What are eBay messages? - Wepicker

Any member will find out that they need to contact the seller or other members to get better service on eBay. Suppose you have some questions about the product, a transaction went away, or even a seller may wish to inform a buyer about a shipment status or other transaction details. Here is the place when we need “eBay messages.”

With eBay messages, you are allowed to chat with any member you think is necessary. However, there are limits and caveats that you should know before deciding to make contact with someone. In this article, we will discuss it more.

How can I get the information of the target members?

You should know that eBay will give you a member’s accurate contact information only if you have done business (buying or selling) with them. Although there is a mail-forwarding system for general inquiries in which members can ask for information mutually, you cannot find any direct member-to-member relationship because replies to these messages are also routed through eBay.

General contact

Although many links take you to different eBay pages, we can provide a message-oriented relationship with other members. We can communicate through these pathways.

Step one: You can visit the eBay member search tool or click on Advanced Search near the top right of the screen. To search for a specific member, enter the member’s eBay user ID in the box labeled “Enter User ID or email address of member” and click on “Search.”

Step two: Next, a list of search results will appear. Now, click on the eBay user ID of the member you want to contact. After clicking, you will see the member’s feedback profile page, which on the top right of the screen there is the “Contact Member button” for displaying the mail-forwarding system form. Click on it to go to the next step.

Step three: Finally, type your message and click on “Send.” if you want, you can uncheck the “Hide my Email Address box” to enable other members to receive your actual return address along with the message.

How to optimize your eBay messages

According to eBay’s official website, there are some features which you can optimize your eBay messages and manage them;

One: You can filter your messages to only see messages from other members or eBay by selecting “From members” or “From eBay.”

Two: You can mark messages as high priority by selecting the box next to the message in your inbox and picking “Mark as,” and then choosing “Flagged.”

Three: To organize your messages into folders, select “Add a folder+,” enter a name for your folder, and select “Save.”

Four: If you have any unread messages, you will see a number in brackets on the Messages tab

Five: If you would like to delete a message, select the box next to the message in your inbox and select “Delete.”

How can I ask my questions from the seller?

In some cases, you need to get information about a specific item from the seller, or you intend to ask about the payment process. You can follow these steps to do it;

Step one: Near the top right of the listing, you want to ask about it, click on the “Ask Seller a Question” link. After that, select the type of question you intend to request from the Subject drop-down list.

Step two: Now, enter the text of your question and click on the “Send” button to send your message.

If you want to keep your email address private, be sure to check the “Hide my Email Address” box.

Selling offline; eBay is now more alert

After improving eBay’s machine learning capability to interpret messages, it is clear that some sellers are trying to provide contact information through eBay messaging and sell their products offline.

Well, yes, it is, and there is a possibility of suspension of that seller’s account. However, the reaction mechanism is still on beta testing.

Here is the copy of the warning message which eBay is sending to the culprit seller;

“Hello (seller name),
We’re writing to let you know that activity on your account may not be following a critical eBay policy that requires all transactions and payments to be completed through eBay. The same policy specifies that eBay member-to-member messages may not be used to share contact information.”


Thank you for reading. In general, chatting with any member on eBay has no limitation unless you try to neglect eBay’s privacy guidelines or your message receiver considers your messages as a disturbance. As a result, eBay will launch its mechanism to get rid of you and remember that there is no connivance about it.