners and Twitch Affiliates. You can enable cheering by going to Dashboard->Partner Settings->Cheer if you’re a Twitch Partner or Dashboard->Channel->Cheer if you’re an Affiliate.

Custom Bit Badges Can Be Used

The Bit emotes that you can purchase for your favorite streamers are a standard feature of Twitch. It will be easy for your messages to stand out with these relatively eye-catching designs.

The stock-standard Bit badges might become boring to you over time, however. For the more popular streamers, however, Twitch has made it relatively easy to replace the standard badges in their chat channel with others.

Twitch Partners can award custom Twitch Bit badges to followers who donate to their streams. There are up to 28 unique chat badges streamers can offer their supporters, motivating them to donate more to get better badges.

Affiliate and partner streamers can choose from a wide variety of Twitch Bit Badges / Custom Cheer Chat Badges from OWN3D. There are ten different badge styles in each set.

How Can Bits Be Accepted?

Bits and Cheers are subject to some limitations on Twitch. It’s impossible to accept Bits as a new streamer on the platform. You must first become an affiliate. As we discussed in How to Make Money Streaming Videos on Twitch, you can monetize your channel by joining two programs once you establish yourself on Twitch. Your first option is to become a Twitch Affiliate. To do so, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Within the past 30 days, you have been streaming for at least eight hours
  • During the past 30 days, there have been at least seven steam days
  • Each stream averages three viewers
  • To reach 50 followers, you need to grow your audience

You will automatically become a Twitch Affiliate once you have met these criteria. On the Bits platform, affiliates receive various benefits, one of which is the ability to receive payments from the company.

The most popular Twitch streamers have access to a higher program. We call them Twitch Partners. Become a Twitch Partner by invitation only. Twitch determines your selection based on how they view your potential. Nevertheless, some of the factors likely to affect their decisions include:

  • Stream content quality
  • Viewers concurrently on average
  • Schedule and frequency of streams

Twitch Partners can continue accepting Bits from their chats. Also, they can create custom badges that are exclusive to subscribers, custom emotes that are exclusive to subscribers, and a range of additional incentives for partners. 

Is there a reason why Twitch viewers would want to use Bits?

It’s a way for Twitch viewers to display their individuality, as well as a way for them to support their favorite streamers. They can even give it them to twist. Streamers on Twitch are encouraged to build communities and to view their followers almost like family. Bits can make this process easier.

Bits are most commonly used in Cheers. Cheers are chat messages that contain Bits (or at least an animated emoticon that you have purchased the right to use). As many Bit emotes as you have bought can be used in your chats, whether they are in one message or spread across several. 

Twitch pays a streamer an agreed sum of money when Bit emotes are used in their chat. You are donating a small amount to the streamer whenever you use a flashy twirling Bit emote in your chat. It’s a nice way of showing appreciation to your favorite streamers.

During the stream, you can cheer whoever you want (as long as they have reached Partner or Affiliate status), and you can cheer whenever you want. You can use your Cheer Chat badge in the channel where you earned it, but it will last forever.

While you may not be into Cheering yourself, you may indirectly use other people’s Bit emoticons. Since they are animated, they stand out in a chat feed. So they are likely to catch your attention. You may even find that other regular viewers enjoy engaging in conversation with you.

What are 1000 bits on Twitch worth?

Twitch Bits are a safe and easy way for viewers to show support for their favorite streamers by purchasing them at a rate of $1.40 for 100 bits to $10 for 1000 bits. We offer a variety of payment options that are dependent upon the number of Bits you purchase (i.e. 8% discount for 5,000 and 10% discount for 10,000).

Here is the bit price for your quick reference:

100 bits=$1.4
500 bits=$7
1000 bits=$10
1500 bits=$19.95
5000 bits=$64.4
1000 bits=$126
25000 bits=$308

How do I purchase Twitch Bits?

Amazon and PayPal payments are currently accepted for Bits purchases on Twitch. Twitch is owned by Amazon, so you can purchase Bits using their payment system. When using Twitch’s desktop website, you can click on the Get Bits button in the upper right corner of your favorite streamer’s channel page (once you are logged in). By clicking the Bits icon that appears to the left of the Emoticon button in the chat window, you can also buy Bits mid-chat. 

You will reach the Buy page using either of these methods. There is a variety of Bit bundles available at different prices on Twitch, giving you greater discounts for large purchases.

Additionally, Bits can be purchased in the mobile app by tapping the Bits icon in the bottom right corner of the chat bubble. Afterward, you tap Get Bits to bring up the price list and follow a similar purchase process to Desktop. The only difference with mobile is that payments are processed by the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and those stores charge fees for processing.

Auto-refilling of bits: Enabling or disabling

Bits Auto-refill is frequently enabled by regular Bits buyers. As soon as your Bits balance falls below a specified threshold, Twitch automatically refills your balance. Whenever you decide to allow this, you will need to set your threshold level, i.e., how much Bits Twitch will automatically sell you. In addition, you have to select a Bits Bundle for the system to purchase, along with the desired quantity of Bits.

Cheering your favorite streamers

Cheering is a message that utilizes Bits, which is a great way to emote and amplify your voice across the highly popular digital platform. Cheer Bits are a fun and entertaining way to express your support when celebrating a memorable gaming moment or agreeing with a certain statement. Additionally, existing streamers can even contribute Cheer Bits to their colleagues in order to facilitate the development of future collaborations and maintain healthy online relationships.

Cheering is as simple as typing the word ‘cheer’ followed by the number of Bits you want to donate – for example, ‘Cheer100’. In addition, from the list displayed, users can select specific Bit Gem icons, emojis, and cheermotes. You can unlock various cheermotes by using more Bits (i.e. the more Bits you use, the more animated your cheermotes become). Bits specified in your ‘cheer’ will be automatically deducted from your balance based on how many you specify.

You can use Bits in your favorite channels once you have a stock of them. Click on the Bits button when you are chatting. Twitch may offer you a choice of Cheermotes, including gem Cheermotes, custom partner Cheermotes, and more (e.g., Kappa, Kreygasm, Swiftrage, and more). You select how many bits you want to use to determine what emote appears. Emotes at high levels tend to behave more animatedly and stand out in the chat more than lower-level emotes.

Cheermotes can be accessed through a chat stream by typing cheer and a number. According to the number of Bits you are spending, Twitch will use the appropriate emote. A timer counts down until your message appears, and there is a short time lag. Twitch does this to provide you with time to correct a typo, such as typing cheer1000 instead of cheer100. While the timer is still running, you can cancel your cheer at any time. If you want to use one of Twitch’s other Bit emotes, e.g., Kappa100, you would replace the word cheer.

If you want to cheer anonymously, you can do so. This can be done by selecting Anonymous Cheer in your Cheer card and using the Anonymous Cheer Cheermote. Your cheer will appear in the chat channel as coming from AnonymousCheerer.

Different types of custom bit badges

The Twitch Bit Badges OWN3D offers are described above. According to their website, they have the largest online shop for Twitch Bit Badges, offering both general and game-specific designs. There are three sizes of badges: 18×18, 36×36, and 72×72.

A streamer can upload their badge graphics to their dashboard once they reach Affiliate or Partner status. Each badge represents every tier of Bits Badge up to five million donated Bits, and it is visible to all channel subscribers as a badge next to their name in the chat. A viewer’s badge can be viewed by a streamer by looking at their statistics. 

There are currently 53 badge sets available from OWN3D, each with a specific theme. There are many different themes to choose from, including Diamond Emblems, Military, Flames, Shields, Lama Pinata, Knight Helmets, Fortnite, Neon, Warfare, and Gorilla.

What are the steps to get free Twitch Cheer Bits on your computer or phone?

Red free promotional badge vector Free Vector

You can earn free Bits online regardless of whether you are a streamer or a viewer. There are currently two ways to get Twitch Bits free, which will work on both computers and mobile devices. You can earn a maximum of 75 bits just by watching an ad.

Method 1: Watching ads to earn Twitch Bits for free


The streamer may have excluded certain countries or locations from this activity if you still have not received bits or the “Watch Ads” button is grayed after watching the ad. In such cases, a VPN may be useful.

You can earn Bits by watching ads on Twitch by following these steps:

You need to wait until the stream has fully loaded before you enter a channel that you are following. In the bottom right-hand corner, you will see a diamond-shaped bit-icon if the streamer accepts bits. 

There is no icon if the channel you are watching hasn’t enabled cheering. 

If you have already watched several ads, the Watch Ad button turns gray.

Start watching by clicking the Watch Ad button. As soon as the advertisement has finished playing, simply wait until the app is loaded on your screen. The viewer will then receive a specific number of Bits deposited into their existing balance. Most of the time, you will receive 5 or 10 bits, but you may receive 10, 50, or 100 bits.

Twitch resets the bits at midnight PST, which is when you have the best chance of getting the most bits for the day.

Method 2: Complete surveys on TwitchRPG to get Twitch bits for free

Additionally, you can earn Twitch bits by completing TwtichRPG surveys. TwitchRPG stands for Twitch Research Power Group. Twitch uses TwitchRPG for surveys, voting, and other initiatives aimed at improving Twitch features. The survey rewards those who complete it first, but it is only for those who are quick enough to do so. When you are quick enough, a 500-bit reward is usually available, so it’s a good way to obtain free Twitch Bits.

This is how you get free Twitch Bits: you register for TwitchRPG first with a verified email, and then you will receive a notification when a sponsored survey is available. 

Method 3: Completing Google Opinion Rewards will earn you Twitch Bits

Through Google Opinion Rewards, a third method is available. Firstly, you need to download the app onto your phone and sign in to your Google account. 

After you complete the survey, you will receive cash rewards directly in your Google account, which can be used to purchase bits.

How to Earn Money with Twitch Bits?

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One Twitch cheer bit equals one US cent, so 100 Twitch cheer bits are equal to one US dollar. In other words, if someone gave you 100 bits, you would add a decimal point before the last two numbers to get 1 dollar. To withdraw them, streamers must earn a minimum revenue of $100, which means they have to accrue $100 in revenue.


Twitch Bits are a highly popular and rapidly growing in-stream currency used by viewers and streamers alike to show their support to their favorite and fellow channels online. Making your voice heard and interacting digitally online has never been easier with Twitch Bits’ pricing plans tailored to every budget, along with the option of obtaining free Twitch Bits through mobile display advertising. The possibilities of this inclusive online community are endless, with gifs to emojis, cheermotes to gem icons.